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  2. smarks


    Thanks everybody for all the help. I think there will be plenty for me to munch on. Just one more question. Are there drink stations somewhere. Like for a glass of tea (sorry, I'm from the US and drink ice tea) or lemonade, hot chocolate or just a glass of ice water free of charge. Also, can I order water for my cabin or ginger ale. Thanks you guys. You have been very helpful. Sandra
  3. Grburkart

    Emerald A750

    I’ll be on the Emerald leaving Barcelona on October 13- November 4. Will we be shipmates? My room is #D415 Glenn
  4. swelch

    New England/Canada cruise questions

    Thank you SO MUCH! Very helpful for packing and being prepared for any weather. What an adventure this may turn out to be! Hopefully no hurricanes. The rest I can handle!
  5. cheeseclan

    What if we misis the boat

    Princess will not allow you to book an EZ air flight that gets in that late on embarkation day. They have flight guidelines for arrivals and departures.
  6. I am grateful for all the guidance. Based on your collective input, I'm inclined to go with SPB Tours. They offer packages that encompass almost all the other ports of call on our cruise. I was particularly struck by the negative reviews I read on TripAdvisor.com. First, that there were so few of them. And secondly, SPB took all of the complaints seriously and, it appears, bent over backwards in each case to make things right. Thanks to you all!
  7. Thank you for the helpful information Terrysko2000. I’ll make sure I apply sunscreen. -Ginny
  8. BirdTravels

    sdp upcharge, yes i tried to search

    Pincho's on the Escape is a great deals with the SDP  And the Raw Bar on the Getaway/Breakaway is another great deal with an SDP (all you can eat lobster) 
  9. I avoid cabins directly under the pool deck due to the possibility of noise from above.
  10. I’ve never been told a specific value, they always say it depends on the cruise I select etc. But 2 times I used one and upgraded to the Haven it took about $2000 off the listed NCL site price.
  11. Thank you Anzore! I hope you’re having a great time on the Grand. It looks like I’m going to pack more than i thought. Which day did you hit Baja? Also, who is your Cruise Director? Can you share what movies they are showing on MUTS? -Ginny
  12. does deck 14 have those under bars from being up towards the top outside the balcony?
  13. jelayne

    Is it just the Celebrity Board?

    Been having difficulty since yesterday but only with tge Celebrity board, all others are responding normally.
  14. cruizinbabe

    Seaside Question for Recent Cruisers

    Thank you for your help. I am most frustrated by the inability to find a concrete answer. I see many many people reference this per cabin zip line on these boards and elsewhere, but can't find it anywhere on MSC's official channels. $50 a cabin is going to be much more doable for a family of 4 then $10 per ride.
  15. talltyson

    How long does it really take to tender in Cabo?

    Just one reason we are booking an excursion in Cabo. The Pirate Ship is the same price, regardless if you book on website or through Princess. It also leaves one hour after we stop to tender, so i know we will get off first. Another reason to book excursions through the cruise line, if there are any issues during the tour, the boat won't leave you. If you use a 3rd party, you are on your own. And i've been there, with Celebrity, on my phone speaking to their 800 hotline in PV, , they said you better hurry or meet us at the next stop, which was Acapulco (this was 12 years ago when it was safer). Don't be those people on the last tender, we actually watch from our balcony, even on port, for the late people, its a fun tradition, as its happen to me and my family a few times, we like cheering these folks back on the boat!
  16. I was concerned about flight times with 9 ships in port (24,000 passengers off and 24,000 on that day), so we did a four hour history/boat tour and were delivered to the airport at 1 PM for our 3PM flights. It was interesting. And regarding the luggage straps--we've used strips of fabric usually bright orange or some odd color, tie them to the luggage handle and cut them off leaving a 4 or 5" tail. Super easy to find all our luggage--and occasionally find all the family bags grouped together.
  17. myolite

    Worried about "W" suite guarantee

    I'm doomed. 😉 I booked a Suite Gty for a cruise 727 days from now. And knowing me, I will log in every day to check.
  18. Host Jazzbeau

    Rhine water levels 2019 and similar topics

    It's like 'Whack-A-Mole' – as soon as you finish counting, they've built some more!
  19. Katie: Our butler told us she would get us a table and leave it in our suite all week if we plan to have room service. She said unfortunately they don't have enough for everyone, but they do have some. I didn't take one since we have so many other places to try this week. With our lounger and the rocker, we are happy! Love this suite! 🙂 We are trying to decide on a booking or two for tomorrow ... See you at the cabin crawl - this could be very interesting! 😉
  20. MargoK

    Majestic Princess Club Class Dining

    Deck 6 right hand side of tte Concerto Dining. Current Head Waiter Nathan is amazing.
  21. Can you tell us which deck you are on? Loving the view from your balcony.
  22. Shidah

    Not Happy with Liquor Up Charges

    To the OP, wasn’t questioning the fact you had the conversation, but I like to see things in print rather than rely on a he said she said scenario before I believe anything. Don’t know, might not be such a bad deal. Includes water, but I get that in the casino already. Sparkling water may be nice though. Where do they have specialty coffees on board? I don’t drink coffee on board as much as home really, I start the morning with mimosas and don’t look back. Same with fresh juice, can you get that with room service? I’m still happy with the choices that are still under 15 (never a headache with Tito’s can’t say the same for Grey Goose). I really wouldn’t need the new upgrade but on vacation I tend to buy things just because they are available. Still would be hard drinking 29 dollars worth of sparkling water and fresh juice.
  23. Heidi13

    The Witterings of a Cruise Ship Reader

    Noticed the screen name as well. My guess is the grand old liner SS Canberra. A fine ship, but I preferred Oriana.
  24. I hope you will be able to continue as we are enjoying your review 🙂 Cruise Critic site is definitely having problems on the major forums.....very frustrating!
  25. GottaKnowWhen

    Millennium Revolution -

    Wow! It comes with a hat!?!
  26. cheeseclan

    Luggage and Passports - First Timer

    We always take a copy of the passport with us and leave originals in safe when in Europe. But if the cruise line says you need to bring the actual passport with you like in Russia, just bring it. I have a crossbody bag that I use and my friend takes a money belt to store them in.
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