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  2. We have transferred our May 21 cruise to end Aug 21 hoping there's more chance than May if not looking like going ahead will change to next May
  3. For comparison purposes, I can confirm that I am currently a volunteer in the over-70's cohort of the Oxford/AZ vaccine trial. I was jabbed initially back in August 2020 with the follow-up jab in September. We had monthly appointments thereafter with blood samples taken each time. So I am presuming that they will have been assessing antibody levels at each time point. After the visit in December the appointment schedule went to 3 months and I have a date in March 2021 for the next visit. All the above has now been somewhat complicated by the fact that I received my NHS letter durin
  4. There's a few "hot" exceptions,me,you and Ben Shephard.
  5. This made me laugh this morning, I phoned my parents and my dad had had a telephone consultation on Friday for his bad knee. I asked I’d she’d prescribed a steroid injection - no they were going to try exercises first. I asked if he’d done his exercises this morning- not yet but my mum has done them 😂😂
  6. @SusieQft I think that I am a little over cautious. Because we have been more or less Covid free since the end of April we have enjoyed the freedoms that many haven’t. However, as of yesterday, we now have 4 new cases apparently from nowhere. The island is now in lockdown until things are under control again. So 10 cases in a population of say 62 thousand as of yesterday. We now have to look forward to those freedoms again and, more importantly, the freedom to cruise.
  7. Apparently their approval of the Oxford vaccine will not be before month end. Pfizer have warned them of delayed delivery , but not to UK, some countries are suing Pfizer and some are importing the Russian vaccine against EU rules. Not a Rosey picture. As you say not interested in the politics but their performance is a useful benchmark.
  8. Strange that you seem to be the one most frequently banging on about the same thing but complaining about others. You have your view. Others have theirs. And that includes women.
  9. There are a few reports from Israel about the effectiveness of the Pfizer vaccine in over 60s that have been vaccinated. Looks very promising, now where are my cruise brochures?😉
  10. Sounds good except that a US maritime law forces the Canada stop, so likely the cruise would be cancelled. In fact, all HAL Alaska cruises would be cancelled under this, so I am passing on the offer.
  11. Have you tried the trick of using a tea light under an inverted shallow flowerpot, with the water container positioned over the hole & benefitting from the tiny amount of heat? Don’t know if it works - it sounds possible There’s an invention waiting to be invented there - something battery driven to produce enough heat the keep the birds’ water liquid. Or the chemical reaction process found in pocket hand warmers?
  12. Be fair Andy, the deer ate some of Michelle's plants, but helped fertilise them for the coming year as payment💩😁 Avril
  13. We were going to the Canaries in April, but have moved it to Minorca in September. Canada and Alaska in June looks iffy, but we don't need to decide for 3 months yet. Being positive, tinged with a degree of realism works for us. Sitting on the couch and blaming everybody else and thinking about the old days , doesn't achieve much. We have been looking at the he Caribbean for next winter. Must be over by then...... surely 🤔. Forgot Iona at the end of August.
  14. We're all "weather" reporters,my guess for the short term is wind and rain,followed by(april)calmer sunny times ahead.Our neighbours tend to agree and share our realistic optimism.
  15. If I were a crew member, and to maintain the Dads' Army theme suggested by Bloodaxe, the opening sentence would alert me to the fact this is nothing more than a 'let's keep the troops motivated' from a good Captain who has admitted his information level is the same as everyone else!
  16. The itineraries looks really amazing for that price, and Barbados in itself seems like an awesome destination (hopefully they will lift the isolation requirement if you've been vaccinated). Me and my girlfriend can't decide between the 7 Night deep southern Caribbean cruise and the 7 Night Southern Caribbean Explorer itinerary. We are mostly looking for nice beaches, but would like at least one stop with a beautiful jungle/rainforest hiking trail and preferably one stop with something else adventurous, like kayaking or snorkeling. Shopping, cuisine and strolling in towns is not on
  17. I participated in a semi-organized swim at Deception Island, Antarctica. That was an EXTREMELY refreshing body of water (-1C, 31F; seawater doesn’t freeze until about -2C). Unfortunately no warm Caribbean breezes to be found. Towels did a reasonable job of drying your body, but having to ride the tender back to the ship with a frozen swimsuit was miserable. I have indeed participated in nudist events elsewhere and sure wish this had been one. Swimming in Antarctica is off my bucket list, presumably never to be repeated. (The last words I heard before entering the water was my DW saying “You do
  18. The deputy chair of the committee that provided the advice to delay the second dose was on the News this morning. He said the Pfizer vaccine was the same technology as the Moderna vaccine and that has been tested with a longer second dose time line. So they are assuming the Pfizer will be the same. The strap line being trotted out in the UK is, if you have two grandparents, would you rather only vaccinate one and leave one at risk or give a level of protection to both of them. Think the big problem with the 12 week wait, is supply and already the Government is talking about 12 weeks will be de
  19. I love your enthusiasm zap. I’m looking at June/July . Things were relatively ‘normal’ last summer, at least for day trips. Already moved my September cruise to June 22, too much stress!
  20. We have 2 UK breaks booked. We hope they go, but made sure the deposit was refundable. May is possibly a doubt, but June should be fine. All over by then, surely. If not out to Minorca in September. All over by then.....🤔
  21. They are massive things and yes very gentle. They come over to the fence when you pass (expecting apples). I don't know what purpose they serve on the farm but they are beauties.
  22. One advantage of being retired to counter the negative of being older!
  23. Indeed, and if anyone dared to cough now they would find themselves immediately in a 20 metre and rapidly expanding 'single bubble'! 😂
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