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  2. Exactly. People shouldn’t be dismissing this saying it’s only affecting Asian cruises. That’s just a matter of time. Plus that just the suspicion of Corona will prevent a ship berthing.
  3. Bottom line, if you're an invited guest of the cruise line and everything is comped, and you're being wined and dined, there is going to be some bias involved when it comes to reviews. This goes for all cruise lines, certainly not just Virgin. I think it applies to the glowing reviews as well as those that are totally negative. For all we know the reviewer with the negative review can have some grudge against the cruise line for whatever reason. My favorite reviews are those from paying passengers that are balanced, as nothing is all good or all bad. This doesn't take away from some very informative and well done videos/reviews from the pros. I just take what I can from them and as I mentioned before, take it all with a grain of salt.
  4. Way cool. Have not seen that before but lucky you that you got one.
  5. Just called InsureMyTrip they cannot do anything for me. What a waste of time!
  6. Fantastic sushi on Viking oceans ships in the buffet (Word Cafe) every evening. Also lots of crab, and seafood every evening in buffet.
  7. I'm watching you sail on the Port Everglades/Fort Lauderdale web cams. Have a great cruise. Bon Voyage!
  8. The booking system in the US is far superior, that’s the point.
  9. You have a much better memory. Why people would complain there isn't more fee venue$ is beyond me. 🙄
  10. Well, it opened this morning at $38.00 and closed a few minutes ago at $35.84. I have to admit it's looking pretty attractive.
  11. we’re getting a bit like that. Unfortunately I’m starting to turn into a bag lady and so is the hubby so Disney now is more for atmosphere and princesses for the kids rather than the rides. We both used to be adrenaline junkies. what we are doing this year is trying to get more to the coast. Going to try cocoa beach and Anna Maria island. not sure if to try gatorland too this year. Florida mall is so quiet especially compared to somewhere like Meadowhall.
  12. Have never seen that published, might be on the app just prior to the cruise.
  13. @gerryincork Howdy and welcome back to Cruise Critic! I see it has been a while since you posted on the boards. Thank you for your new thread on the Need Help Using the Forums? Check Here! forum. 👍 However, please note the following information is at the top of each page in this forum: Note: This area is intended only for questions and answers relating to technical assistance in using these message boards. Please do not post general cruise-related questions or Roll Calls here. Since your thread topic concerns a specific cruise line, I have moved your thread to the Celebrity Cruises forum where it will be on-topic. Also, we have the Cruise/Travel Insurance forum you might want to browse. And at this time, we have a special time-limited forum Q&A with InsureMyTrip where InsureMyTrip members are available through today February 25, 2020 to answer questions. Please browse through the thread titles on the forums looking for threads of interest. You will probably find your fellow Cruise Critic members have already posted questions and received answers that will be of interest to you. I sincerely hope this will be helpful and glad to have you back aboard Cruise Critic! Happy sails, Host Kat
  14. I just booked and most times are taken and honestly dont have a clue when we want to go yet, do some times open up when on board? Also are there any to stay away from quality wise? Thanks!!
  15. He's charged with negligent homicide, not Involuntary Manslaughter.
  16. $52 AUD = $34 USD approx $78 AUD = $52 USD approx You could wait & purchase the package onboard in USD $60 USD Prestige $40 USD House select Do the math & see what works for you It is always more when you have to exchange Currencies to USD for some of us
  17. We are totally relaxed. If this thing spreads we will cancel if not will go on the cruise. the danger is if someone brings it on-board and the ventilation systems move it around. At the worst if we don’t go the loss will be monetary and easily quantifiable!
  18. A keto diet is VERY low in carbs. The added sugar (carbs) from the half / half could throw a person out of ketosis. It's not really a fad diet either. There is as much evidence that keto is an ideal diet as evidence for the food pyramid.
  19. Haven't been on Carnival in a couple years but on my RCCL in December I found the pitchers of beer at the sports pub to be a much better value than buckets by the pool. I was getting 5 beers out of a pitcher for about $17.
  20. When pre purchased I believe that you get a Letter/voucher or similar in your stateroom and visit a particular bar as advised for the sticker to be applied. On QM2 it was The Chart room that had the lists of customers who had pre purchased.
  21. With so many locations on the ship surrounded by steel. Lag or freezing can be expected. usually works great.
  22. I can’t even imagine the discussions right now. Med cruises are a major part of the cruise industry.
  23. Involuntary Manslaughter Involuntary manslaughter is defined as an unintentional killing that results either from criminal negligence or the commission of a low-level criminal act such as a misdemeanor. Involuntary manslaughter is distinguished from other forms of homicide because it does not require deliberation or premeditation, or intent. Because neither of these mental states is required, involuntary manslaughter is the lowest level category of homicide. Criminal Negligence The first type of involuntary manslaughter occurs when a defendant negligently commits an act that results in the death of another. The level of negligence required for involuntary manslaughter is higher than normal civil negligence and requires that the defendant have acted in a very unreasonable manner. The exact language used to describe this negligence standard varies by state, but many refer to it as “criminal negligence” or “gross negligence.” State laws also vary as to whether the defendant must have been aware that his conduct was grossly negligent. In some states, the defendant must have known that his conduct was a threat to others, while other states consider whether the actions were objectively negligent, without regard for the defendant’s own perceptions. It is important to understand that criminal negligence does not require that the defendant have committed an unlawful act. Rather, it criminalizes both lawful and unlawful acts that are committed negligently. For instance, although driving a vehicle is legal, driving that vehicle in a reckless manner may constitute criminal negligence and, if death results, lead to a charge of involuntary manslaughter. Criminal negligence can also result from a failure to perform an act that the defendant has a duty to perform. Where a parent has a duty to take care of and protect a child, but the child dies when she is left in the car on a hot day, the parent may be culpable for involuntary manslaughter. Another example would be a tour operator who fails to advise his passengers of the proper safety protocols, resulting in the death of a passenger. This tour operator has failed to perform his duty, resulting in criminal negligence. He should have pled out, accepted long-term probation. You have to wonder what his attorney really thinks and has recommended, and are they in so far, because of the civil case, that no one can back out. Some earlier poster said that the mother did not like the fake-step-grand-father based on comment they read on her Facebook page, but which have mysteriously disappeared.
  24. Why is everyone speculating on this. This rumor started in 2015 and continues to this day. 5 years of nothing and still going strong. The only changes that were made in 2015 Gold no longer can attend the VIFP party that Platinum and Diamond are invited to. Those tiers have increased in size. On some cruises they have separate parties for Platinum and separate for Diamond. I find nothing that there will be any changes added or subtracts to the tiers at all. Total speculation and talk from those that have been saying tier changes are coming.
  25. I bought at $51.50 last week. I guess I jumped too fast. Considering buying another 100 shares if it gets down low enough. Will watch tomorrow. It still seems to be in a downward spiral.
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