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  2. local fisherman don't plunder they have strict limits and net sizes , they have built a sustainable fishing eco system as they understand the need for it... the only ones that plunder are these pathetic trawler factories owned by china and other countries that sit of our coast line plundering .. but don't worry most of the fish you eat are from Asian fish farms from supermarkets .. don't forget to have a good think when your eating on the cruise ship , ask yourself , I wonder what 3 rd world country this food is from lol as they are no different to any supermarket its all about the bottom dollar,
  3. hladygirl

    Ocean Magic Mitch

    We used ocean magic Mitch over a year ago. There were eight of us. We were 6 traveling together and got 2 more on our roll call. Mitch and Katie were great. Right there to meet us. Took us to 3 spots, little jost, sandy spit and soggy dollar. Had about 7 1/2 hours altogether and the price per person was only a little more than the ship excursion with tip included. Will definitely use them again.
  4. Everyone in the MDR can have bottled water. It is just included in the cruise price for some markets and others are allowed to purchase it if they want. I don't think anyone is asked where they are from, the waiters can easily see what conditions you booked under by looking at your cruise card.
  5. Usually sail in AQ or even a regular veranda depending on the price. We have sailed in SS and will only do so when the price is within reason. EG a 5 day cruise we have booked on the Infinity in a SS for $1549 total that includes all the perks and $650 SBC. The SS are nice but the extra cost for us doesn’t justify it. And we found out that you can easily sail in a lower category after being in a suite. Don’t believe that BS that you can’t. We have and still do. We have a AQ booked on the Apex with 3 perks. A suite would be a little over $100/day pp. with all 4 perks. We can’t justify over $200/day pp for the suite. And even in the AQ we are seriously thinking of moving down to a standard IV cabin saving about $ 700 for a 7 day cruise. happy cruising 🌊🚢🇺🇸🌅
  6. Thank you for the review. Do you remember if the cabin safes used a code/keypad or a magnetic swipe card to use?
  7. You would haveto contact the travel agency to change the email on record.
  8. It looks like a casualty of the new website format is my phone mobile browser does not show the tracking on my prior purchases now, it just comes up blank like on my firefox on laptop. I have the UPS app which will notify me if I have them sent to my house, but I cannot do that at my work, where I have the cards sent. Bummer!
  9. We’ll have to put that on our list of places to go. We are always looking for new artists. Thank you!
  10. Hello all, I have been following this thread with interest as I am a veterinarian. I will be on the May 13th voyage as well. I worry so about the dogs during the trip with no access to veterinary care for 7 days if an emergency arises. (I am an emergency vet and am programmed to be prepared for worst case scenarios). I would hate for something serious happen, and I not be able to at least offer advice. I am obviously taking this trip as an escape from work, but I am offering my services if any major issues arise during the trip - more than the expected GI upset, etc. Hopefully, I will only meet your precious cargos as a member of the paparazzi
  11. Sorry, I meant the cabin bathroom pump soap bottles. There is a thread about it and the following was posted:
  12. Depends on the amount of luggage. We had six adults last week. I took a look at the luggage at the hotel and called two Uber XLs which turned out to be the right call. YMMV. Took about 5 minutes for them to arrive but that might depend on your hotel location. By the way one of the Uber’s got lost getting to the port LOL. They added on $17 for added time. We made a complaint in the app explaining the added time was because the driver got lost and Uber refunded the added $17.
  13. Haha! I have always gone by Jeanne, my middle name, but Kathryn is my first name. I keep scanning everything daily for any new info about our cruise. I especially want to make sure that I book for the drag brunch, cooking classes, et al, as soon as possible.
  14. It’s very easy math - you know how much you paid/pp for Marina and for the Crystal. Divide each by the number of days of the cruise and you’ve got the pre diem/pp 😊
  15. Hoping for the best for you all, glad you are home safe JP. The posts of the cruise have been so much fun to follow, thank you jpalbny, stumblefoot and RachelG. let me know if anyone figures out a way to cruise sans flights.
  16. Yes, you should read the internet.... (read the internet??) If you did read the internet, you would find out that in-ear monitors are used for A LOT more than noise reduction. As a matter of fact, I'm providing a link directly to Wikipedia. Here's the first two sentences: In-ear monitors (IEMs) are devices used by musicians, audio engineers, and audiophiles, to listen to music or to hear a personal mix of vocals and stage instrumentation for live performance or recording studio mixing. They are also used by television presenters in order to receive vocal instructions, info, and breaking news announcement from a producer that only the presenter hears. In-ear monitors have many, many uses besides blocking noise, which is why so many people, including all the artists that you named, and the news broadcasters do too. Evern seen a broadcaster touch his ear, and then say ther's breaking news, or whatever? it's because they are wearing an in-ear monitor! https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/In-ear_monitor L.
  17. Does anyone know what the cabin class is for inside promenade?
  18. Is there a Cocoa Beach on Coco Cay? If not, maybe Bob @Host Clarea can change the title. Feel free to delete this post.
  19. There is nothing elegant or upscale about a Royal Caribbean cruise. The MDR is loud and frantic rush through dinner. The ship experience is that of an amusement park or carnival for family run. There is nothing that would compel me not to wear shorts on any given night. On Celebrity or Princess I wouldn't think of wearing short in the MDR. While things have changed on those lines I still feel that it's necessary to wear long pants in the MDR in the evening. Women seem to get away with just about anything including spandex pants which should be a privilege to wear not a right.
  20. BTW: if there are enough "kids" booked on the cruise, there is a kids club (sort of). On our first Pacific P. cruise there were around 10 or so children. Princess had 2 kids club ladies to watch over the young ones. They used the card room for their play room. Played games, took tours around the ship, went to the buffet for ice cream. It was nice to see them being escorted around instead of running wild with no supervision.
  21. Day 10 - Sea Day Morning finds us in much the same conditions as last night albeit down one degree in temperature. We are roughly parallel with the central Florida area (Orlando). Last night my cabin attendant washed down my balcony so it was useable again.
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