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  2. It states in Carnival's statement that new build ships in 2022/23 will be delayed so expect Cunard's new build due in 2022 to be delayed until 2023.
  3. There is also a huge issue related to morbidity. While COVID-19 may not be as deadly as originally thought, there are several serious health after effects that are still the subject of much research. While folks may recover, they may have continuing issues such as permanent lung damage, loss of taste/smell, clotting disorders, serious damage to multiple organs (such as the kidneys), etc. Some of these recent developments are troubling and not fully understood. Hank
  4. Both Connie and Infinity are anchored off the Greek coast taking occasional runs in to Piraeus to resupply
  5. I still think your's is a very blinkered view Selbourne, the layout and design of a modern cruise ship is very similar go that of a large AI hotel. Hotel swimming pools will suffer the same social distancing problems as a cruise ship, most hotels we ever went to had very crowded pool areas. Even worse will the hotel restaurants, most of which are normally self service, so that is a far bigger problem for them than for cruise ships, which already have at least 50% of their restaurants with waiter service. Similarly lifts in hotels will be no less of an issue than on a cruise ship. Like Moley I think the changed FCO advice was mainly to highlight that the new flight corridor arrangements do not include cruise ships, rather than a major change in govt policy.
  6. It is clever that predictive text knows what I want to say, when I don't know myself.
  7. Perhaps, but perhaps not re Carnival. The question remains what will the CDC do regarding cruising to/from US Ports. At this point we believe (have not heard to the contrary) that the CDC has not issued any hint of what they will do when their "No Sail" Order expires later this month. Since the cruise lines have all implemented a voluntary hold until mid-September (or later) they have taken the pressure off the CDC. But it is still a possibility that the CDC could extend their No Sail order well into the Fall or even to the end of the year. Perhaps CCL has had some indication of what will happen but we have not seen any public announcement. Hank
  8. Hope he got his cabin cleaned up and packed! What a mess!!
  9. Sounds like they will take them pretty much anytime to get a booking at this point in time, doesn't it? We booked February, 2022.
  10. The trouble is getting the passengers to comply. Customers in my local M&S yesterday were blatantly ignoring the one way system and one old bloke leaned into and over me to grab some roast beef rather than waiting a few seconds while I moved on. I'd like to think that all the regulars who post on here would read and understand the guidelines then follow them accordingly but as ever there'll be some who don't care. We've all seen poor lift etiquette onboard as an example, and I've read various comments online over the last few days about Brits on holiday in Spain refusing to wear face masks in public places.
  11. We see more evidence of the bricks which were made by convict labour, and which appear to be quite primitive. Governor Macquarie and his family used the house a lot before his return to England in 1822. His successor, Governor Brisbane, also enjoyed the house and even built an Observatory there. His wife continued the planting of the park which Elizabeth Macquarie had begun. A Bath House was added with a shower bath. However, the next governor, Governor Darling, relocated to Sydney, using the Old Government House as a winter retreat. In 1828 the British Treasury decided that in future, all building maintenance and furniture costs should be borne by the NSW Colonial Treasury. This resulted in the decline of the OGH as it was felt to be ‘indulgent’ to have two houses for the governor. Governor Burke, enjoyed escaping to the house as much as possible, but once it was decided to build a new Government House in Sydney, it became difficult to fund the OGH. By the time of the next Governor, Governor Cripps, it was agreed that in future the governor, himself, would be responsible for the upkeep of the house. It was duly leased out. Governor Fitzroy’s wife was sadly killed in a carriage accident in 1847, and following that tragedy the house was boarded up. Over the next 50 or so years, the house was leased to a variety of people, and in 1909 it was leased to a school. The King’s School is the oldest independent school in Australia, and many important people were educated there. We have really enjoyed our tour so far, but now we reach the school room, which we find fascinating. It is laid out with desk and benches, and on the wall are some salutary lessons in how to behave..... Children would have used slates to write on, and on the table are the common means of punishment for those boys who failed to live up to the exacting standards of behaviour. We also see a beautiful sampler, which must have been sewed by a child, Mary Johnson, in 1807. It is exquisitely embroidered.
