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  2. We booked an H6 on deck nine of the Bliss. This is the video that I found of the balcony of our stateroom. The balcony looks very nice.
  3. Here are the lists. You then have to call to make your wishes known. https://dlxffu6hwewxp.cloudfront.net/cas/wp-content/uploads/2018/08/18063159_CAS_MemberBonus_Amenity_List_v3.pdf
  4. its a facinating process with so many variables , we booked 8 months prior, IX and got allocated IE almost immediately and way before final payment - there seems to be no logic in how they allocate its very interesting
  5. Indeed...with only a number of game winners when the prices are down to "normal".
  6. I was just amazed that Regent gave a $7500 pp for Florida to PPT, leaving so little to pay for their cruise. But, having done 2 PG cruises to French Polynesia, and 1 Regent cruise to Alaska, I am much happier being on the PG than the small (750 passenger), older Regent ships. The newer Regent ships are too big for us. I just got a Jet Blue Visa with 50000 bonus points so our flights to LAX next April should be covered. I'm sure you'll love the Paul Gauguin. It's our favorite.
  7. voljeep


    uh, no ? as to free with the full suites ..
  8. I would drop into the GE office when you’re at the airport to see if they have time to see you. I did that, one time, when there was a processing error with my GE, tied to my NEXUS, and they saw me with about a 5 minute wait. After seeing this thread I remembered I needed to update my new drivers license information. When I logged in I saw I am due to renew again. The last renewal my husband got approved and I got called for another interview. I hope I can get approved without an interview this time. Except they’re moving to facial recognition, now, so I may not be so lucky. I always seem to get the grouchy ones.
  9. Because it keeps it handy. And it doesn't fall out of my pocket in the pool or hot tub. Or I may not even have any pockets.
  10. Our cruise is ending in Port Everglades and the time for disembarkation is 8:00AM. There is a flight i would like to take out of Miami at 12h15. Is it too tight? First time I have a cruise disembarking so late. Thanks.
  11. We love Blu and are excited with the latest promotion we were able to upgrade to Aqua for our Equinox cruise next year. This is our first sailing on a Solstice class ship. What is the Blu restaurant like on Equinox? On Constellation/Summit it always had lots of window seats and was fairly well sized. On EDGE, I don't remember many (any?) window seats and it seemed small in comparison. Not complaining, just an observation! We've always enjoyed a nice view out the window of the sun setting during our dinners in Blu on Constellation and Summit.
  12. We've had land vacations on several of the Caribbean islands that we first saw as port visits on a cruise. We have firm plans for a return to Thailand for a month as a result of our last cruise. Singapore and Vietnam are further in the future. That cruise was a B2B on Celebrity Constellation- 29 days with the turnaround port being Singapore. We had 4 days in Abu Dhabi pre cruise (I'd return to the UAE in a heartbeat) and 4 days in Shanghai at the end (more than enough for us).
  13. That's the very definition of micromanagement. Expect your TA do their job without the hand-holding. You're creating your own frustration.
  14. And the prices on ChoiceAir make it worth investigating, too. Our one-way flights back from a TA to Rome would have cost us over $4,000 through the airline; we got them for under $700 through ChoiceAir. And you can use it to fly in advance of your cruise.
  15. From what I've read the AC isn't controlled by that. Have you had an otherwise experience?
  16. That's always been the case in the casino bar.
  17. Thanks. Yes, this is the same as the process that RCI has been using (at least on its mega-ships) for years. If you don't upload your own photo, or if for some reason it's not acceptable, they'll take your photo at the pier. On RCI from what I could see from others around us (we'd uploaded our own photos) that took about one second -- their pier agents all had iPads and used their cameras to take the photos. Not sure how Celebrity is set up right now. We went ahead and did our check in for the Summit on line a few days ago, and uploaded our photos. Our Xpress Passes, which we can print of course, were also showing in the app as soon as we'd completed the check in process. Answering my own questions in my original post, there did not seem to be any advantage or disadvantage to checking in on line; it seems that the "expedited arrival" is related to whether or not you've uploaded your own photos. In any event, we've never waited an undue amount of time to board. (I hope I haven't just jinxed us! 🤣)
  18. Hell, even the Diamond list has port on it. I'll bet that you can get it in any bar on the ship. (or almost any bar)
  19. I wear a lanyard on the ship most of the time. But not off the ship. But the same with my work badge. It is supposed to be tucked away outside the building. But yes, most tourists look like tourists.
  20. pauon


    We book a suite or buy it everytime, not worth the risk of loud children or adults, chair hogs, etc.... To each his own.
  21. Great to see so many contributing with candid views on their experience I suspect having the Travel Agents gala on board this cruise did make a difference, and not always a positive one. We had a similar experience with a large private tour Bridge Group on Symphony which took out the Galaxy theatre each day disrupting the lecture program delivery (moved to Starlight which is not ideal for lectures) - fortunately that was the only element disrupted by the group Opinions on what is often the same experience such as a show or even a particular table or dish will vary so don’t be put off - best to try these things for ones self
  22. I was shocked to find we get a better shipboard lounge than the Haven does. We (studios) get the fanciest coffee maker, all day iced water and juice on tap, pastries, fruit, cookies, tea, etc.
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