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  2. I've always fared very well with GTY verandahs and because I quite often travel solo the extra savings which most times is $200 plus is a welcome bonus.
  3. We always wait until they are making last call. Its usually around 9:30 am. We eat in the buffet and then just sit and wait and wait until we get kicked off. So much easier finding luggage and the lines through customs are almost empty. So easy and restful.
  4. I also want to thank you for sharing your eeperieeence on Edge with us. My next Edge cruise is on May 4, 2020, but the time goes by so fast that it will be here very soon.
  5. This occurred 2 days ago. There is an existing thread which for some reason has been closed. It’s an ongoing issue with many still unaccounted for and those who’ve died have not been identified.
  6. The question is whether or not the machines are internet connected to connect to the service where your preferences are stored.
  7. There is already a post on this, though I believe it has been locked.
  8. Dessert time! I had the cheese plate and creme brulee, plus an irish coffee.
  9. jka


    Just booked with Bruno. Thanks for the tip!!
  10. Hello @Stevanb. We apologize for the challenge you had on your MedallionClass voyage. Because what you've outlined here is inconsistent with the way our on board teams should address any device concerns, we'd like to learn more about your specific experience. Would you mind contacting us directly at AskOceanMedallion@carnival.com so we could learn more?
  11. Thanks for your positive comments on Harmony. We're very much looking forward to our upcoming sailing.... with the exception of the elevator situation.
  12. Upper level MDR on NS is available on halfacts. Check it out.
  13. Hi Terry, nice photos. Had to go back to the Dr today. Thought I had felt some hardness around the incision area and didn't know if that was normal. So, went to see him this morning and he said that can be normal but to take an open palm and massage the area. He also put me on a new anti biotic. Hoping for more improvement over the next few days. But he didn't seem alarmed so I won't either. And at least the soreness seems to be lessening quite a bit now.
  14. Hurry Up and Wait -the usual thing. Chill out and relax until you're among the last to disembark. Get staff/crew to help with the wheelchair!! You should have already made mention of the wheelchair thing when booking -if not, do so now - 'Special Needs'
  15. Thanks for asking this question as I was wondering too.
  16. Given all of the negativity in the posts in the four weeks leading up to the cruise, why are you surprised?? Setting oneself up for failure usually becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy!
  17. As well as horrific burns there are major lung problems from breathing poisonous gasses.
  18. I noticed a big improvement over our May cruise on the Royal. I signed into Medallion Net on my phone and computer very easily and often times, it worked faster on my phone. I didn't try ordering anything from it though and I understand that's where a lot of people are experiencing problems. Maybe it'll get better with time as they work out the problems.
  19. My attempts through the US site differ a bit from what eroller gave us above. I get the same first page, but when I enter the data requested, I land on the new page for My Voyage (or whatever its actual name is). However, other than the voyage information (ship, date, destination), no other data on our booking, no cabin number, dining preference, etc. My personal data (name, contact info, passport no., etc.) are there, but World Club status is not. With a summer sailing date, I can allow them a little time to work it out, but not forever.
  20. How many people does it take to make a pizza!? 😉
  21. This is a good deal. Beats paying full price for the beverage package.
  22. First thanks... Second tone matters... I did not catch that or see that page so thanks for the help.
  23. I was on the Regal last week and have posted a thread about my problems. Some minor hiccups with the Medallion itself, but major problems with the apps. It took until the evening of day 3 with multiple trips to Ocean Now and the Internet Cafe before I was able to access the apps.
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