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  2. Stuart is on Celebrity, not Princess.
  3. Discovery 2 has been stationary for a least 5 hours south of Genoa I have been following the TUI ships on Marine Traffic as usual and it would appear she has stopped sailing Has anyone heard anything?
  4. Usually after paid in full you're out of luck. I apologize if I came across as harsh. I usually leave a small amount to pay for final payment.
  5. Lol that's the address for the container port.
  6. And while we're at it, it appears that there are two different Vintage Room lunches, one with and one without champagne. Are passengers from both types mixed together in the Vintage Room at the same time or are they done separately? And is the only difference that there is champagne or is there a difference in the food? Thanks.
  7. Also agree 2 luggage tags per bag, including when we disembark. Have had to search for lost luggage when a tag came off at disembarkation in Boston. Spent an hour looking for 2 bags. Now always 2 per bag.
  8. I'll pass on being told what to do (or not to do) by a random internet user, thank you. You asked, "If everyone did that...?" Here's the thing, not everyone does it. When compared to the millions upon millions of cruisers and land-based vacationers who visit beaches every year, the number of people who take sand and/or shells is minuscule. And of those, a vast majority only take a tiny amount. The numbers you see in that article (88 lbs, for example) are extremes. If you want to rally against those who take sand, try the construction industry. Fun fact: One large parrotfish can produce upwards of 1,000 pounds of white sand in a single year. In regards to laws, I did mention that in my post, but you didn't quote that part. If it's against the law, I by no means encourage it. As for lecturing others, see my reply above. As far as your claims that white sand is a non-renewable resource in human-time scales, also see my reply above. Single parrotfish can produce hundreds of pounds of white sand every year. A large one, upwards of 1,000 pounds in a year. One fish can do that, then multiply that by the entire parrotfish population. That's hardly non-renewable in human time. Sands created from the erosion of rocks over time is a different story, but you did say "especially white sand."
  9. First, sorry that you missed out on a discount. That does suck. Second, next time, I suggest using a travel agent (TA), like CostcoTravel. The TA would be able to help you (on top of the fact that TA's usually give you some perks, like a Costco cash card or OBC).
  10. Hello to All; I am a long time member of CC, and reside in Montreal. I am also a part-time Uber driver. I often see posts in the Canada / New England thread about best ways to get between Montreal & Quebec City or Vice-Versa. Many people prefer to book airfare out of Montreal even though their cruise starts or ends in Quebec City, because airfare to/from Montreal is often more affordable then in/out of Quebec City. For those that might be interested in such a transfer, I am happy to pre-arrange it with you. I offer UberX and UberXL service (I have 2 vehicles I can use). Please send me a Private Message thru CC and we'll talk ! ~Phil.
  11. i also looked for this sort of route, have done one Baltic tour with 2 days in St Petersberg and did a very intensive 2 day tour with Alla Tours. And looking again, i could not find an independent tour that didn't do pretty much the exact same things. So it would be a bit of a waste to go again if there were other options. (okay, one could do a 2 day Moscow tour for many many pounds)
  12. Had these cups on the star last week for all open drinks outside. Thought it was a joke! The NCL-branded cups were alreadY non-premium, but whats that? Why don't they serve reusable plastic cups outside? All other cruise lines I've been on does...
  13. After brunch I wandered the ship a bit and relaxed in the room some. I found myself in the casino so decided to join the slot tournament. I actually made the finals which has not happened since my very first time playing (where I went on to win). They told me I could use my free entry I got for being platinum on the next cruise since I did not use it. That seems too good to be true, but I'm going to bring it along next time and try it out. I made the finals but sadly that was as far as I got. I was still happy though to have had such a great run of luck in the casino. I walked away with over $1,800 of Carnival's money so I was very pleased with my week on the Magic! For lunch I enjoyed one final trip to Guy's BBQ. By this point in the week there was a bit of a line, but it was not too bad maybe about three minutes total.
