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  2. My attempts through the US site differ a bit from what driller gave us above. I get the same first page, but when I enter the data requested, I land on the new page for My Voyage (or whatever it's actual name is). However, other than the voyage information (ship, date, destination), no other data on our booking, no cabin number, dining preference, etc. My personal data (name, contact info, passport no., etc.) are there, but World Club status is not. With a summer sailing date, I can allow them a little time to work it out, but not forever.
  3. I noticed a big improvement over our May cruise on the Royal. I signed into Medallion Net on my phone and computer very easily and often times, it worked faster on my phone. I didn't try ordering anything from it though and I understand that's where a lot of people are experiencing problems. Maybe it'll get better with time as they work out the problems.
  4. How many people does it take to make a pizza!? 😉
  5. This is a good deal. Beats paying full price for the beverage package.
  6. First thanks... Second tone matters... I did not catch that or see that page so thanks for the help.
  7. I was on the Regal last week and have posted a thread about my problems. Some minor hiccups with the Medallion itself, but major problems with the apps. It took until the evening of day 3 with multiple trips to Ocean Now and the Internet Cafe before I was able to access the apps.
  8. You should ask on the West Coast Departures board. Plenty of airport hotels, but none will have a complimentary shuttle to the cruise port.
  9. I did get tickets for the Polynesian cultural center and a luau that evening. I think seeing Pearl Harbor is a good ideal! Wonder where I could store our bags? I thought about renting a car mainly to store our luggage, but there are none available on that day. I know I’m asking a lot but it sure would be nice to be able to shower and change clothes before getting on the long flight home. We don’t get back to Dallas till 3:00pm!
  10. It's the strangest thing. For years on this board everyone has bemoaned the lackluster HAL production shows. Now all of a sudden once they are (largely) gone, seems like folks are coming out of the woodwork that actually enjoyed them. <smh>
  11. I am going to the adult comedy show thirsday and will report back. Pool decks- I have been impressed with the availability of chairs. We have on both days had time in one of the cabanas on the ship which is nice because my wife had the charge her phone today and they all have ports. (Tip, on boarding day if you get on early get a cabana on the north side so you have a better view) Movies so far have been elf, blinded by the light, spiderman, homecoming, and I think angry birds 2. Soft serve- I have tried both vanilla swirl and chocolate swirl. Waited no more than a minute and the server is quick. I like that people dont get their dirty hands on it. Gym- I thought is had plenty of space, machines, towels, sanitizing wipes, classes, and was great. Better than any hotel gym I have been to. Arcade- this was a disappointment with amount of games and prices. Room- we went interior and with the promenade view. I wouldn't recommend this for a family if you have kids that go to bed early. 1st night they had loud music until midnight. ( not a problem for us) You cant hear the bar or people normally, but the music performances are loud. The room has been clean and the attendant was great. He even offered my wife to borrow a personal iPhone charger since she left hers on the plane. Fyi - you cant buy and iphone charger on the ship, just android. Nassau. she bought on at the grocery store for 7 dollars.
  12. Hi girls, he said to massage the area---without any lotions or anything. So, I will do that and he also prescribed a new anti biotic. He did not seem alarmed and did tell me sometimes after surgery the area can feel hard. The whole thing with breast tissue...….maybe my body is just taking its time to heal up. Hoping over the next few days everything starts to go back to normal. Thank you all for the kind words and positive thoughts.
  13. Since I have been unable to find much information on this, I'm asking you cruisers with experience on the Meraviglia: How do you deal with the lack of storage space in these suites? Is there room, someplace in the suites, to place an additional hanging clothes rack? Just for background, we will be on a 17 night sailing, with 10 days touring prior. We can only go so light without having to clean clothes every other day or so..... Thanks for any suggestions!
  14. Is Dr. E still the CD on the Pride? If so, do NOT miss any of the shows that he does in the Atrium. (I recall he did a Motown and an '80's show). He is hilarious! The comedy shows depend on the talent. We've been on the Pride twice and the comedy shows were pitiful. 88 Keys is a good production show.
  15. In a suite twice but not on the European cruises.
  16. Kmcub, are you sailing on Seaside on January 18? (You noted 37 days til sailing.) That will be the second week of our B2B. Nice to know there will be like-minded people aboard! Are you on your roll call? Meet & greet?
  17. Mine's working now too. Just checked it about 20 mins ago and was working right.... surprise!
  18. Looks like you had a great day, weather-wise, in Skagway and you took some excellent pictures! 😃 Heather
  19. Now that is a very curious description - the ex-fiance part.....
  20. I'd do it again too just for the photo opportunity! Not to mention the pancakes I had.......
  21. Hope everything went ok for you today, Lois. :)
  22. This page literally calls out SnapChat and Instagram in the Social Media package description - https://www.ncl.com/onboard-packages/internet-packages
  23. Don't worry. Celebrity won't intentionally serve you something that will make you sick.
  24. I’ve read through just about every post on here and I’ve seen conflicting answers but I’m going to guess that we have to stick with assigned dining because no one mentioned doing otherwise in their reviews.
  25. I just booked the Rhapsody 7 night on October 9, 2021. It will work well prior to the Celebrity Reflection TA on Oct 22. Both have Refundable deposits. Still waiting for the Odyssey release, but now it looks as if that release won't be until next week. My hold on the cabin of my choice on the Rhapsody at the Cyber Monday sale price was running out today. We really want to do a Greek Island cruise prior to the TA. Sailing out of Venice is ideal for us. The 6 days between cruises gives us a chance to get in both Venice and Rome. Both cities we have yet to explore. The peek we had at the Odyssey itinerary was intriguing, although the price seemed rather high. We also have no idea if the dates would work. So, I guess we wait another week!
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