Hello Everyone!

We've introduced Cruise Critic’s new, redesigned forums and wanted to give you some information! !

While our forums have been a great resource for years, we knew our format was a little outdated. We want to make our community as friendly and as easy as possible for you to use, so we redesigned our forums with a fresh, new mobile-friendly user interface. Here are some of the key questions you might be asking:

Do I have to do anything different?

• No. Just login with you existing user name and password. All your info is the same; the login is located in almost the same location.

What’s new?

• An updated look and feel to the forums!
• Expandable signatures! We think you’ll like this one! Tip: You may want to tweak your signature so what is important to you shows (you’ll have about 10 lines visible at all times). Want to see more of someone’s siggy? Just click Expand!
• Uncluttered nav bar
• Uncluttered forum pages
• Posting Legend & Display Options now appear on the right side
• Quick Links and your User Controls are now located in a dropdown near the upper right corner, next to your User Name (once you are logged in)
• Mobile responsive -- the forums will look great on your tablets and smartphones!

We’re fortunate to have a such a passionate group of cruisers like you and we are committed to help you with whatever questions you have. Our Product Development, Tech and Community Teams hope this redesign is something you like and appreciate. Down the road we’ll be adding other features like badging, a "like this post" feature and new countdown clocks to the forums so we can harness your collective wisdom and reward those who spend so much time helping others.

If you see something isn't working, or have a question, please post it here: Post Bugs, Glitches & Ask for Help Here.