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  2. Unfortunately, I don't think there's anything you can do, at this point, except maybe ask politely for a partial refund in the form of onboard credits (OBC's). I think NCL sometimes does that for customers. Another thing I would ask for is may be an upgrade in cabin (e.g. from inside to balcony), particularly if the price of the new cabin is currently lower than what you paid. Lastly, like you, I didn't use a TA the first time I booked a cruise (which also happened to be NCL). I am certain that I missed out on price drops because I booked very early and never bothered to check the price again later. That being said, I had a blast on the cruise, and have booked over a dozen cruises, since. However, I learned a lesson - (1) to always book with a TA (usually CostcoTravel), and (2) keep checking for price drops and persistently call my TA's to get price adjustments. It's usually pretty fast with Costcotravel; I think they must have a direct line because their hold times with NCL are pretty short.
  3. I just came across this thread. I sailed with my parents and brother on a 10-day Caribbean cruise on the Leonardo in summer 1974. My parents had a huge cabin on Upper Deck and my brother and I were relegated to an indoor, bunk bed room below the waterline on C Deck at the opposite end of the ship. I remember my mother arguing with the dining room maitre 'd because my parents were assigned a table in the "first class" dining room, and since my brother & I were down in C Deck steerage-class, we were assigned a table in the "lesser cabin class" dining room. All worked out and we were reassigned as a "family traveling together" to the first class dining room with my parents. We were onboard on the way back to NYC when President Nixon resigned from office. The ship was off the Virginia coast and the captain maneuvered the ship closer to land so that a land-based television signal could be picked-up. At least half the ship was crowded around the lone television set in one of the lounges, trying to watch Nixon's resignation speech. We were booked for another Caribbean cruise in summer 1975 on the Raffaello, but unfortunately, Italian Line withdrew both Raffaello and Michelangelo before our sailing date. We subsequently sailed many times with Home Lines and Sitmar, until they, too, ceased to exist. Happy memories!
  4. No return ticket, you pay for a one way ticket that is valid for 1 hour. Ticket machines are available at Oceankaj. Yes you take bus 25 to Nørreport and then take the metro 1 stop to Kongens Nytorv. The trains are heading for Lufthavnen or Vestamager. And most stores will be open.
  5. It has been some time since I sailed on Royal Caribbean, Adventure of the Seas, but the last time my family sailed my son and son-in-law had 2 entrees at every dinner and was never charged extra.
  6. Not sure why the type got so big. So who would you tip? And how much? Supplement their income Lolol. You have no idea about the service industry. When you go to a resturant do you tip your server? Well that server takes part of that tip and splits it with the other people that help him succeed. The bus person , dishwasher, sometimes the cook. Depending on the establishment. So you do you. And I’ll go my route. 🇺🇸
  7. Greetings, Motorcycle GMA and all the other wonderful posters here, David, and Suzi, and more. So helpful and encouraging. We have just booked the Celebrity Solstice for the April 2021 GBR cruise. I am beyond excited and happy to have such a great experience on the horizon. Cindi, interested in your comment about the air flight. My DH and I flew to Inchon (Seoul) from LAX a couple of years ago - 13 hours. We were pleasantly surprised by the relative comfort of the Airbus A380 we were on, even though we were in the lowest class. No doubt you have already booked flights, but just in case , I recommend it - we were on Korean Air. I am going to look for the same type of air plane to go to Sydney. My husband is also not in the best of health and I want to get us there in as best shape as possible. Once again, thanks to all of you and happy future travels!
  8. The gangway is stored on that side. Really not a big issue. Unless you look down you would not notice it. Only negative keeps you from throwing water balloons on people walking on the promenade below. 🙂
  9. Cruised both . Regal hands down . Epic poor layout , crowded (especially bars), weird cabin bathrooms , reservations for shows . Like Princess and NCL for their different Cruise experiences but not the Epic . After they built the Epic , NCL , thankfully , broke the mold . 👍
  10. For my main I ordered the jerk pork loin, and apparently nothing else. I think I may have forgotten to take a picture. One entree does not seem likely lol. This was very good. Dessert menu. I ordered the baked Alaska. This was also very good. Just like the rest of the week, dinner service was very good and I was out in under an hour. The food was also very good once again.
