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  2. The tour was in the morning, in our case it left from the ship since it was our last day of the cruise. The 40 minutes I mentioned was to look on our own around the castle before heading back to the ship for lunch. The afternoon was totally free.
  3. The Quebec excception is that the PVP is not available for sale here, due to our specifically bizarre rules on insurance. We used to get it for every trip solely for the CFAR coverage, but they stopped being allowed to sell it here a few years ago. Lots of insurance products available to the rest of Canada are not available here. FWIW on a similar note, Princess recently stoppped selling the PVP to residents of the state of New York as well.
  4. Sunday update. The upper one is 20%, the lower yellow one is 30%, and the orange one is 60% chance to develop over 5 days.
  5. Does that mean I have to dine alone? LOL Hopefully someone will take pity on a solo.
  6. It is currently 21°C and sunny. We had a nice church service this morning then went out for lunch. We are now having a coffee in the garden. Take care and stay safe everyone 😷. Graham.
  7. I took my wristband off the first day and never heard a thing about it the entire cruise.
  8. Thanks for a great review. I have followed your posts the whole time and have enjoyed it. We travel next Saturday on the edge. Cannot wait. You got us really excited.
  9. I don't know if this is true for Norwegian, but it seems to be the case on other cruise lines. If you wait until you are on the ship, you can usually upgrade just one person in the cabin. Also, you don't have to upgrade the first day. If you wait until you are out in international waters, you may be able to save a few dollars in taxes. I got the impression that you could upgrade your drink package anytime during the cruise. So folks on a longer cruise might be able to do the first half regular, and then upgrade the second half. Of course, things may have changed now, so it would be good to confirm with other travelers.
  10. Does anybody other than HAL offer Cancel For Any Reason all the way up to embarkation?
  11. That's unfortunate. Thankfully it worked out in the end and you got to enjoy CocoCay.
  12. I’m not using a browser on IPad. I have Holland America saved and just have to hit it. Maybe I’ll just try to close it and reopen which I haven’t done.
  13. It’s great to read your experiences as a first timer aboard Crystal. Continue to enjoy and thanks for your thorough coverage.
  14. After I made my booking at the Athens Gate I received this info with a link to click. It is 5 Euros more than a taxi and after reading the health protocols ect, we booked. Arriving Oct. 16 2021. How to arrive at The Athens Gate Hotel We would like to offer you the warmest possible welcome to Athens. A trusted, professional, English-speaking driver will pick you up at the gate right on time and drive you directly to the hotel's door. Affordable flat price, free cancellation. Book a transfer Pricing Taxes and gratuity included From Airport From€43.0 From Piraeus Port From€30.0
  15. I said many moons ago it will take careful planning on our part to ensure going tieless with a jacket has an appropriate shirt. 'We' manage it as do many hundreds of others because despite what the tie'd brigade would have you believe, tieless has been around for a few of our cruises and I haven't seen much of a problem but then, I don't look for them. Judgement has been passed by some before the reality has bitten [I'm ignoring the Seacation cruises as anomalies at the moment]. A shame but those who find the change too abhorrent can go vote with their feet. We will continue to 'dress for dinner' appropriately and enjoy all Cunard has to offer.
  16. I just had to laugh because this guy thinks millennials are the wealthiest demographic. As a millennial, I have to say that most of my millennial friends are broke. I seem to be in the minority for my age group when it comes to finances (stable, with extra money to travel). They may be at "peak earning potential" if you ignore reality. Most are saddled with debt and need to take care of that before they can think about putting that money towards other things. My parents, on the other hand, are in their 60s and have the extra money to travel and not think about how much the trip costs. In their 30s, they did not have the means to do so. And they enjoy all the things Virgin has to offer.
  17. 🤞 Keeping my fingers crossed for everyone 😇🙏
  18. Hi Debbie, not sure if you will check in here or not but hope you are having a wonderful time🙂
  19. Is there really any advantage to being on the starboard (right side; odd numbered cabins) of the ship when cruising south from Buenos Aires to Santiago, Chile? At this time I have choose between the Cabin category I prefer on the port side or a lower category on the Starboard side. Thanks for any information on this cruise and cabin location.
  20. Looks like it does extend partway through 2022. The Princess website as of today says... Cancel up to 30 days before you sail, and get your cancellation fees back as a Future Cruise Credit1. Applies to voyages departing through April 30, 2022. Applies to bookings made through December 31, 2021. NEW: Within 30 days of your sail date, we've got you covered with our new COVID-19 Protection Program. Final Payment has been moved to 60-days prior to sailing. Applies to voyages departing through October 31, 2021.
  21. Thank you. Great site and not an arm and a leg quotes either.
  22. As of a couple weeks ago, Princess is no longer open on Sundays. That is one reason I took all the screen shots - to prove I called yesterday and was on hold for hours. They also close at 5pm now, it use to be 7pm. They let a lot of their staff go months ago and that is one reason the holds times are so long. My TA does not deal with air. But as I said, she said she will call for me on Monday.
  23. Sounds wonderful. The Solarium. Oh how I miss the Solarium. Prior to having my daughter, I spent most of my cruises there to get away from the people with the kids. Now I'm the guy with the kid. Happy Cruising.
  24. Good morning all! What an interesting collection of days. We celebrate World Rivers everyday here as I live very close to the Mississippi River and the Meramec River and not terribly far from the spot where the Missouri and Mississippi converge. Needless to say, floods are a thing around here. I now have the Johnny Appleseed song from Girl Scouts stuck in my head 🎶. I will take the wine, but skip the drink and the turkey roulade (I am a purist, like my turkey roasted with traditional accompaniments). Something was up with my church livestream, it wasn’t working this morning. I had several other churches to pick from though, lots of good services out there. This afternoon we head to the symphony for the first time since February 2020. My Friday/Saturday nights were awesome-two great, but very different dinners & two wonderful, but very different theatre productions. Today we will skip dinner & rush home so youngest DD can catch the Tony Awards. I think we’ll order in. (Both theatres and the symphony require everyone to wear a mask and to present their vaccine card or proof of a negative Covid test. It was good to look out on the audience seeing everyone masked. I know all that is not foolproof, but I felt pretty safe and so glad to be back in a theatre.) Prayers to all on our care list 🙏. And I will grab a glass of champagne from the symphony bar to toast all the celebrations. 🥂 Take care everyone, St Louis Sal
  25. Update. There has been a resolution, but one is asked by Cunard to keep the content confidential and not broadcast or publish the details. One will respect confidentiality.
  26. While closed loop cruises do not require a passport, if you have to be flown back to the US from any where including Hawaii - you'll need a passport book. The passport card is only used for cruise and land border crossings. Your cruise is a closed loop cruise. Mexico does not require a passport to enter.
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