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  2. Well that makes at least 3 parties on the same flight. Momof4 is on that flight as well. We all plan to do Golden Circle tour the next day too. We have freed up at least six slots on the Viking Golden Circle tour for fellow passengers. I hope we don't just end up sitting in a hotel lobby while we wait. I don't see how all of the listed hotels would have enough extra rooms for people to isolate in.
  3. But is that important on a cruise ship? Couldn't you just go to a circus? Graham - not a pop at you - you have cruised enough to make your own decisions, but I just don't understand why people need to be entertained in this way, apart, of course, from inflating fares!
  4. I came close to a fight with one attendant several decades ago since he didn’t want me to move a chair .
  5. Thank you for clarifying that!! I feel much better now.
  6. well, it is a small world afterall
  7. I will be the contrarian here because my spouse, who uses the sofa a great deal during a cruise, believes there is an enormous comfort difference between the two. We usually are in the B cabins.
  8. If that is what you want, then that is obviously the right cruise line for you. I don't want that sort of entertainment, so won't pay the higher fares that supports those sort of acts.
  9. God Bless Toby and the entire family. Our prayers are with you.
  10. This is what they show on the web site. I would have your TA contact Crystal if you need more details. It certainly is not the way it was when we left the ship in March of 2020. Keith CONTACTLESS DINING Crystal's peerless drinking and dining are still what they have always been—simply extraordinary. What will be different is the service, redesigned to preserve the elegance while minimizing person-to-person contact. We call this new experience "Contactless Dining." Dedicated tables for solo travelers wishing to dine
  11. I just read on the blog that Carnival is hoping to restart in the US WITHOUT requiring vaccinations
  12. I'll start with a little odyssey about me. I have spent at least one night in the outdoors in every state, province, and Canadian Territory. I was late to travel, never venturing more than about 200 miles from the lower 48 until 1991 at the age of 48. My first venture was an Alaska trip put together by a company my travel agent suggested that I was able to tailor a bit to my desires. The outline Fly to Seattle and Ketchikan MV Matanuska Ketchikan to Skagway (first ever overnight at sea) Rental Car to Fairbanks, Denali, and Anchorage Fly home from Anch
  13. I have used this email address to reach him in the past. I don't know if it will still work or not, but I'm happy to share it: levibaron@bumpiingtours.com
  14. That's the cost of a latte, if you don't have a coffee "card" or the drink pkg.
  15. A lot of places have custom masks you can buy. You saw my Barhop one. Friend bought a la mission on for $5.
  16. I just hope they don't change ships on us again...last October it changed from Freedom to Explorer.
  17. We have the card showing our vaccinations and emails from the state congratulating us on being fully vaccinated against COVID. Anyone who thinks they won’t need to show proof has not read the Cruise documentation.
  18. The blog is reporting that Carnival intends to start in the US in July WITHOUT requiring vaccinations Carnival Cruise Line President Christine Duffy said in an interview with NBC Nightly News the cruise line is working with the CDC to gain permission to restart sailings in July, which will carry no vaccine mandate for passengers in order to sail.
  19. I would think that requiring vaccinations would be easier. You show your card and if you lie about having been vaccinated, they could put something in the cruise contract to protect themselves and hold the person financially responsible if there is an outbreak. I would think this would deter people from lying. Also, it's a government document and I would think forging a government document would be against the law. Why would Carnival want to risk having everything shut down again? There are plenty of vaccinated people that can't wait to cruise. The cruise ships will fill up with vaccinat
  20. They also now have the Pacific Coastal on Bliss from Vancouver to LA as available (that one disappeared a while back - I was stalking it). Not sure how they will figure their way around that one, but if it's sailing then I will be on it!!!!
  21. I believe California just announced they are not lifting the mask mandate before their targeted reopen date of 6/15. At that time, it will be lifted (assuming nothing bad happens in the meantime). We're a pretty compliant group overall.
  22. Regular loungers on Labadee are plentiful and complementary. Many elect to tip the local attendant who brought the chair over, set it up and wiped it down. RCCL is not selling chairs and nickel and diming anyone. M
  23. Just shows we have similar tastes! I just don't understand why people want to go on a cruise, and then want to pretend they are in a park, or a circus, or an amusement park. And as for having a balcony overlooking a public space- just why? Having said that, if that is what some people want to do, so be it. As is well known, the last cruise I booked is on Azura in March 23, because the price outweighed my reservations about the size of the ship. However, the next cruise I book, for summer 2023 will be on Saga. No gimmicks, and I will feel that I am actually at sea.
  24. Mine build up quickly I have done only 5 all 7 days or under but all in suites and have 274 points , have a couple royal suites booked . But you really don’t need extra perks when you have a suite.
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