  12. I have no doubt that, eventually, a way will be found to make cruising as safe as it can be. They have no choice but to do that if the industry is to survive. My issue was the statement that cruising is no more risky than going to a restaurant (said in the present tense) which is patently untrue for the multitude of reasons that I mentioned. As an aside John, as a fellow wheelchair ‘pilot’, how do you feel that the proposed measures will affect us? I would be concerned about suggestions such as one way corridors if they result in longer distances when servicing trolleys are out in force. I guess that lifts might be easier to come by as those who use them just to move a few decks may be more inclined to use the stairs?
  13. The difference is I can fit my family in one room yet they are going to penalize me and charge me for two rooms. I don't agree with that. That is my opinion. I am writing that is my opinion at the end of every post now in hopes the keyboard warriors will not attack me. It is not helping.
  14. Excellent this is what I thought . Just find it hard to believe Norwegian Cruise Line try to avoid honouring their contract and bully the guests. Very short sighted and my view is their business will be bought out of the ashes of the Covid-19 crisis. Lying and cheating is not great business practice and there is always a judgement day.
  15. Indeed, and yesterday the USA recorded the highest number of daily new cases which any country has had since the pandemic began....72,000 new cases, which will result in many more deaths as the virus continues to spiral out of control due to many ignoring appropriate safeguards.....unbelievable!
  16. I followed the David Abel saga and he blamed the cough on the dry air of the cabin. However, once tested he was positive, and, by the time he was admitted to hospital, had pneumonia. That would seem to indicate that he misdiagnosed himself... Love your posts, and thank you so much for the information you share with us all.
  17. I checked all the above with cmv. The deal for sailings up to end September....... You can cancel anytime up to seven days before departure and get a 100% voucher. However, if THEY CANCEL, then you get a 125% voucher. The opinion of the person I spoke to, ie. this is not in black and white, is that if the FCO advises against all cruise travel, then CMV will have to cancel the cruise(s), at which point you get the 125% voucher. You’d need to verify this. My next question is, what if you are denied boarding on the day because, say, you have a temperature? A lot of insurance companies are not covering this, so would cmv give you a 100% voucher in this case? I’m waiting for them to come back on that one. I will post their answer. Re. Waitlisted Ireland, apparently they only allocate ‘so many’ berths to them and save the rest for uk mainland. Which prompts some..... amusing considerations........ 😉 peter
  18. I don't know anything about egg prices in China. I do know it is impossible to write a fact like Carnival is a family cruise line or the sky is blue on these boards without being attacked by some keyboard warrior.
  19. I'm not looking for connecting cabins. I'm looking for cabins with connecting balconies. They will only open the dividers if the balconies connect. (Meaning that it won't obstruct one of the doors.) It looks like in all of the pictures that I've seen that instead of windows and doors, there are sliding glass doors. I asked our PVP if both panels will open and he said that there is a rumor that they will but he couldn't confirm it. If both do, that means that every divider could be opened.
  20. C'mon Seaman, we all thought you'd grudgingly accepted 2001 as the set sail again year!
  21. Me neither - I was on the Andy's wavelength with this one.
  22. Thanks for the comment. That sounds enticing and something we may consider booking for early next year or the spring, even though not booked on similar at present. We would want sometime ashore rather than mainly ship based though. What sort of options would you expect passengers to have ashore and at how many ports? Eu healthy Gateways Guidance mentions keeping people in Cohorts ashore, so restricting people to formal trips only (ship or country based) or some other restriction on movements when ashore sounds likely. Nothing being mentioned about that - but perhaps being avoided as could be considered bad news.
  23. At present, there is American Cruise Lines, and Blount Small Ship Adventures offering US flag coastal and river cruises. American Queen River Cruises offers Mississippi River cruises under US flag, and Viking is starting up a US flag operation on the Mississippi.
  24. As I said to the person in the supermarket " do you need to pick up all the bread". But it's wrapped. 🤔
  25. Yes, you will all board together as suite guests. Your C&A Diamond status will not matter. enjoy
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