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  2. Anytime a cruise can be booked multiple lengths cabins in every category are allocated for each way it could be booked. If you look at one itinerary (example the 14 day), the cabins allocated for both 7-day voyages will appear sold even if many are still available. I was on one cruise that segments could be booked at least five ways: a) Houston to Southampton b) Houston to Southampton + circle UK c) Fort Lauderdale to Southampton d) Fort Lauderdale to Southampton + circle UK e) circle UK So cabins were allocated so that some would only be available on each of the five ways.
  3. Many of the foods sold here are manufactured in NZ, most of the Heinz stuff and the Watties baked beans are the best, I dont eat their tinned spag for obvious reasons. Much of the packet cereal sold here comes from South Korea, i.e. Kellogs, I remember when it was made at Hillsdale, near Pagewood, nsw, back about 40 or 50 yrs ago, my mother worked there.
  4. Fortunately the death rates are now in the tens rather than the several hundreds every day. Graham.
  5. Remember Insurance only covers the outcome financially - not in terms of your health - if you get COVID then the impact can be significant and long lasting - so it's part of a risk assessment whether one is prepared to put oneself in a position where there is a potential increased risk I think the first point is a show stopper for us - if we pick up something en route to the ship and can't board, and can't return home then we'd want to have travel insurance to cover those costs - whether it's available and what cost remains to be seen Re point two - in the past one could make a choice on whether to self insure - that option wont be offered moving forward. I do wonder just what scrutiny the specific of the policy will be subject to by Crystal before allowing boarding - as you have said the devils in the detail and if someone doesn't check the detail and coverage for COVID related claims then things will get interesting Sadly as it stands I'm not hopeful of a return to cruising myself while the protocols are as they are. That doesn't mean I don't agree with them being required and put in place given the current situation and I expect some will be happy to (attempt to) comply in order to return to cruising as soon as possible
  6. Sadly this has also been the case in the UK although now there are a big selection of designer face masks being sold younger people are getting into the fashion accessory of these masks and wearing them a lot of the time.
  7. First holiday since February today. Quick 5 hour drive down to Devon. Just about to make some egg sandwiches for the journey. Car windows will be open for the last 2 hours! Ipod full of oldies but goldies charged up - can't stand listening to Alan Carr for half the journey. Forecast looks good for the next few days, but wet for the end of next week.
  8. My first thought was Yokohama (but the bridge looks different). How about Busan (Pusan), South Korea? I looked though all my photos from Busan and couldn't find one with bridge though ...
  9. The official infection rate is higher now than the March peak, but we vastly underestimated the rate then with testing mainly done only in hospitals. Now in UK we are testing more than most European countries and it have a more accurate picture of the infection rate. But yes the rate has gone up immensely after getting right down in August. Hopefully with more knowledge and better treatments the death rate will not explode in the same rate. I wonder also if the virus is mutating and becoming weaker
  10. Good news if people are sensible. In bars and restaurants in the UK since last week we have to wear masks by law while walking around but can take the masks off while seated plus bars and restaurants are table service only. If you follow these guidelines hopefully it will prevent another spike for you. Graham.
  11. I agree. Any review by Sailor Jack is worth reading. Usually very funny while being informative. Agree here also. Always get great first hand information.
  12. Not personally, Harry, but they feature heavily on the various "sinners" lists on t'internet and the contributors to Truspilot don't seem too impressed either. Good luck, though I know you won't need luck! I'm having trouble with my travel insurer - 3 independently booked flights and 15 hotels in the US. Some have cancelled and refunded, others, where the flights were still operating, obviously refusing to refund so IMHO that's where my carefully chosen and not cheap 'consequential loss independent traveller' travel insurance should kick in. They don't share my view and have now suggested S75 which I'm pretty sure doesn't cover in this circumstance.
  13. As a rule of thumb, if a shuttle is required to take you from the ship to the port entrance, for safety reasons (ie, the ship is docked in an industrial area with a lot if commercial activity) the shuttle will be free. If, however, the shuttle is to take you from the port to the nearby city/town, expect to pay a fee, the amount depending on the distance involved.
  14. If turned into an FCC + bonus FCC, the FCC is refundable if not used within a year while the bonus FCC is not refundable. Theoretically the bonus FCC could be spent towards a cruise fare and you could still get the FCC refunded after a year.
  15. Oak tree - Guernica Obidos - from Lisbon
  16. Organ - Sant Josep, Ibiza Orchid Hospital - Barbados
  17. There seem to be quite a few people now who have gotten the disputable charges refunded but not the initial deposit. It makes me wonder if filing the dispute could cause Crystal to move you to the very back of the line for the deposit portion.
  18. we live across the water from southampton. booked on a fred ship via saga, the transport was a shared car. Not sure where the other passenger had come from. Obviously our part of the share was just around the solent to the port.
  19. It is, I had a feeling that one wouldn't last long !
  20. There was a thread in here already - yes, these points do expire. It tajes like a year or half a year approximetly. I would better check it with the cruise company and avoid these credits in general
  21. Is that Vesuvius? QE2 leaving Naples?
  22. Refund process is one of the most annoying things I have ever experienced. Usually it take 3-4 weeks, in case of Pandemic 2-3 months.. I heard of some lucky ones who got it the first week they applied but I think it was a lucky coincidence
  23. The Griffins ones are much nicer than the Arnotts ones. Our local Woollies used to have an NZ foods section but since they rearranged it that section has disappeared. I've found them in a couple of other places though. I used to bring a stash back when we did NZ cruises. Krispies are nice too but quite sweet.
  24. I have future cruise credits on both Princess and Celebrity plus a gift card for Holland America. All of them said that they expired on December 31, 2021. As mentioned when I opted for these it was back in the March/April time frame. Who would have ever guessed that cruising would completely stop for 2020 and now I am starting to think that this may extend into the first quarter of 2021. That would leave very little cruises available for 2021 and I am certain I am like many who have FCC and would look to use them before they expired. I question if the cruise lines upon re-opening would have availability for all that would like them.
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