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  2. Every cruise line will try to scare their passengers to force them to take the ship excursions (shameful but true). YOU DO NOT HAVE TO TAKE A SHIP EXCURSION. Many passengers take private excursions without any repercussions. Ignore their plea and do what you want and enjoy
  3. This is scary. You want to think that ships can handle rough seas, not cause them to lose engines. Without engines can't stop ship from running into something and sinking. Seems like they can't use the lifeboats so that's scary too. One hopes if it did hit something lifeboats would be able to be utilized.
  4. Re: Pool Lift A review from a TA who sailed the Edge said: " I did not personally get an opportunity to use the main pool or the smaller pool in the solarium. I also did not see the main pool lift installed, but I know they have one and you can make arrangements to use it with advance notice for the main pool. " I did see a picture of the main pool lift in place a few months ago, but didn't see it in late January. I guess that's because it needs to be installed when requested. Her review had some interesting points, though as a TA she was quite positive and forgiving. I will post the link in one of the accessibility threads since it would be off topic here. 🙂
  5. You can petition, but why would they do that?
  6. Loved the color palette of the Edge, the relaxing Retreat Lounge, the roomy Sky Suite bathroom, the overall design of the theater (even though it was too small to accomodate the 9:00 show), entertaining/personable Captain, the long tables facing window in OceanView Cafe, Luminae, Chef's Market Discovery Tour in Cozumel Didn't like: had issues with special needs disability requests, mediocre butler, expensive shops, theater too small, Deal or No Deal, The Club was too dark and dreary, no special events for suite guests or in the Retreat (except a singer one night), weird production shows
  7. Thanks everyone. You'll need to be up very early to see our arrival. Our pilot time is 4:30AM (5:30 your time) and it will definitely still be dark. Roy
  8. We have had no problem using them in the main dining room. We haven’t done any specialty restaurants yet.
  9. We have taken the ships towels both times we went just for peace of mind. Buy a cheap underwater Fuji camera to take pictures. They are only $6-8 buton the excursion they sell them for the cutrate price of $25.00. Enjoy
  10. Sounds a bit like the MSC Yacht Club experience. It is not a private elevator but your can use your Yacht Club room card in the forward elevators and they become an Express elevator to the Yacht Club.
  11. We recently did the “Shipwrecked in Havana” tour with FerTours in early March and we really enjoyed our day in Havana (thanks Pepe and Jose). We did a morning walking tour of old Havana, lunch at an authentic Cuban restaurant, and a city tour in a 1951 Chevrolet convertible . Fernando was great replying to our inquiries before we arrived. The only issue we had was going to Havana on a Monday . The government buildings and museums are closed so you can’t go in and see this kind of things. But other than that, a wonderful day.
  12. My mother always said don't worry about what people say about you. If it's nice things who cares? If it's bad things they are just jealous. I always think of that when negative comments are being made about those in the upper ranks of cruise line status. Negative comments are made about this group on all of the cruise line boards not just Royal Caribbean. I don't have a dog in this race since I can't commit to one cruise line.
  13. Ok so we can talk about this? I’m so confused that thread and information that was important in it is this board run by RCCL we really can’t ask questions if there were some comments that were out of line why Wouldn’t they just get deleted ?
  14. https://www.bhphotovideo.com/c/product/919786-REG/olympus_v315040bu000_m_zuiko_digital_ed_75_300mm.html Although a 14-150mm lens (Tamron or the pricier one from Olympus) is more versatile, the 14-42 mm kit lens often supplied with the Mark III has one very appealing feature: a "pancake" form factor that retracts to a length of about an inch. For me, that makes it possible to put the camera into a coat pocket with the lens attached.
  15. Has anyone been able to use drink vouchers on Oasis in main dining room or specialty restaurants?
  16. This is precisely why I've never been on that slide.
  17. Nattie, We were 3 on the 2 day tour and paid about 1200 $. We booked with Red Sun Tours. They were very responsive and nice to deal with.
  18. Suite lounge and dining access is already a benefit of those in the Master level of Club Royale. I suspect that the benefit will transfer to the Asian country cruises. M
  19. https://www.independent.co.uk/travel/news-and-advice/viking-sky-what-happened-storm-norway-emergency-evacuation-coast-a8837371.html This a report by Simon Calder, a very well respected British travel correspondent. I think questions need to be asked why the ship continued her journey, considering the forecast was so bad, and especially as I read elsewhere that another ship stayed in port.
  20. Taxi van should be able to accommodate all of your bags and passengers. Fare should be about $15+ on the meter.
  21. I should also mention that if I add $2,000 to our rate, it would be about $8,000 less than the current asking price for the DOS.
  22. never have had that experience on any line. We used to do it all the time when we could bring it through security on the plane. Now, not so much. ask your friend where they purchased the booze and how long ago this rule was imposed. I don't think it has been to tell you the truth.
  23. Hi If the new ship doesn't have a proper promenade deck I will just stick to the Queen Mary 2. Deck Chair
  24. I only thing I do as an extra precaution just to have the information is scan the passports and email the copies to myself and wife. As long as I have my phone or access to a computer I can retrieve them incase they are stolen.
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