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  2. He just did it himself, via the portal. He didn't need to speak to anyone. I can understand why there might be some concern in a spoken conversation. I even told Jack that I would not be at all offended if he called my brother, just to be sure, even though we've known each other since high school, and he graduated with my brother in 1987. He joked that he wouldn't be calling my brother, but might call my sister-in-law!
  3. Not that it solves your delayed departure but you may find that the spirits certain bars don't have tonight are actually onboard but have not been re-stocked into all the various bar locations yet. We were on the NA mid-November and the first day some bars didn't have all the ingredients to make a Mojito but other bars did. By day two, that was resolved. Here's hoping you sailaway soon with your favorite libation in hand! Cheers!
  4. You can take a Princess transfer or Super Shuttle. We opted for Super Shuttle because we came in a day early. We took the Princess shuttle back to LAX. I'd never get into an Uber, and a taxi is very expensive. LAX is a nuightmare for taxis/Uber, etc. We came back from a Hawaii cruise on 12/4 and the traffic was horrible. Driver said the Uber cars were each going to get tickets for being in areas they're not suppose to be in. Super Shuttle was easy access for pickup. Took us 20 minutes to get to San Pedro.
  5. The airport is easy to get to but ships sometimes get stuck coming in late in the winter due to fog. I’m not sure how often that happens but I’d be nervous booking one that early.
  6. In 2017, the Muse was brand new and offered a slew of amenities the previous vessels did not, so that may be a reason why the ‘17 #’s were so much higher.
  7. We make a concerted effort to stay well hydrated with water Plain ole water We also eat in moderation and with all the food choices available it is really easy to eat healthy and yet in moderation We use the stairs as much as possible and walk, walk, walk. With the added exercise we don’t feel guilty if we overdo a meal. I usually lose a couple of pounds but have never gained.
  8. If you are staying with the Easy Package (as we did) you can take the beverages such as water / wine that you picked up from another Bar on your way to the Specialty Restaurant into the Specialty Restaurant.
  9. Sadly, I had to get the measles shot twice. I didn't have immunity, and the first one, apparently, didn't take. So I had the titer test to see if I was immune, I wasn't, so I got the shot. And years later, I was tested again, still no immunity, so another shot.
  10. Again, unless you know the chef involved I’m not sure you can judge their level of control. And we have found after a lot of cruises, even our “favorite” chefs are not overall consistent.
  11. Ok Cath, I have gained at least 10 pounds on line with food porn! 😱 WOW I want the foie and filet and I would be a happy camper with escargot!! I couldn’t eat all that food. Hope your trip is relaxing. Denise😊
  12. Hi, I asked our TA to only make a $500 payment using our DD's Amex card in order to meet the terms of the offer. The TA is an Amex rep agency and uses the portal. So I'm guessing (though you didn't say it explicitly) that there was no question back from Princess to your TA asking for any additional info on the paying card holder?
  13. You sure that is the reason he stopped smiling?😁
  14. So what I'm beginning to understand is that the "select house wines" won't appear on the menu at all, but are available. I suspect the chardonnays available will be along the lines of La Terrible or Turning Stomach. But hey, they'll get you relaxed. This is my first time on MSC. I've figured out that on Royal/Celebrity, the wine you get with your package (no matter what package you have) is whatever they have open.
  15. My in laws felt that way. They were wrong Of course YMMV
  16. Many TAs dont know much, the cruise I used my Bar ID included Willis Island which is in International waters and is used to qualify for Duty Free. Territorial waters is only 20 kms and anything outside that is considered International waters, so it would be a rare cruise that didn’t cross that line, even Exclusive Economic Zone is about 350 kms and man domestic cruises go that far out if they need to kill time or avoid rough weather
  17. Not once have I been asked morning or Afternoon without the both as a third option. We have even been chastised for selecting evening, as opposed to both, go figure.
  18. As a malignant melanoma survivor, I LOVE this! Shade over a pool!!!
  19. I have not asked too much from cabins stewards. Butlers are a different story.
  20. Just popping in to say that I truly appreciate respectful interchanges such as this one. Message boards can be rather unpleasant places sometimes. This exchange makes me feel better about humanity than I did earlier today.
  21. The most common reason for cancellation of excursions seems to be not reaching the required minimum numbers. That may be due to lack of interest or that they are considered too expensive, or perhaps some do take notice of the mild, moderate and strenuous labels and book accordingly. Perhaps also, with large numbers of first time cruisers recently, they may be more interested in local exploration of the port. Just because an excursion is labelled as strenuous does not seem to deter many unfit people from booking those tours, to the detriment of others, as the pace of each tour is that of the slowest in the group, on more than one occasion resulting in a very few minutes at a site the group should have been able to enjoy for much longer. Strangely, some tours are cancelled before sailing date. Understandably, some tours are cancelled due to political unrest, as happened recently in October.
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