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  2. Well, no announcement today. I haven't forgotten how stressful I found it waiting for the cancellation of my 6th March cruise, so I do sympathise with people who are waiting for news about their April - June cruises. I have no regrets about moving my two remaining cruises to 2022, and it's such a relief not to have to keep waiting and wondering what will happen - until next year at least. We carried forward a coach trip to the Edinburgh Tattoo from last year, and I am very hopeful that this will proceed, so we have something to look forward to.
  3. We are balcony cruisers through and through. If we can't book a balcony then we wouldn't book that itinerary.
  4. Jane, I think with 2 teenage Granddaughters you have made the right choice, if the weather is good they will want to be out on deck, if not they will be with friends they have made in the kids club, I assume Cunard does have one, so a balcony will not be essential. Hope it does go ahead, if so maybe our July Britannia cruise will also be OK.
  5. This is probably the case which makes it very difficult for those that have to travel long distances to get to the port and having to wait another 7 days to board a ship again. It's easy for us that live very close to Port Everglades to get off the ship, drive an hour or so home, do the laundry and drive back again a few days later. This is a fluid situation and might change soon going forward if the process works out.
  6. Infinity is now out of the dry dock but still berthed in Cadiz
  7. For our first cruise we booked an inside cabin and were wowed at how nice it was.(We had only experienced cabins on cross channel ferries with bunk beds!!)Had we booked a balcony on our first cruise and then booked an inside on a subsequent cruise I think we would have been disappointed.I would still be happy to have an inside cabin for a short cruise (we have sailed for 24 nights in one)but would want a balcony for anything longer than 7 days.
  8. I bet they are! I had (have!) 3 daughters and am still trying to erase the memory of them at 12 and (especially) 15.
  9. That's how we feel as well.
  10. Obviously, no one here knows for sure. We are booked for May 15th and then later in November for a TA into December. Our plans are to stay prepared for the May voyage and we are also looking at opportunities after that date if things get postponed. Living here close to the port and being retired, we can be flexible and rest assured that as soon as the ship releases the lines, we will be on board.
  11. Well done, but may I have half please? Nothing, nil, not a bean did I win. Congratulations, though (through gritted teeth)😄
  12. Hi, thanks everyone again! Hi Noreen, I tried to thank you personally but your email link isn't available. By all means drop me an email, I'd like to exchange notes on our cruising experiences. Essoblue2001@yahoo.co.uk. Regards, Sharon.
  13. We were only saying last night that we are very relieved that we have no overseas holidays (of any kind) booked. I fear that lots of people (especially those relying on summer cruises) will be disappointed and potentially at a late stage, by which time they will have no plan B options remaining. We did a 21 night self-drive touring holiday of Scotland in September 2019, and it was one of the best holidays we have ever done, even though we have been before. More enjoyable, in fact, than many cruises we have been on. The West Coast is the undoubted highlight and worth a week on its o
  14. I don't know if it's me, but my hair seems to have grown faster this time around, and more worryingly, I've gone greyer. I can't think why😏. The picture I used for this forum was taken on Frank's birthday 6 months ago, and now the front of my hair is nearly all white. I quite like it though🧓 Avril
  15. It would appear Cunard has taken up the DFS sale model as they had a sale due to end yesterday. I had my eye on a 7 night Fjords cruise as we are due to be on the Baltic cruise before so thought if it happens we will do a B2B if the Baltic cruise doesn't happen (as I expect) then there is a chance of the Fjords cruise going ahead. Anyway booked Bangkok / Phuket / Abu Dhabi land based holiday for late this early next instead. But I have just check the price in the same cabin and everything is the same, OBC and price.
  16. Even though the seas were calm...😉😄
  17. https://crew-center.com/odyssey-seas-sail-fully-vaccinated-cruises-israel
  18. Usually book a balcony but on one occasion I choose an outside, never again, felt REALLY claustrophobic, it actually was to the detriment of the holiday. We spend quite a bit of time on the balcony, our own little sanctuary,nothing beats an early morning coffee looking out to sea,just in your PJ's!! Even in cold weather, just take a blanket outside. I'd rather have a balcony and less cruises than being in a "cell" JMHO!! Others obviously feel differently.
  19. Two full transits — January 2017 and January 2020 — no rain.
  20. Hopefully the answer is yes. We have our completed vaccination card packed right inside our passports ready for the May 15th voyage on the CB.
  21. I consumed quite a few brandys on the full world cruise....!
  22. Nice one Shipgeeks...or should I say...nice passage...lol. When I think of what expresses my feeling of being at sea I think of all those mornings I have woken up just before sunrise. That feeling of knowing I’m at sea and the sun is just about to rise. DW is an artist so I usually capture the event with a picture for future reference. I usually have the coffee sent in, via room service, as early as possible so we can have our first cup as the horizon bursts with orange and gold. Those colors and the cloud formations are an inspiration...breathtaking...especially in the Caribbean. Sunris
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