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  2. EZAir allowed me to book a noon flight from MIA to DFW. That departure is on a Monday. I assume traffic from the port to MIA would be even less on the weekend. DH and I will take the Princess shuttle. The shuttle cost for two to MIA is inline with Uber or Lyft.
  3. I didn't feel unsafe (though I had a German Shepherd with me). It is very industrial and not a desirable place to walk around. I would probably feel safe walking to the subway.
  4. Then file a claim with the FTC and when it is done, come back and tell us what happened.
  5. Another great example...same sailing: Oh look a studio for $259 - Then you click on it and it's $259 but when you go to actually select the studio category...boom...oops...we're charging you $359 now. No explanation.
  6. You are right. I'm just whining about having to spend a bunch of money on a visa that I may not need and even if I have it, may not allow me in to the country if an Immigration official is having a bad day or doesn't like my looks.
  7. Just wanted to let you all know that we had a wonderful cruise! My son had no problems getting around the ship - finding his way back to his stateroom, knowing which bathroom to enter, etc. One thing that was fantastic is that the Hub App works with voice over, so he was able to have it read everything to him, including the menu at night. As I had mentioned, this is a new thing for him and for us, and I still find myself pointing to things for him to look at, forgetting that he can't see it. That is so frustrating for me, his mom. One of the absolute coolest things that happened on the cruise was a "fly by" by a couple of US fighter jets. They buzzed the ship probably 4 or 5 times. When we saw it the first time, I sent him and his wife a message, saying come up to Lido - you gotta see this. And then I broke down in tears because I realized he wouldn't be able to see it. Just Damn! Anyway, we are all adjusting to this new way of life, and we had an amazing cruise. Thank you all who helped with your responses to my questions! :-) We've already booked the next cruise!
  8. I just made Diamond and am excited about the free happy hour drinks. I probably won't bother with the deluxe beverage package anymore unless it's dirt cheap (say $18/day, lol). I usually travel solo so either get an inside cabin or a heavily discounted balcony (booking a couple months before sailing). Those are getting harder to find though. I'm Platinum on Princess and the best benefit to me is the free Internet. I forget how many minutes it was but it was more than enough for me. And on the Regal, it was fast internet; I was able to stream Netflix. Both Royal and Princess (unlike HAL) give double points for solos - that's why I got to those levels relatively quickly. I definitely appreciate that.
  9. You can walk right up-- quite easy. I personally wouldn't want to walk much further than a few blocks but if you are close you can walk right up and through the little gate.
  10. Foosball, air hockey, skeeball, I didn't hear about table tops, consoles, or arcades style games. We can hope. Family friendly gaming pubs are popular where we live now.
  11. We paid $1068 pp for the obstructed OV. Right now the least expensive balcony is going for $1480 I believe or somewhere in that ballpark. I really can't believe how empty our ship is. There must be over 200 empty cabins in Inside, OV and balconies.
  12. It’s my pleasure and I’m a big fan of Cruise Critic and all of the great information that gets shared here. The biggest difference on Windstar is that we’re true small ship cruises with 340 or fewer guests. We typically don’t refer to ourselves as luxury because we’re a more casual experience and don’t have the formal nights or butlers that go along with that. Instead we have the best food at sea as the official cruise line of the James Beard Foundation, highly personalized intuitive service from the best crew at sea who will remember your name and preferences before the first day is over, and a very relaxed social ambiance with like-minded travelers who are travelers not tourists.
  13. @crewsweeper What's the black salt called? Is it healthy for you? Which salt is the healthiest?
  14. Stupid question, but how do you send John Heald a message?
  15. One of our to-dos for the day was the castle but after eating we were both so hot from the humidity that we went back to the hotel and changed into shorts and checked into our room. After the quick change we headed back out towards the castle. Off on our adventure we go! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  16. This! The place is huge and I can't imagine anyone not enjoying it. You can buy timed entry tickets on the website in advance to avoid the wait to get in. It was a short cab ride from the pier. I've also heard that the maritime museum is interesting but we did not have time to stop in since we ended up spending all our time in Miniature Wonderland.
  17. No, I’ve never lived in Florida and never run for public office. Being in the cruise industry is too much fun and I feel fortunate to lead such a great cruise line.
  18. Open your cruise planner, click on any shore excursion to view it, and you will see a banner across the top of the page that tells you how much credit you have left to spend. Open the calendar link, and it shows what you have already reserved. This works for shore ex, I have not tried it for dining or internet purchases.
  19. 1. Why didn't you have the massage? 2. Why didn't you get this looked after while still on the cruise? Did you go back to the spa and complain that you were charged for a massage that was not done or that you didn't order or .... something else? I just disembarked the Joy and had a massage, a manicure and pedicure. I had to sign for them before they were done, did you sign for it? Or, did you order a massage and then not show up for it? If this is the case they charge you for not cancelling within 24 hours.
  20. So glad it all worked out for you but how stressful! Now onto the ship for some relaxation-hoping it won’t be too rough of seas heading south.
  21. We have Breeze booked out of Ft. Lauderdale with that exact same itinerary in Dec 2020. It will be our first time sailing her. I'm disappointed on the shorter cruises out of Galveston, too.
  22. Whether or not it's worth it, is entirely subjective. Wouldn't be worth it to me as I have zero interest in dog sledding. However I LOVE scenic flightseeing. ie Look on youtube under 'mendenhall dog sledding and helicopter tour.' The videos will give a good idea of what you'll experience. Just keep in mind that it's one of these most cancelled tours due to heavy fog. And it gets cancelled late summer due to lack of snow at the camp. So be sure to have a back up plan.
  23. Poster really wants an OS so in their case that's the only one I would bid on Also better bennies on a full suite as opposed to a JS
  24. Correct - and since some cruises do have the air promotion and some don't...they already have all the templates ready. It's mostly a matter of copy/paste plus a little coding. The reality is that it's just NCL doing what they do best...mislead customers. False advertisement is illegal last I checked and you can't hide behind the "well my IT department couldn't get to it...".
  25. happy to help answer any questions you have along the way Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  26. Ships that have the Gallery Bar have a lot of board games and a few larger manual games (I don't know what they are called). More on the adult side. Very popular after dinner.
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