  11. Are you interested in selling any?
  12. Women can wear whatever they want. IE: men, no muscle shirts/baseball hats in the DR. women, no problem
  13. Ok, let's do the math....I don't know which category you booked I I'm looking at a B2 for a comparison Basic booking, no air, no perks $10,749 or $21,498 for two With perks add $700 pp or $11,449 or $22,898 for two With perks and air $12,499 or $24,998 for two You are paying for your own perks, let's get that out of the way. You pay $700 and get $700 back. Or switch for some tours. Keep in mind when looking for air, if you want the Premium Economy you add $149 pp each way. If you want to arrive the day before you cruise leaves or the day after or pick your own flights, that's going to cost you $175 pp. I also don't think Vegas is an included Hub so another $99. This all adds up to make being in control of your own air a much more viable option. I also booked today, and absolutely took the cheapest price with no add ons.
  14. Sailing on independence this weekend. Looks like you can’t book Grease or the ice skating shows ; or can you? If not, how much of a scramble is it? How early would I need to turn up to get four adjacent seats? thank you for your time and help!
  15. Well I was always going, I didn't have control over the unforeseen emergency. The money is gone regardless of if I go or stay home as well. So I don't agree with your logic. But thank you for the input.
  16. Thank you! So did you like the room? Or if you had it to do over again would you pick a normally sized cabin with a larger balcony?
  17. No, keeps you out of trouble, hopefully not spending money needlessly.
  18. Hello I have sailed on Cunard about 40 times on various ships. Just returned from and Eastbound and Westbound Queen Mary 2 crossings which included the Fashion week and the ballet voyage. Since the refit of the QM2, the Carinthia lounge has been wildly popular. At lunch time there is always musical entertainment. IN the evening there is always musical entertainment. Perhaps Cunard can schedule more involved production shows in the this space the budget allowing to give passengers another choice for after dinner entertainment beyond the strings or harpist etc. As far as the Queens Room is concerned it was my impression that it was usually packed with dancers in the evening, various parties and various activities during the day such as dance lessons and line dancing. And of course, afternoon tea including the once a voyage tea dance. With respect to cutbacks there have been a few but none that seriously detracts from the experience. I did notice that the string group has been reduced from four to three musicians but that was to make room for an additional singer with the Queens Room Orchestra. I have noticed that the type of music played by the orchestra has been updated a bit and as a result the room seems to attract more patrons. And the orchestra and singers are amazing!!! And its fun to dance in there. While there have been some minor cutbacks such as no more ink pens (Replaced by pencils.), they have returned the complimentary biscuits and pastries in Sir Samuels. The canapes in the various lounges pre-dinner have declined in quality but to me no big deal.. I have been generally pleased with the food and choice of offerings and the service is excellent generally. I have found over the years that it is always possible to order off the menu within reason. My red line is if Cunard began to cut back on the musicians. It is all the live music that keeps the Queen Mary 2 so special and keeps me coming back. And it is clear that the special programming Cunard is famous for continues such as fashion week and ballet. NO cutbacks there! Finally, it is so clear that without Carnival there would no more Cunard Line and no Queen Mary 2. Be well. Deck Chair
  19. IMO......There is no justification for removing any auto tip, children or otherwise. You cannot tip behind the scenes crew with cash. So if the auto tip is removed they will be screwed out of their portion.
  20. Excellent and thanks again Penn State 66' - very much appreciated, will book accordingly.
  21. Hi have looked up on google and on this forum and have tried all the discounts suggested but nothing for after Easter this year; has anyone got a working code for AB parking Southampton please? Thanks !
  22. That's correct. Not sure why it's public space in front of the middle cabins while you had a balcony. Was your balcony door on the side rather than the front? Roy
  23. The rest of my afternoon was spent packing (boo) and relaxing in the room. The Platinum and Diamond reunion was also this afternoon. Before I knew it it was time for dinner. Tonight's dinner menu. For my starter I ordered the escargot. These have gotten very tiny since they returned but still very yummy.
  24. I can't imagine you would need permission. I would say maybe Maltings or shakers where you could put a couple tables together. We did this in February on a family Carnival cruise as a place to gather pre-dinner. Staff was amused.
  25. You want to make sure they give you a room with tables. We were able to book a meeting room on the Getaway that was across from the library. Playing LRC on the floor is not fun for old knees. The bar area between Cagney's and Moderno is pretty quiet during the day, and you wouldn't be right out in public. Keith, LRC is Left, Right, Center. A game played with 3 dice and 3 $1 bills. They knew we were playing for money and no one seemed to care. I thought we'd get shut down for competing with the casino!
  26. Discovery 2 has been stationary for a least 5 hours south of Genoa I have been following the TUI ships on Marine Traffic as usual and it would appear she has stopped sailing Has anyone heard anything?
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