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  2. 3Shelaghs

    Dubai Golf

    Many thanks Anne
  3. ggprincess2004

    Mistake to book Royal?

    Foodies should be happy on the Royal. Check as soon as you board to see if the Super Tuscan Wine Dinner will be offered during your sailing, at Sabatini's. We did that and enjoyed it very much. Also, Chef's Table Luminiere, as soon as you board, and or Winemaker's Dinner. The buffet area on the Royal was great, we are not usually buffet creatures, but there was tremendous variety and we found the quality to be quite high. There is also Alfredo's with the expanded menu. I think you made a great choice for a family of foodies. As far research, there are a ton of threads regarding what to do in Alaska, but with the new format I have no idea how easy it is to search anymore. I frankly have not tried. So, join your roll call. I will offer a suggestion or two - the flightseeing and salmon roast at Taku Glacier out of Juneau, offered by Princess, is exceptional. We have done it several times, it has been a true highlight. Our adult kids loved it too, as they did the Ketchikan based flightseeing and Crab Feast at George Inlet. If you fly in Juneau, you might a less expensive way to include the Crab Feast at George Inlet (foodies unite, the Dungeness is the best ever there), and you can take a bus ride, they combine with more options than just flight seeing. Again offered by Princess. You will not go wrong with either of these excursions, unless the flights are cancelled due to weather. (In Juneau, do your own brewery tour in case of really lousy weather, as our kids did.) And you are saying - but WHALEWATCHING - Whittier, they offer a long cruise where you are likely to see whales, seals, more glaciers, you name it. You might see whales close to the entrance of Glacier Bay (or not, but probably some adorable sea otters). Take binoculars with excellent optics for each person, and if you are thinking of upgrading the photography equipment, do it before you go. You won't be sorry. Layers, rainwear, warm gloves, scarf or hat ...you might not need the gloves or scarf, but if you do, you will be glad you packed them. Bon Voyage, our family cruises to Alaska have been some of the best trips.
  4. chengkp75

    Smoking is such a nuisance on cruise ships

    Uh, you do realize that SouthWest is smoke free due to federal regulations? So, while Muse may have been ahead of time, there is a regulatory aspect to airlines and smoking that doesn't exist with cruise ships.
  5. sparks1093

    To cruise or not to cruise,that is the question

    You could actually check both of them if you wanted. We like to keep one with us because it has our meds and important docs in them but if we had to we would check it at the pier.
  6. Hlitner

    Tender Unloading Accident on Maasdam

    There are some realities when it comes to tendering. Moving between a boat and ship or boat and dock always involves some risk. The crew on HAL does a fabulous job trying to keep the tenders hard against the dock and they always have a few strong guys who assist passengers. But HAL does attract many older passengers, many of which are not in the best of physical condition. One will often see many walkers and canes, not to mention scooters and wheelchairs, on longer HAL cruises. Many of these folks will go ashore in tenders and it can be painful just to watch them trying to get in and out of the boats...especially if conditions are anything less then perfect. Anyone who has spent time around smaller boats knows that the trick is carefully time your stepping in or out of the tender and then move very quickly. Those who hesitate or move veeeeerrrrry sloooowly simply increase the risk to their own safety. We have witnessed several tender injuries in our cruising life (no fatalities) and it is a very sad situation. Who can blame cruisers for wanting to go ashore...even if they are not as spry as in years past. This is a real lose-lose for the cruise lines. If they cancel tender operations in all but the most perfect conditions they are going to miss many ports. The cruisers will quickly complain (and some demand compensation). The staff can warn cruisers about tendering, but there are always going to be some folks who ignore the warnings and think they can handle it! And most experienced cruisers have tendered into ports only to find that conditions worsen (often unexpectedly) in the afternoon. At that point additional risks are taken to get folks back to the ship. Hank
  7. cathi007

    Smoking is such a nuisance on cruise ships

    Yeah it does suck that there is no smoking on balconies for smokers. When I was a smoker that was the biggest reason why I got a balcony room. I would gladly trade the casino for the balcony, but I'm probably in the minority. Sorry 😉
  8. jakesnana

    Tournaments in the Casino

    EXACTLY.... I have won my share of BJ and Slot tournaments on many different cruise lines and ALWAYS been paid in real chips or a check that could be cashed for cash at the cage.
  9. We've booked the Carnival excursion for horseback riding in St Maarten "Scenic Trail and Sea Ride", be there a few weeks from now. We've picked up a GoPro and I've got a way to body mount it to my chest. Yeah, still gonna be "bumpy" from the horse movements, but better than just purely handheld. Comments for the tour mention folks bringing their own cameras, and I've seen YouTube GoPro video of some kind of horseback riding in St Maarten, but I could not discern if it was this tour. Anyone taken a GoPro on this Carnival horse back tour? With a body-mount gimbal? My wife may hold the GoPro while me+horse go into water, and vice versa.
  10. purpleally

    Smoking is such a nuisance on cruise ships

    If you are smoking on a balcony and I can see it and/or smell it, I'm calling on you i did it several times on my last cruise. It is not fair to me to not be able to use my balcony because you are breaking the rules. Don't even get me started about the safety part!
  11. LOL Only real benefit is you can leave whenever you wish and your bags are segregated. We we plan on using Mobile Passport or Global Entry. I suspect will be easy clearance for US Passports. Heavy British passenger load.
  12. jakesnana

