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  2. Loud clapping and cheering from Sunny Queensland in Australia, Down Under. Wishing all passengers a safe journey to their homes. Thank you HAL and the authorities in Port Everglades.
  3. Glad I have a laptop as a back up as our desktop computer has suddenly had problems staying connected to the webcams.
  4. They took my extra FCC and added it as OBC. I had an extra $420 left after I rebooked and it was added to my on board account. Also, I didn't put a deposit down on my new cruise. I looked online and decided what I wanted, called my PVP and left a message. He called me back less than half an hour later and set it all up and transferred my money for me. It didn't cost me anything out of pocket...
  5. For my July cruise they waived the $100 per person penalty . Fleetwood 40 is or was a recreational facility in London Ontario
  6. I think in reading the fine print on them it does say Sail By but in actuality it has been an apply by date.
  7. just bought it at 8.01 per share so I'll just sit on it and it will go up how fast is anybody's guess Gary
  8. Not booking anything until this thing is over or there is a vaccine. I can take land vacations if cruise prices are too high.
  9. Zaandam bearing 220 and 8NM out, She will still take a half hour to get to the pilot. So close!!
  10. You're closer. Cudworth is the next village. About 2 miles away. Stay well. Avril
  11. No, nearly 60% survived. from https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/MS_St._Louis Of the 620 St. Louis passengers who returned to continental Europe, we determined that eighty-seven were able to emigrate before Germany invaded western Europe on May 10, 1940. Two hundred fifty-four passengers in Belgium, France, and the Netherlands after that date died during the Holocaust. Most of these people were murdered in the killing centers of Auschwitz and Sobibรณr; the rest died in internment camps, in hiding or attempting to evade the Nazis. Three hundred sixty-five of the 620 passengers who returned to continental Europe survived the war. Of the 288 passengers sent to Britain, the vast majority were alive at war's end.[21]
  12. Rotterdam is crossing into territorial waters now! Praise be, I think this is it.
  13. Thats good news. I will try again in a week or so. Nothing urgent but of course every thing is a big mess right now
  14. i believe removing cookies for cruisecritic.com and boards.cruisecritic.com will force a logout. Not sure if the app maintains its own cookies.
  15. The passengers may have thought they were on a virus-free ship but the medical staff and Captain had to know they weren't, despite not admitting it.
  16. Sun-Sentinel just sent notification that passengers are reporting that the captain has said that they have approval to dock and are heading into Port Everglades.
  17. I asked each person I talked to if the October 31, 2020 date was a book by or sail by date and they all told me sail by. Sounds like I need to call again., If it's book by I can live with that. I just can't sail by this October especially since it's unknown when they'll be able to sail again.
  18. Good idea. I have cleared Cookies, Cache, Browsing History. Restarting and will try again. Will also try other boards on CC. I usually just go to Princess
  19. So do I. ๐ŸŽ‚๐Ÿฐ Not quite the same though is it? ๐Ÿ˜‰ Stay well. Avril
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