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  2. Mostly fine, some intermittent connections last two days as we got more Northerly on Northbound vancouver to Whittier.
  3. I'm booked on Encore in December and it shows it to be A La Carte like La Cucina...
  4. Discounting happens because the cabins aren't selling and it's not limited to insides. Seems to me that Royal Up is for closer in sales and one way RCI has figured out how to get around their commitment of not heavily discounting inside 30 days.
  5. We are on the Getaway in November in the Haven we always book a suite if they let non Haven quests in it will be are last cruise on NCL.
  6. They didn't OWE them anything. Contract says no adjustments after final payment. Whatever they got was a gift. GEEZE!
  7. I am more of a newbie than OP. Am I right in thinking one needs a smartphone to use Uber? Can't do with a regular phone? Could our hotel book Uber for us?
  8. Best to edit your comment as above or likewise otherwise the whole thread will be removed.
  9. A lot of people that post on CC and stay in the Haven come off as rich and snobby... Even on Facebook groups for NCL, Haven guess often come off as entitled thinking they are better than the rest of the cruise line passengers and owed something...
  10. Thanks for the information. I’ve added this to the spreadsheet. https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1pEoojQ5-EPmD4cI3gw1dVcYfYTXfZePdDXxU09l0H3M I’m not sure your LCV level made any difference. You’ll see on the spreadsheet that many successful bids were made by ‘Adventurers”. Money seems to talk louder than loyalty!
  11. OP -- So sorry to hear that you've had such a run of bad luck, recently. It was very nice of you to take the time to post about your positive results with X's customer service department. Hoping that things go better for you, and the the future finds you back out on the high seas, once more! 💐 (BTW -- loved the John Lennon quote -- truly, words to live by!)
  12. We have never done this so far. May be boarding later than our usual 11 AM next time. What is the typical menu, please? And I believe they serve from 12-1:30?
  13. Lois, we will arrive in Milan on 8/2 and then board the Countess on 8/4. I think we will be on the second sailing when she comes out from repairs. We sailed on her on this itinerary in August of 2017 - absolutely loved it! Doug
  14. When were the thermal spa pools saltwater? Been sailing with NCL since 2011 and not once found a salt water pool.
  15. We were told that on our most recent O cruise. One day I forgot to unplug my electric shaver. The attendants didn't unplug it but I made sure to comply with the rules for the remainder of the cruise.
  16. Discounting inside cabin for someone who hasn't booked yet isn't the same topic as discounting a higher category cabin for someone who wants to upgrade.
  17. I don't see it listed anywhere online or on the app. Is there anywhere I can see this info without having to contact my TA?
  18. I'm not happy about this at all...but holy crap...that is true! One of the reasons I avoid the Getaway/Breakaway for future booking is because of the teeny-tiny restaurant. There are a ton of Haven cabins and all it would take is for one or two tables to be taken up by non-Haven guests during prime dinner times for Haven guests to have to wait. I honestly think that people who regularly sail the Haven need to let NCL know how they feel. There was enough backlash a few years ago to stop them from selling the Haven benefits to non-Haven people. Maybe it can be done again.
  19. @h_blond2 posted them on her review. I'll be posting mine in 70 days.
  20. You might get a better response on the Alaska ports of call board.
  21. we do the same research, well ahead of time.
  22. Did you do this trip in the end?
  23. Thanks so much for your replies 😃
  24. Great info about how Oceania handles a box wine-with dignity-by presenting the wine in a carafe. Their goal seems to be to make every diner feel comfortable. Hopefully, fellow passengers will follow their lead. I like to buy a moderately priced wine in port if we are in a wine producing area and bring it to the dining room. Very cost effective and fun. Mary
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