    Tournaments in the Casino

    It was the Celebrity Infinity and I will contact Celebrity HQ as advised. Thanks.
  13. nonnie&dgd

    CocoCay Beach Beds

    Keep checking for sales. Got mine for $125.
  14. BallFour4

    Carnival Vista Review

    Really liked your review, and I must agree with you on the descriptions. We were aboard the Vista a few weeks ago and after cruising on everything that's sailed from Galveston with a funnel or Viking Crown lounge the Vista didn't appeal to us. I thought the show lounge looked like a ballroom at a suburban Marriott. Those removable chairs are interesting to say the least. Here's a video I put together of my photos. https://www.dropbox.com/s/yilymwwdbplrses/Vista Tour 2018.mov?dl=0 .
  15. EastBay Cruisers

    Theater “Chair Savers”

    Often, the assistant cruise directors will walk through the theater, helping arriving passengers find seats and talking to passengers who are saving seats. They will ask them how many seats they are saving and how long they intend to save them. Generally, the rule is that the person saving the seats has 10 minutes to wait for his/her party to arrive, before the asst. cruise directors fill the seats. Usually, the conversation goes like this: Asst. Cruise Dir : "Good evening, how many seats are you saving, and when will your party arrive?" Guest - I"m saving 8 seats, and they just went to the bathroom ( gift shop, back to the cabin to change, to the bar, etc.). Asst. Cruise Dir. -- " Because the theatre is filling up so fast, and because so many are looking for seats, I'll give you 10 minutes to wait for your party. If they are not here in 10 minutes, then I'll seat other guests in these chairs." My policy for my family is: If we want to see the show, then we go early, and we each sit in our own seats. Leave plenty of time beforehand for the bathroom, going back to the cabin for a sweater, stopping by the cafe for a cookies, and so forth. Plan ahead and go early. For 8:00 pm shows on the largest Princess ships, such as Regal, Royal, Majestic, etc., plan to be in the theater about 45 mins. early for the best selection of seats. Have a great cruise, and please keep us updated. 🙂
  16. mysty

    Whispering Around The World 2019

    Thanks Turtle! Did you hear Myster's sigh of relief from Melbourne? 🙂
  17. Hoping for rain in the meantime. My husband and I are fortunate in one aspect: The only really significant potential impact (at least at this point!) would be not being able to board in Budapest. I did have a long talk with a Uniworld rep today and I'm feeling fairly comfortable that they have reasonably good contingency plans in place.
  18. tanyaewa

    Theater “Chair Savers”

    As always 2 sides to every story From another persepctive - We did a Pacific coastal cruise last May. It was three generations of family - three grandmas, their three daughters and their 3 teenage sons. What a wonderful opportunity to spend time together!! One night, we had an early dinner and planned to go to the show in the theatre. Magician I believe. On the way to the show there was an amazing impromptu performance of a Men’s Welsh choir in the atrium. The grandmothers were mesmerized and wanted to stay and watch. We knew we had to go get seats so most of our group 7/9 went ahead to get seats. I was shocked at the aggressive and rude behaviour of the guests who bombarded us with searing dirty looks and walked in - up to three minutes prior to the show and expected us to give up their seats that we had been holding for 45 minutes. When the two latecomers showed - with tears in their eyes at the magical performance they had just witnessed I had no heart to tell them how incredibly stressful it was to hold their seats. Shame on those entitled other cruisers who arrived after we did for making us feel badly for holding the seats
  19. JEH

    Theater “Chair Savers”

    It's a shame that seat saving seems to be more pronounced every year. Our strategy is to get to the theater early and read. To facilitate the early arrival ,we skip desert . It gives us an early arrival and a chance for a leisurely desert after the show.
  20. sidari

    Dummy booking for April 2019 vouchers are back

    The trouble is some of those responsible are from some of the lines you have mentioned, Celebrity/RCI and NCL, who seem to think it's the right direction to take MSC. On Tuesday a US travel agent took a booking for a sailing from Miami, on Wednesday it was cancelled when the customer's heard the Aurea they had booked had been downgraded! That was just one so far, how many more will follow.
  21. IrieBajan54

    Smoking is such a nuisance on cruise ships

    The Carnival Paradise is a bad comparison. One ship among many including the competition. I remember when a startup airline called Muse Air went head to head with Southwest Airlines. One of the amenities was "smoke free." It didn't work because SWA allowed smoking. Today, Southwest Airlines is smoke free. The Carnival Paradise like Muse Air was simply ahead of the times.
  22. E193 – Ocean View – two singles. Here you can see some of the decorations you can order ahead of time from carnival
  23. Have a fun cruise. We will be on the Enchantment for the first time in a couple of weeks. Is there a formal night on the 3 day cruise? Thanks Dave
  24. Three ships up in Moresby re APEC, Good business for Carnival Corporation. Mostly accom for journalists I think.
  25. Underwatr

    Cunard ships and LNG

    That's not an easy conversion.
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