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  2. Jongunranta

    Carnival Steakhouse all you can eat?

    Food and service are so bad so it is all one can eat before must leave. After our experience I wouldn't eat in there even for free.
  3. It includes an air boat ride (which I think aren't allowed in the National Park??), so that's why I stated I knew it wouldn't be in the NP.
  4. Mullet62

    Civitavecchia Train to Vatican

    Thanks so much.
  5. SeeingTheWorldBySea

    Freedom of the Seas Review 1/6-1/13,2019

    Thursday, Day 5. Barbados. This day I booked a catamaran through Silvermoon Charters. This was the only day all 8 of us did something together. Silvermoon is a luxury catamaran that only takes 12 guests at a time. We were picked up from gate 2 at the pier at 8:30a. I did not bring the car seats this day as I knew it was a very short drive over to the pier. Yes, I know accidents can happen at any distances and I made sure to buckle them up and hold them down. I could see Silvermoon from my balcony. The quick 2 minute ride over to the dock where we met Captain Luke and his crew who would be serving us this day. The catamaran is beautiful and well taken care of. We had full access to every area, the salon, the bedrooms if needed, the bathrooms. We were constantly being offered drinks and snacks. We had 3 stops for snorkeling and at one stop we had lunch. Everything was wonderful and highly recommend this tour. We tipped $100 at the end. This night we had dinner in Giovanni’s table. The service and the meal were wonderful. Everyone order what they wanted individual and then we had a few things served family style. The meat plank was very good, as was the risotto and the bucatini. Dessert wasn’t really a hit and I found myself in windjammer looking for coconut cookies. We gave the server $40 tip. Sorry, i realized my pictures are non-existent by the end of the week.
  6. bespin

    Rome Hotel & tips for nervous senior? Thanks!

    The elevator is "vintage" - one of the metal cage types, slide-the-door-shut, rattle-and-shiver your way up to the 6th floor (depending on whether you count the ground floor separately from the 1st floor). It's not big - we had three adults, four suitcases and at least two carry-ons, and it was a tight fit, plus a dance to get everything through the fairly narrow door. But that's all part of the charm. 🙂 When you get off the elevator, it's a small, bare hallway with a large double door opening into the B&B. (You'll get keys to that door, and another key to your bedroom.) The door opens into the lobby/dining area, and there's a hallway with the bedrooms. Each room has it's own bathroom. Our bathroom had a toilet, bidet, sink and shower. Our room was quite large, for two with, one big bed, lots of space, not a lot of furniture, but there's a desk, wardrobe closet, bedside tables and lamps. I understand that other rooms have more beds, or can have rollaway beds, for families, The photos on the B&B website and on TripAdvisor are quite accurate. The windows open right out onto the piazza in front of the building - it's a great view. There are no window screens, but we didn't have a problem with bugs or flies. We didn't hear any noise from the street when the window was closed, and we barely heard any of the other guests when our bedroom door was closed. Breakfast is whenever you're ready, during the times the hosts have set for breakfast. You can have made to order eggs or omelets, or pastries, fruit, etc. The hosts will ask you the day before what you'd like to have, and they'll do their shopping accordingly. There's a grocery store a couple of blocks down the street. As I recall, there's a small fridge in each bedroom, so you could have snacks or cold drinks, etc, whenever you want them. The hosts are happy to recommend places to eat, and the best places to view the sunset. They arranged our tickets to the Papal audience, and made our reservations to the Borghese Gallery (highly recommended!) You'll be literally across the street from the entrance for the Vatican tours - that's something we plan to do while we're there in July. Very handy for the early entry, before the crowds get there. 🙂 It was late October/early November when we were there - it can be cold and rainy. At the first drop of rain, umbrella sellers pop out of the thin air, happy to do business with you. The B&B also had several umbrellas available for guests to borrow. I'm sure you'll have great time.
  7. Thanks!! I'm off to research.....
  8. Sorry, i'm sure this has been answered many times in other threads, but of course now that i need it i can't find it! We're leaving this Sunday, our first HAL cruise. Can someone explain the boarding process for me? Our boarding passes say 1 pm. Is this a "suggested" time for everyone, or do they assign staggered check-in times? We've only sailed on Carnival before, and for them you select your boarding time and everybody is staggered starting at about 11 am. I'd like to know whether we can arrive earlier and be allowed to board, or will we have to wait until at least 1? Thanks in advance for your help!
  9. fabnfortysomething

