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  2. Hotel Maya have got their Restaurant Fuego although The Reef does look really nice.
  3. Thanks for that, cruisemom42, it made for a great moment of humor. Of course it's dead serious, but the over-the-top quality of all that nonsense really cracked me up. I am so glad to see how many folks here are thinking for themselves and not relying on sheer bunk to inform their opinions.
  4. well so far they have made it home wrinkle free YMMV
  5. Bliss pool was heated last week in Alaska- there was light steam coming off of it. Kids were packed in the kids pool and many adults were riding the slides, when they were open.
  6. I agree that the way Oceania serves in the Terrace appears more sanitary, however not sure there is any evidence that Oceania ships are more "healthy" to travel on than other ships. With the self service and shared serving utensils in Baristas and the Executive and Concierge lounges all users touching the coffee machines, and the ability of guests to take pre made deserts off of the shelves in Terrace, Oceania ships indeed are not immune from the shared serving item concern. Indeed, our only experience with a norovirus outbreak in over 40 cruises was on an Oceania cruise.
  7. Also, while I would never suggest to use an OTA (Online Travel Agent) for more than checking the current rates, Hotels.com does show some okay rates for 4/10/2020: Hyatt Regency $159-169 (refundable rate) Residence Inn By Marriott Long Beach, by the airport, NOT the terminal, $179 (refundable) Courtyard by Marriott Long Beach Airport, $179 (refundable) Holiday Inn Long Beach Airport $187-197 (refundable) Marriott Long Beach, by the airport $189 (refundable) Homewood Suites by Hilton Long Beach Airport, $195 (refundable)
  8. Crispy Squid Black Truffle Arancini Garlicky Prawns (get extra bread to sop up the sauce!) Ultimate Garlic Bread Lamb Chops (we ordered them as an app! Just a couple chops, none of the sides) Penne Carbonara Truffle Tagliatelle Short Rib! Brownie with honeycomb instead of popcorn
  9. Please ask her pediatrician...don't rely on the advice of strangers who know nothing about your child!
  10. I agree. At the end of the day, being fortunate enough to sail in a suite, I'm pretty sure the concierge will be able to book on board whatever we aren't able to book on our own ahead of time. I'll still keep trying to book before hand, but I'm not going to stress about it.
  11. If they do offer behind the scenes tours, it will be arranged by the Suite Concierge. You could always ask your question via an email to the concierge
  12. Dear El, Just love your posts. On Breakaway last week, no Gucci loafers, just bare feet and shorts. The best dressed were found in the Manhattan Supper Club. We both regret not having booked that venue instead of the Haven Restaurant, and not because of the food.
  13. Following as well. We are on the 10/20 sailing.
  14. So Carlington (?spell?) took over full-time for Francis on the Grandeur? Just wondering back on this ship in April 2020 and actually sailed with both in the past and trying to figure out who it might be this time around.
  15. Those J and K category staterooms on main deck are huge. At least 25% larger than the ocean views. I should add, only on Vista and Signature class ships.
  16. Thank you! I have the iPhone XR. The only editing I did is I used an app to make the photos more vibrant in color. I’m pasting the app I used...I highly recommend it! Also, you can upgrade to “Pro Editor” in the app, or use “Classic Editor” for free, which is what I used for these photos.
  17. Yeah that’s kinda my thought, I just don’t think I worded it right. NCL’s “Freestyle” cruising is a “live and let live” kind of cruise, which I believe the Haven includes. The service would be better (I believe the crew:passenger ratio is better than the rest of the ship?), but that doesn’t change the behavior of the other passengers. Nor should it, in my opinion.
  18. Tha's exactly the link I was looking for - thank you. This will be our 2nd Princess cruise and looking at this is very informative! By any chance would you have any personal experience on the Regal? I've got a couple of specific questions, such as what is the pool area right at the bow you can see from the aerial shots in the videos? I don't see it on the deck plans anywhere.
  19. If you scroll down this forum, you will see that there are a number of threads already about the email notification issue, and that CC is working on it. See this one, for example, and the others linked in it.
  20. Celebrity is definitely diminishing the smoking areas on the newer ships. On Edge there are only two smoking areas on the entire ship vs. 4 on S class (3 I think on Reflection). For the pool area they actually tried to strike a nice balance by creating an elevated smoking area that created a little distance from the pool and was a dead end so that non-smokers wouldn't have to walk through it to get anywhere. Unfortunately it was poorly designed as there was an air vent at the back of the smoking area that was sucking all the smoke out and depositing it in the adjacent Solarium. So then they moved that smoking area to the other side of the pool deck, still elevated but now a pass through for a stairway. At least they tried...
  21. May be I can Help. Finally figured out how to do this. !. Click on your screen name. 2. This will change the screen. Then click on your screen name again. 3. Then click on account setting. 4. Then on the new screen under overview click on signature. Just saw Bob's reply. Looks faster then what I suggested.
  22. Thanks, cruise is paid in full already but I am using the gift cards for drink package and other item. Will still have a balance left and most likely won’t buy anything on board. I guess I will use the casino trick.
  23. Why do some PAXs think wearing jeans to dinner is OK? Whether they be blue, black, tan, red, green, or purple. Makes no difference. Jeans are jeans.
  24. Myself and daughters (then ages 13 and 18) did it on the Oasis a few years ago. We had a blast. Yes it was a bit pricey, but it was very fun.
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