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  2. CoolOne56

    Table for 8

    Our table for 11 was like the one on the left.
  3. Essiesmom

    Celebrity Solstice - sofa bed question

    It is the size of a standard twin, perhaps a bit narrower but not shorter. EM
  4. pris993

    Government Shutdown

    I have not hear of cancelled flights? I live near San Francisco Airport... am I missing something. I am a former Federal employee, don't think this should be an issue, airports will be staff with essential workers... go to the airport early to allow extra time.
  5. Nymich

    New TV commercial

    Yes this HAL commercial supports the fact imo that it really is not for children.
  6. You would still see the service charge on your bill. It does not go away. And you should not be alarmed when you see it. You would also see at the very bottom of your bill "Entertainment at Sea Tier Benefit" with a credit equal to the sum of all services charges on your cruise. For example, if you pulled a $1000 twice, you would see a charge for $1000 with an accompanying charge for $30 twice on your bill. And at the bottom of your bill, you would see the "Entertainment at Sea Tier Benefit" credit for $60.
  7. While walking around Key West this afternoon we saw two rattan loungers out at the curb that weren't in really terrible condition. One even had wheels, and I thought seriously about dragging it back to the Edge to make a point that loungers are needed and expected. It was dark brown, so it would really violate Kelly Hoppen's colo(u)r scheme – maybe that would get their attention!
  8. rojaan19

    The Wind ... 2019 ...

    Stumblefoot -- thats not a bet - its a given !!!! 😡
  9. My DH has "decorated" our suitcases with wide strips of tape. It's very easy to find them.
  10. don't-use-real-name

    Site seems a bit wankish

    Since I refuse to pull my AD BLOCKER - I guess that I will have to put up with S-L--O---W response connect time. I get this ERROR page frequently and after waiting a few minutes a reconnect attempt usually establishes the connection. xxxxx An error occurred (500 Error) We're sorry, but a temporary technical error has occurred which means we cannot display this site right now. MySQL server has gone away You can try again by clicking the button below, or try again later. Try again xxxxx Frequently the site takes around a minute to load - longer with threads with many posts/replies. Seems like it is forever spooling (loading). The CC index page loads OK - it is only this NCL page that is the problem. As one poster noted it is not the NCL.com site. My TA's site only shuts down in the wee hours adjusting inventory etc.
  11. CoolOne56

    Table for 8

    It was sized for 8.
  12. Host Jazzbeau

    Millennium Revolution -

    Hat nothing, it comes with a free camera!
  13. Good point that it is grey - it does go very well. Sounds like there is a lot of talk about this onboard and on up.
  14. cr8tiv1

    What if we misis the boat

    martincath description is spot on. That's a lot of pre-planning and additional costs for missing your cruise. Please return to your thread and answer some of the questions such as where are you flying in from.

    Current Concierges continued discussion

    Willie Salaja left for vacation on Jan 18,2019! His new assignments will be on Marinarer, starting March 24!
  16. Heidi13

    Which Cruise dock

    Princess Ships always use the World Cruise Centre. Pier 46/Outer Berth down by the breakwater is an overflow berth used by Viking and other newer companies.
  17. searoses

    First Time Cruiser - A few questions

    Im just skimming here but i did not see any mention if insurance....if you are going to bermuda and grand turk in sept you need good insurance at the height of hurricane season .....insuremytrip.com is a good place to start
  18. WOW! Great vid and report..thanks for that. I can imagine being in that tiny boat with the Solstice looming in..terrifying!
  19. cheeseclan

    What if we misis the boat

    Glenn I agree but it sounds like the OP made this on his own. I was just saying it could not have been booked with Princess.
  20. BirdTravels

    First time with SDP - A ?

    The SDP is non-transferable. You do NOT have 10 SDP credits. Passenger 1 has 5 meals and Passenger 2 has 5 meals. Each person "pays" for their own meals at the end of the dinner. While you sometimes will find a sympathetic waiter who will charge out your kids meals, that is very obvious every time you dine from that point forward since the restaurant hosts/managers will be checking to see how many meals you have used (and will see the double charge at Cagney's). It is worth a try. Or the better solution is to buy your kids a 3-meal package and take them along for 3 of your 5 meals.
  21. cheeseclan

    Government Shutdown

    Like others have said if this is still going in in April we are all screwed but mostly the workers who are not getting paid!!!! The TSA and air traffic controllers will shut everything down before then . They can only go for so long without $$$. Soon they will all say we need paying jobs. Airlines and cruise lines are also getting vocal. The USCG is also unpaid and there are food banks all over the US to help them. Disgraceful that it has come to this. Sorry I digress but my DS is USCG!!! i would not cancel your cruise now. See what happens!
  22. hcat, our friends have an S1 on 7 and they say that they can't see or hear Eden and their balcony is very private. They love it there! They are about 3 cabins over from where you will be, I believe. 🙂
  23. GeezerCouple

    Cruising in India

    For the future, after you book a cruise (while the deposit is still refundable or actually before you make the actual booking), you might want to check about visas, and also about CDC required or recommended vaccines (also US State Department alerts) so you know IF there will be any such issues. These could change, obviously, but they don't tend to change frequently. GC
  24. cruisepsycho

    San Juan Embarkation

    Per cruise documents we will indeed be leaving from the old San Juan Cruise terminal. Much easier for everyone.
  25. Grburkart

    What if we misis the boat

    Fair enough but they may have alternate flights with more suitable times. Glenn
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