  14. We paid in full at the time of booking so we didn't owe anything for final payment. I'm guessing now that paying up front isn't maybe the best idea either. You're right, this is probably my fault. I've never booked a cruise before and had no idea how all of this even worked. Trust me... If I had known that I'd lose my $960 I would have called in sick to work and stayed on the phone for as many hours as was needed. I know ignorance on my part is really no excuse. Do you think there is anything I can do at this point at all? I guess that's my question.
  15. I have reviewed the boards and the Carnival site but cannot find an answer to my question. I am hoping this thread is close enough to the topic. My inquiry is not about the Pixels package but about digital copies. On the Carnival site, they list the digital options as either being to your personal device (I would imagine this means on my phone with the HUB app) or a copy on a memory stick. Do they provide the memory stick? If not, do they sell them or should I bring my own? I would appreciate any direction for those in the know. 😁
  16. I would suggest getting your own luggage tags with pre-printed personal info and cabin/ship info putting them on prior at your hotel or airport upon arrival. This makes me feel better that IF the porter still slaps a tag on, you have back up just in case. I ordered clear ones from Amazon and add them when at the hotel prior to heading to the port.
  17. Fantastic pictures and live report Twangster. I hooked on your reviews and you have sold me trying out one of these two ships in 2021 when the new itineraries come out. So far do you prefer Majesty or Empress?
  18. I actually pay for my wifi and cheers before I pay off the cruise. Sometimes cruise rates go down. Wifi and cheers can only go up.
  19. I will keep that in mind-but for this fall I have a port stop on October 10. I am trying to decide what to do. . . or port time is 7am to 3:30pm. So the question is--go to the fort or do something else? We are history buffs.
  20. I was looking forward to the blues and greens in the staterooms, as depicted on the Sky video.
  21. Interesting about the schedule change. Our last one had one after final payment and nothing was done, even though it caused big changes for excursions. On our next cruise there have been two port changes with nothing. Only time we received anything was when everything changed except embarkation and debarkation ports. Wondering what others have Found?
  22. Hi. We just booked AmaKristina for Aug. 17, 2020 from Amsterdam to Basel with 2 days pre-cruise in Amsterdam and 2 days post-cruise in Lucerne and 2 days post-cruise in Zurich. This will be our first river cruise. We have 16+ cruises with Princess and thought it was time to try something different. We leave for Japan next month on Princess. We met an Ama tour guide in Paris last year, and our TA had an Ama presentation in his office. We are hooked! Love reading all the posts for Ama. Love to hear about shore excursions!
  23. The busy shopping area is on Main Street, a 20=-25 minute walk from the ship. I've never heard of any cruise ship offering a shuttle. Taxi drivers at the port will be reticent about such a short fare when they can be doing tours, but a taxi back to the ship shouldn't be a problem. Taxi ranks just off Main Street, which is mainly pedstrianised. Be a bit careful when shopping. Prices are in £ and €, so check up-to-date exchange rates & be prepared to do some quick mental arithmetic cos the two prices don't always make sense.. Also be careful that you're charged the advertised price - sometimes the price tickets refer to the goods on the shelf above, sometimes the shelf below. Obvious if you buy one item, not so obvious when you buy several. Prices of booze and smokes are low, but vary a lot, so do shop around for these things - and be aware of what you are allowed to take home. On electronics like tablets & cameras & watches, Gib is a dumping ground for last-year's models. If you go intending to buy, take with you exact model numbers and features and home prices. If using a card, make sure that it's charged in the advertised currency (£ or €), don't let them charge in CAD or USD etc cos they use lousy exchange rates. I've made it sound like they're all rogues . They're not all rogues but some are. JB
  24. We were in our mid sixties on our first HAL trip last December, and we were definitely not old enough. We had a fixed dining time with a table for 2 by the window. The table next to us was a table for 4. One couple was our age, and very nice. The other couple assigned to their table was a man in his mid-nineties, and his most recent wife, who was in her mid seventies. She ordered the same thing for her husband every night, and ordered nearly everthing on the menu for herself. They both loved to brag about themselves, and often commented on conversations that the 2 of us were having at our table, making us a table of 6 with a small space in between. I love open seating.
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