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  • Norwegian Cruise Line Meet & Mingle

    Join Cruise Critic members who have chatted with one another on our Norwegian Cruise Line community prior to their cruise. You've interacted with each other for weeks, months...some of you for years! Cruise lines appreciate and recognize your loyalty and want to make your cruise vacation special. Don't pass on an opportunity to meet each other. You'll be glad you did!
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    Meet & Mingle Party on board Norwegian Jewel May 2019 by Corprolite

  • How to Set Up Your Norwegian (NCL) Meet & Mingle

    Meet & Mingle Online Before Your Cruise
    Join the discussions on the Norwegian Cruise Line ROLL CALL Forums before your cruise. Find out who you'll be sailing with, make new friends and perhaps even share a shore excursion or two!

    Download and print our Meet & Mingle Nametags.
    For more fun, download a Meet & Mingle Doorsign!
    If You Sign Up, GO!
    The information below has been compiled from our Norwegian Cruise Line Forum, and is based upon individual experiences by members. We appreciate the generosity of Norwegian in setting up these gatherings as they recognize the loyalty of Cruise Critic members. However, it should not be expected that each ship will offer the same amenities, or anything at all. Remember, too, that paid groups on board may take precedence over non-paid groups, and there are often many groups on board vying for the same space.

    All of the above said, let's get started with the party planning!

    1) Before contacting anyone at Norwegian, your first step should be to poll everyone on your ROLL CALL to see if they are interested in attending a Meet & Mingle on your cruise. It would be helpful to consider your daily itinerary, and obtain a general consensus as to when our fellow cruisers would be most likely to attend. More than likely someone has been keeping a general who-is-sailing list on the ROLL CALL throughout its duration. Keeping this listing fresh encourages others to continue to participate and to join in on the fun! Please make sure your efforts are coordinated so that only ONE person from each sailing is contacting the cruise line. Common senses says, if multiple people contact Norwegian over and over for the same sailing, at some point they'll just turn their hands up and say "enough"! Please only one person should be the contact -- and don't fight over who it should be please. We'll be happy to mediate if necessary; don't let it get to that point!

    2) Once you have determined that there is enough interest, you should contact the Norwegian Group Events Coordinator for your ship about 2 to 3 weeks before your sailing. The email address is:

    SpecialeventsSHIPNAME@ncl.com. Simply replace SHIPNAME with your ship name (Dawn, Gem, Jewel, etc).

    For Pride of America, use this email address: specialeventsamerica@ncl.com.

    Include the Sail Date in the subject line of your email. Request your Meet & Mingle, supply them with an estimated number of attendees and include your booking reservation ID number.

    The Special Events Coordinator will then contact the ship for space approval and get back to you with the date/time/location of your Meet & Mingle, usually within two weeks.

    3) If you are so inclined, it would be a nice touch to create a personalized invitation to the event that you deliver yourself. You may want to ask ROLL CALL participants to contact you with their names & cabin numbers. You should consider creating an email address for this purpose (yahoo or Gmail are good choices) since you will be posting this email on the boards.

    We know there were SO MANY choices on board it is easy to see how it would be tempting to skip the Meet & Mingle, but DON'T! You'll be pleasantly surprised by how much effort is put into these gatherings by the staff on board. Make it worth THEIR while, too. They truly want to meet you (and you can get a few nice pics with them, too!). Also, don't sign up just so a party will be held. It is disappointing to members, as well as the staff on board, to have only a few show up -- when they were anticipating a crowd.
    Don't Sit -- Mingle!
    We cannot stress this enough. You won't have a good time if you just park yourself in a chair. There is no entertainment other than each other. Get up, walk around, and mingle with your new friends.
    When You Return From Your Cruise, Don't Forget to Share
    Before the memories fade, be sure and share your Meet & Mingle experience right here with everyone on the Norwegian Cruise Line Forum.

    Upload your Meet and Mingle photos to our Meet & Mingle album and your photo could be chosen as a featured photo of the week! Winners receive some cool Cruise Critic Swag. Upload your photo here: Meet & Mingle Photo Album! Everyone loves to see pictures of community members, and you'll be able to share firsthand just how much fun your Meet & Mingle can be.

    Need Help? Write to: Meet_and_Mingle@cruisecritic.com
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