Happy Near Year, Cruisers!

2017 brings with it a specific goal: Sharing With A Smile; Helping Others Learn About Cruising! We will be doing everything in our power to ensure we attain this goal.

What is "Wave Season"?

Wave Season is that time of year where many cruise lines offer up their best sales and deals, usually during January through March. The best part is that the discounts and incentives are not exclusive to just sailings during that time of year, but for sailings throughout the entire year!

To Our Newcomers

Our community has always been a haven for people who LOVE cruising to share their personal experiences with one another; and we welcome you. Did you know that many people have found a home here on Cruise Critic because they are fans of one (or more) specific cruise lines, and they in turn have made long-lasting friendships with other cruisers? We hope you, too, find a home here.

Before posting for the first time, it would be helpful to take some time to familiarize yourself with our site. If you need some help navigating; please do not hesitate to post a question on the Help Forum, or send an email us at help@cruisecritic.com Also, you won’t believe how much you can learn by browsing the forums -- the amount of information on our message boards is staggering! Spending time reading can answer many questions for you, and also provide insight into how the community works. And of course, our veteran members are more than happy to help you with any of your questions; they are our most valuable asset.

We’d also like to point out an interesting conundrum; although our site name is Cruise *Critic*, newbies who post a highly inflammatory “first post” about your cruise line experience may notice that your critique is not necessarily welcomed with open arms by our community members. Remember, we are a community of people who LOVE cruising. Our members understand you are unhappy and even angry – heck, they’ve probably experienced exactly what you have at some point in their long cruising careers! But if you take this into consideration before posting, and perhaps offer up a more balanced review (it could not possibly have been all bad!), your experience will probably be met with a less “outraged” response.

Understand that an online community is made up of all different types of people from all walks of life with many different personalities – just like real life! We’re sure you’ve all experienced less than courteous interactions in your “real life”; you shouldn’t be surprised to find them online. Ignore those who aren’t helpful; focus on those who are and soon you will find yourself truly enjoying your experience and learning all there is to know about cruising. (And don’t forget to use the Report a Post function when necessary!)

To Our Veteran Members

First, we’d like to thank all of you for your dedication to Cruise Critic and your fellow community members – we just celebrated our 21st anniversary! Our forums are the largest in the cruising world, with over 49 million posts and over a million community members. Your “voice” is heard all throughout the cruise industry.

It's known that the growth of the cruise industry lies with attracting first timers to their fold. Cruise lines are reaching out to these cruisers in record numbers and we’d like you to do the same. We’ve noticed a lack of patience in this regard and we ask you to take a moment to remember back to when you were either new to cruising OR new to an online posting environment.

Most of you are wonderful about helping out the newbies, but those of you who respond with less than welcoming posts know who you are. If repetitive questions bother you, simply don’t respond at all. Also, we’d definitely appreciate seeing a “kinder, gentler” manner toward anyone who has less than stellar comments about a cruise line. Oftentimes new posters “find” us after a cruise and post negatively. We appreciate those of you who offer helpful responses to these new members; welcome them ask them to stay and share your insight and knowledge about their issues. Remember, the OP (original poster) isn’t the only one reading your response – your comments could help a lurker. (Enough of the popcorn and “dead horse” emojis, please).

You are the frequent cruisers of the world; you are setting an online example – if you will – of what new cruisers can expect from the cruising experience. Yes, we realize that an online community is made up of all types of people from all walks of life with all different personalities; that’s just life. We get that you may lose your patience, or are tired of the same old questions. What we’re hoping for is that the upcoming year brings with it patience, tolerance and understanding, and that we all make an effort to exhibit the true spirit of cruising in our day-to-day participation in the community.

To Everyone

Thanks for listening, and for visiting us today, tomorrow and the future. Here's wishing everyone a great 2017 full of good health, happiness and many cruising opportunities!

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