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  2. Soon is an interesting word ...... turning corners but you need a steering wheel I believe .... but no hands on the wheel March....... glad you didn't put a year......lol. Thanks Mic Don
  3. Totally agree with your husband. We always like to have 2 cats so they have a play mate.
  4. Loyalty credit is given each segment no matter how the cruise was booked.
  5. Hoping they go a party style cruise line..... which would be good as don't go on them....lol
  6. Where we live in the USA, Comcast only has one episode from this season and it is not this one. They have episode 2. Do you know which episode it is?
  7. Did my apprenticeship walking the beat at Darlo and Kings Cross, back in the mid to late sixties, been there, seen that, lol.👮‍♂️
  8. You probably know that the new terminal is directly across the river from the Grain Terminal.
  9. That was about two and a half years ago on the Millennium on a trans-Pac. Guests had to dine at the same time at the same table with suite hosts.
  10. Welcome to the Port of Brisvegas, smell the fresh air, can you imagine the reaction of the posh poms on the Cunard World Cruises? I thought the Grain Terminal was rough enough, couple of times I have docked there, inc on QM2.
  11. I was tested last month at my first appointment for the Novavax vaccine trial. I was notified by email and sms text confirming my result.
  12. HAL has a 16 days round trip to Hawaii from San Diego. Who knows if it will still be there after restrictions are lifted.
  13. This is an excellent point! There are other cruise lines that offer [a very small number of] single occupancy cabins on [a very small number of] their ships. What makes NCL the standout is that solo cruisers are welcome on all ships in all categories, and all sailings include a daily solo gathering hosted by a staff member. At least in my experience, you're not treated like an outcast or outlier if you request a table for one at a regular or specialty restaurant. I've yet to hear the dreaded "... oh, just one?" It'll be interesting to compare my NCL experience to my first RCL one.
  14. The USA is averaging less than 2,000,000 Covid-19 tests a day and people often wait in lines for five hours or more to take them. I do not think vaccines can be administered faster than this. If 70% of Americans want the vaccine, that would require about 462,000,000 million doses assuming each vaccine requires two doses. If somehow 2,000,000 people could be vaccinated each day, 7 days a week starting January 1, it would take 231 days to achieve this. Personally, I do not think there will be 2,000,000 people vaccinated a day, but if it was possible, it would
  15. 😂 Sure, after a few months that they announced the delay now postponing again? I don't think you realize how much money and planning is involved in such delays. It is fairly certain that Seashore will launch on August 1, 2021 for several reasons; Fincantieri said on their website that there are no further delays as Italy after lockdown is one of the countries in Europe with a low number of corona outbreaks and doing an excellent job against the virus. Now that they have a vaccination program in Europe in December, starting with Itlay among the first, no po
  16. No offence taken. I just wanted to clarify the dress in the evening which you seemed to suggest is casual on Azamara when it isn't. And the dress code on Silversea is most definitely different to Azamara as you suggest and another reason a consolidation wouldn't work. As to the jeans, I happen to agree with you. The rule on them was changed a little while ago from previously no jeans. Thankfully dress code debates are very few on this board though. Phil
  17. Maybe she stay there for to Be ready for sailing in nothern Europe with homeport Hamburg. I have booked a 10 days sailing the 9.th of May 2021.
  18. Absolutely agree Ann which is why Maisie has probably been in dance off two weeks running. My bet would be Jamie and Clara in dance off.
  19. As a matter of fact, no. The vast majority of the 260,000 Americans who have died from COVI-19 in the last 10 months would have been less than 10 years old during the U.S. participation in WW II.
  20. The $40 a day is not the cost of the PBP. It is the cost of gratuities+unlimited internet+PBP.
  21. While a San Juan Embark/Disembark certainly is legal, Princess has not homeported there for a long, long time. It will be cheaper for them just to deadhead the ship FLL-NYC Rather than create new itineraries , market and sell them, and bring in the needed staff and infrastructure for a one time set of cruises cruise to or from SJU.
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