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  2. Wrong forum. Move to Botany Bay thread please. No Kirribilli Ave in Lombok. 😉
  3. So just because you don't eat in the dining room for dinner a few nights, does that mean you're not going to eat anywhere on the ship ever at all for the entire week? Because that's where your tips go -- to the buffet workers, to the Cafe Promenade workers, to the dining room staff at breakfast and lunch, and also to the cabin stewards. Stop thinking of your daily gratuities as just being a tip to your dinner waiter/assistant waiter and start thinking of it as a tip to virtually every single staff member who makes your cruise a wonderful vacation. It's a lot easier to just pay the auto-grat on your bill at the end of the week versus carrying around cash to tip every single worker you see.
  4. We don’t usually get a balcony but haven’t found it difficult to find space on deck, usually on a lower deck like a promenade. Most people head to the top decks where it can be crowded. Many of the ships that do glacier sailings rotate while at a glacier such as Margerie in Glacier Bay so being on a balcony only gives you temporary views and photo ops. Getting early morning or late evening shots will be a trick since you won’t be near any glaciers at those times or they will be at quite a distance. If those glacier opportunities are important you might consider UnCruise or Alaskan Dream who actually overnight in Glacier Bay giving plenty of opportunities for what you seek.
  5. I am looking to rent a car and wanted to know what time to drop it off and get onto the ship, for Armonia out of Miami. Can anyone advise what the earliest time we can get onboard please? We sail in March. Thanks in advance!
  6. Yes, it was usually a morning activity on the sports court.
  7. Looks like it has moved about 1000 ft, out of the dry dock. I'm on 7 March cruise, and leaving UK on 14 February, so I am hoping it is now heading back to the Galapagos.
  8. Cruising and diving. Very big thank you. NOw I "get it" 🙂
  9. When we have done this we received (2) $100 credits. In the past, when a B to B was also offered as a "collector" segment, we have done the math for each way to book to figure out which way was to our advantage.
  10. On Disembarkation you disembark at any time you wish up until about 9:15. Your luggage is segregated and available at the same time general disembarkation begins. On other class ships the Retreat Concierge escort you to the security area but on Edge the Retreat is so far up that they don't do this. On our cruise we were in the Retreat and they directed us to the forward elevator and we went down to the disembarkation deck and left the ship with no delays.
  11. We booked the same on the Veendam in November, two 7 day cruises. our OBC was $125/ cruise Barbara
  12. Time to buy options? Time to take advantage who bailed out of the stock?
  13. anyone used the RC app to check in and get their SetSail pass?? if you do, can you also get a paper SetSail? Thanks
  14. Radisson Edwardian in. Leicester square has charm, is central , near the tube, theatres, Trafalgar square. Another good choice is at Seven dials, the Radisson blu ,nearer to Covent garden However small rooms.. Really depends what's on your to do list on these 3 days, how mobile you are, what age you are, and how busy you want to make these days. Do you want to do history, iconic buildings, theatres ? I would say that your to do list is the key, few London hotels are the corporate blocks in the states, most central London hotels have history and also very variable types of room, most much smaller than is standard in the USA. Also AC is not generally included , also most UK hotels include breakfast and are not room only. So how are you considering food?
  15. Check in with suites, can eat in the suite restaurant, goodies, etc. Some will say they don't get anything, but unlike a group who each one said there weren't any perks, but when they did a group trip in their review they said they made X the organizer, so she could check in with them and eat in the suite restaurant, since she was the only one in a non-suite cabin.
  16. Thanks! But, it is still very confusing. It looks like with these repurchased direct tickets you have to be there FOR your timed entry? And it doesn't seem to say which tickets include which areas, or a tour guide? We are thinking of arranging with one of the main Rome tour guide companies, and should then have a smaller group, preferred entry, etc. It seems that you can do tours that include the underground, OR tours that include the very upper levels. But, not both. Maybe because the amount of walking, stairs, time, would be prohibitive. I am thinking we would prefer the view from the very upper levels. I have watched a very nice and informative video (by Roman Guy). And that view is what impressed me. So I am hoping that the expense, time, and stairs would be worth it.
  17. Only vessels up to 300 metres. Celebrity Solstice being 315 metres long misses out.
  18. Lots of the cruising is done from dinner into the night, so plenty of time is built in to get to the next port by morning. But that’s why the extra noise can be a problem (folks on lowest deck and at rear may hear it while trying to sleep).
  19. Do any of these cabins have the bed located by the balcony?
  20. Once we started doing suites, we found it hard to go back. The one thing I don’t like is the location of the Sky Suites on the S Class Ships (with the exception of Reflection). They are either under the cafeteria or the aft. Our butlers have been magicians in knowing what we want before we know it. The really suite experience starts with the Celebrity Suite, especially with the separate bedroom and the shore concierge. FYI. When we did the Royal Suite and Celebrity Suite, I drove a 10+ year old Ford.
  21. Here's what I found by "Googling" Here are the locations for the Miracle: Name: Launderettes Location: Riviera Deck 1 - midship / across from 1219 Main Deck 4 - aft / across from 4230 Upper Deck 5 - aft / across from 5270 Empress Deck 6 - forward / across from 6102 Verandah Deck 7 - midship / across from 7267 Hours: hours posted on the door to the Laundry Function: Self-Service Launderette 2 or 3 washers 2 or 3 dryers 1 iron and ironing board Vending machines dispense small boxes of detergent and water softener You could certainly bring your own powder----but we found it easier to bring "pods" and throw it in. Also a couple of softener sheets rather than liquid.
  22. My wife and I both have 366 cruise nights on RCL, and 400 more on Carnival. We live in Florida, and have access to so many ports. We are both really burned out on Caribbean cruises. We have been there and done that in the Caribbean. We pretty much now only enjoy longer cruises, and generally once per year do trans-atlantic cruises.
  23. My 15-year-old son did the ice cream class on the Panorama, and he enjoyed it! He wanted to do sushi, but by the time I remembered to book the class online, sushi was sold out 😞 Class took about an hour and 15 minutes, and he got a complimentary spatula to keep. The only downside was that the class was at 3:00pm, so he was still full when dinnertime rolled around! 😉
  24. I could see the room grats possibly catching someone who is new to cruising by surprise, they show up after embarkation, but not a prepaid drink gratuity...
  25. Can't believe I am getting into this, but... Waves has rye bread, it has butter, it has cheese for the burgers. Slap cheese between two slices of rye, butter and grill it like the reuben, and voila. Now perhaps OP won't eat rye bread, or perhaps he didn't given them a suggestion on how to make it. If I want something, I just tell them how to make it from what I perceive they have on hand, and they do it, happily. I ask for the surf & turf on a regular bun (not cibatta) with some of the truffle sauce from the wagyu burger, nothing else on it, and they have no problem making it, and I am happy.
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