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  2. We are interested in a couple of segments. We can’t take the full WC because we both have relatives that are up there in age and one living in assisted living also our aging dog. Family always comes first. It’s a crap shoot even doing segments.
  3. Congratulations to you first timers. We too are elite with celebrity and tried our first crystal cruise 2 years ago. While we would still sail celebrity...first choice is crystal. This year we sailed oceania as crystal is very limited with only 2 ocean vessels. We enjoyed our cruise on O and met very nice people...but it was no where near our experience on crystal. First choice still crystal. we just booked our third sailing on crystal. This time on symphony. Both prior sailings on serenity. Im so excited...i could pass for a first timer. have a wonderful cruise eileen
  4. I can imagine being on board. It would be a grand adventure you could tell all your friends about. Variety isn't the space of life, danger is.
  5. And as your link mentions Hurtigren runs a ferry service along the Norwegian coast every winter. did Hurtigren cancel any services?I can find no evidence that they did but plenty of reviews of voyages this month on them. I have been in 3 Force 12 gales in ships much smaller than the Viking Sky.Obviously I survived.The problem is why did the engines fail.
  6. I agree! It’s never worked well for me, even with Premium. Waste of money.
  7. I have been watching this thread for quite awhile and it seems way too premature to start casting aspersions in any direction. When the dust settles the questions will be addressed by experts. It would be best if all of the “armchair quarterbacks” here direct their energy in a more constructive direction rather than second guessing the decisions that were made by people who have far more education and experience.
  8. Aah, that makes sense. Thank you for sharing.
  9. Good morning, from Key West! Does anyone know how to say “hungover” in French? Wait, I’m getting ahead of myself. First let me report on dinner in Murano last night: The chef’s palette cleanser was a chilled pear soup with bacon and bleu cheese. For my appetizer I had the braised pork belly and then had the Dover sole Veronique for the main course. The pork belly had good flavor but it was WAY over cooked. The meat was slightly dry (which it takes a while to get to when cooking pork) and the crispy skin that, in my opinion, makes a pork belly entree was so hard I couldn’t even cut through it with a steak knife. The Dover sole was very good. As has become my practice with Celebrity, I asked for the sauce on the side rather than poured over the fish. It’s been a rare occurrence for me for any of the sauces to actually add to the flavor of the meat and once again I found this to be true. Normally at Murano I get the lobster and Jeremy gets the duck and we share. I don’t think the sole really beat out either of those dishes for me, but it was a very good, much lighter, option! The restaurant manager and somolier both made a point of checking on me several times and I ended up having a nice conversation with a couple from LA siting at the table next to mine during most of my first course. So far, solo specialty dining hasn’t left me feeling awkward at all. I ordered a pre-dessert espresso and it came with a little plate of sweets. My first thought on seeing it was “I don’t need these sweets with a cheese course and dessert still coming!” My second thought was “OMG is that a tiny little macaroon and a piece of dark chocolate? Yes please!!!” For dessert I had the Grand Marnier soufflé. When it came to the table I had a National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation moment and thought “if this tastes half as good as it looks, I’m in for a REAL treat.” And what a treat it was. I was decently full after that, but there’s only so many times in life that an American girl with a mortgage and student loan debt is going to be offered a cheese cart, so I decided to indulge in a couple of small pieces. After dinner I had a couple of cocktails in the Ensemble Lounge listening to the Equinox Orchestra and Starlight Duo. Next report: Late Night on the Equinox (aka why Charla would sell her soul for an ice cold Sprite and a Tylenol this morning).
  10. Hopefully someone at TUI will pick up our feelings regarding matters like this - sure they must read Cruise Critic if only to see what customers feel.
  11. We exchanged $600 even though our tour guide accepted US $. This was plenty to cover tips, lunch, cigars and souvenirs .
  12. Let's just make this "brain dead simple". If you leave your house, have your passport with you! "Papers, please?" 😀
  13. If I understand it correctly, it was the COMBINATION of bad weather AND no engine power, that caused the dramatic situation. Rough seas along the Norwegian coast (especially during the winter) is a very common thing, and usually does NOT cause any serious situations like this. I see that several here on CC are «pointing fingers» regarding the situation and the decisions made on board by the captain – but the majority of reports from passengers who were on board are actually the opposite, they are praising both the captain and the crew that handled everything in an excellent manner when in a very bad situation.
  14. Hi Lois just want to make a suggestion. You never know what the traffic will be going from your hotel to the theater. For a 7;00 pm performance the doors open at 6:30. Then there’s the ladies restroom situation in NYC theaters 😱 always a very long line. We find it less stressful to get to the immediate vicinity of the theater and eat there. Nothing worse than worrying you’re going to miss the show. Plenty of places to grab a quick bite. Enjoy!
  15. They still do paper fun times. Several times there has been polls here and elsewhere about doing away with paper. And overwhelmingly the response each and every time is to keep the paper fun times.
  16. We stayed at Hotel Arc La Rambla. It is in the very center just on Las Ramblas and not far away from the port
  17. Surely unusual not to know where on Crete you might go given that the island is very big (largest in Greece) and there are a number of potential towns where you could be docked or tendered probably on either the east or the west coast. I suggest you contact the company and ask them.
  18. AMAZING PICS, this could have ended so much worse.
  19. 34 days and its not available online to book.
  20. I may have overbooked our stay in Lyon. We have the morning planned with Viking doing their panorama tour of the city and the afternoon the optional excursion to the medieval city of Perouges. I may cancel the morning one so we have time to do our own thing.
  21. Every cruise line will try to scare their passengers to force them to take the ship excursions (shameful but true). YOU DO NOT HAVE TO TAKE A SHIP EXCURSION. Many passengers take private excursions without any repercussions. Ignore their plea and do what you want and enjoy
  22. This is scary. You want to think that ships can handle rough seas, not cause them to lose engines. Without engines can't stop ship from running into something and sinking. Seems like they can't use the lifeboats so that's scary too. One hopes if it did hit something lifeboats would be able to be utilized.
  23. Re: Pool Lift A review from a TA who sailed the Edge said: " I did not personally get an opportunity to use the main pool or the smaller pool in the solarium. I also did not see the main pool lift installed, but I know they have one and you can make arrangements to use it with advance notice for the main pool. " I did see a picture of the main pool lift in place a few months ago, but didn't see it in late January. I guess that's because it will only be installed when requested. Her review had some interesting points, though as a TA she was quite positive and forgiving. I will post the link in one of the accessibility threads since it would be off topic here. 🙂
  24. You can petition, but why would they do that?
  25. Loved the color palette of the Edge, the relaxing Retreat Lounge, the roomy Sky Suite bathroom, the overall design of the theater (even though it was too small to accomodate the 9:00 show), entertaining/personable Captain, the long tables facing window in OceanView Cafe, Luminae, Chef's Market Discovery Tour in Cozumel Didn't like: had issues with special needs disability requests, mediocre butler, expensive shops, theater too small, Deal or No Deal, The Club was too dark and dreary, no special events for suite guests or in the Retreat (except a singer one night), weird production shows
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