    Comparing SPB & Alla Tours in St. Petersburg

    my husband also has difficulty walking long distancees our private tour guide arranged for a wheelchair especially for Peterhof gardens which re extensive contact each of the companies outlining your circumstances and ask their advice their responses will help you whittle down which is right company for you
  10. Host Clarea

    Oasis refurb?

    Nothing specific beyond the generalities in the amped program: http://creative.rccl.com/Sales/Royal/RoyalAmplified/18061322_RoyalAmplified_Trade_Flyer.pdf
  11. You make an excellent point. Even with the open-air theater in the back, we definitely felt that same disconnect. What you say is true. There're all those access points to the sea plus the aft theater and open-air Central Park. But we still felt that separation only really (consciously) acknowledging it after reading Dan's comment. Wonder why we and others feel that way, when it's patently not the case...
  12. Stlcardsfan79

    Live From the Breakaway!

    Street construction really tieing up traffic there.
  13. PittsburghNative

    What is a really unique Mendenhall Glacier excursion?

    How was the glacier trek? Did it really wear you out? I think it looks awesome, but my mom thinks it will be very challenging. I also thought about kayaking as well.
  14. Saint Greg

    Boomtown to Port

    I don't know about taxis..but right now Uber is $18 and Lyft is $20 to give you an idea.
  15. Stlcardsfan79

    Live From the Breakaway!

    Lunch at O'Sheenan's today. Pretty good. My husband said I use Reuben was really good.
  16. tallnthensome

    Not Happy with Liquor Up Charges

    At least on MSC their premium drink package included unlimited gelato and full access to the food and drink in the cabin mini bar. I can't do any but shake my head and laugh at NCL's ludicrous proposal.
  17. arima22

    Wait list cleared. Yay!

    Here's one from the lookout above the valley.
  18. Others have reported that the ship switched from Royal IQ to RCI app about a month ago (I can't confirm whether any portion of Royal IQ app still works or not). No ship in the fleet that I know of has both. Quantum class uses the Royal IQ app, 13 ships use the RCI app and the rest have nothing.
  19. It took my wife about 2 hours for the entire process.
  20. Paulras

    Celebrity app for Muster drill

    Or "Celebrity IT department to blame as muster video in app inadvertently replaced with real James Bond movie"
  21. jpcdds6

    Mini Fridge stock items? Cost?

    You can bring some snacks back from the buffet, re fill water bottles and keep them in the fridge, etc.
  22. I think this may be a function of the way the mobile safari makes and holds a selection. As far as I can tell anyway. Once you tap the icon to choose color, the selected area is deselected therefore there is nothing to change the color for. The way that this function will work as intended on a mobile device would be to choose the color before typing. You are correct that highlighting already typed content will not work. Note: I am not sure if this is true for android users on their browser as I do not have one to test.
  23. marinaro44

    Pursuit interactive

    The Azamara app, to be piloted on Pursuit, should address some of these needs. I don't know what the "other problems" are to which Bloodaxe refers. After 31 days on Pursuit, I haven't found them.
  24. kren250

    NCL Shore Excursion credit $50 per port

    If I book online and then onboard I'm given the $50 per excursion on my account, is that OBC that I have to use on the ship? Or will they refund the amount to my credit card at the end of my cruise, if I have any left?
  25. Honeyroastedmelnut

    3 or 4 nights to Bahamas?

    Pros for 3 day: less time off work needed Cons: can feel rushed. No dedicated sea day to enjoy the ship Pros for 4 day: dedicated sea day, more time on a cruise! Usually best price/person/day for just the cruise Cons: usually Mon-Fri so more time off from work/school. I personally like the 3-day Bahamas versus 4-day. If I need to take a whole week off from work I would rather take a 5-7 day cruise
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