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  1. Kenato, thank you for your report on Voledam! It was of particular interest because we'll be onboard in early January for her S. America Grand and have not sailed on her previously . David
  2. Lyndihop, not sure what type of safety issues have you concerned. DW and I were on the Zuiderdam for this summer's VOV. Safety of the passengers was certainly the top priority for the captain. So, I had no problem with his decisions to skip two ports and leave another early. The deteriorating weather conditions at those ports were obvious. At times, the ship's whistle was used as a fog horn while the atmosphere looked like soup. As far as safety in the various ports, we had no reason for concern. We walked the villages in Greenland and Iceland including a two hour walk each way from the ship to downtown Reykjavik. There are a few port differences for 2020. Our only Norwegian port was Bergen (again no safety problem). Instead of Amsterdam, our Dutch port was Rotterdam where longtime Dutch friends met us and commented how Amsterdam has become overcrowded with tourists in their view. Am I addressing your thoughts? I hope so. Davi
  3. Pchamb3, we were on this year's VOV for the entire cruise, and we live in S. FL. Rather than large, winter coats, several layers of clothing (light jackets, sweatshirts, sweaters) was a good idea because the weather was so changeable, on several days even from hour to hour! Wearing layers allowed for easy changes to mostly match conditions. Also a good idea to have rain gear of some kind. We had yellow rain slickers but have since purchased light, waterproof jackets, pants and boots online for Patagonia and the Antarctic. And, I agree, about also having gloves and hats. It's amazing how cold it is up there with temps in the 40s and humid conditions during their "summertime." David
  4. I have to agree. The sloth is adorable!
  5. Many thanks, FatCat04! (And belated thanks to POA 1). The instructions were quite clear, but it took three or four installation attempts before the server cooperated and the icon finally showed up in the signature space as it was supposed to do first time. I had better save POA 1's image URLs in case an icon needs to be reinstalled sometime in the future. David
  6. After repeatedly trying the CC search function without success, I thought I should simply ask how to find and add a HAL star mariner icon to the forum signature now that we've just reached 4 star? I have seen instruction notes in the past but can seem to bring one up now. Thanks for the help, David
  7. Interested in gift ideas to pack for two ports on the Jan. 5 Grand S. America RT. One is Boca da Valeria, Brazil where indigenous village children take pass by the hand, and crew members have delivered gifts (food, drinks, toys, clothes) in the past. The other is the Embera Village tour from Fuerte Amador, Panama. I would be interested to know what sort of gifts you may have taken and/or what type gifts you may have seen others deliver. David
  8. We are booked on the Zuiderdam for the Voyage of the Vikings at the end of this month. With five currencies used on this itinerary (six with Canadian $), suggestions for take-along funds from recent VOV cruisers would be appreciated. Thanks, David
  9. RuthC--Thank you for answering my question about Amsterdam's library! David
  10. Yesterday afternoon decided to see what's up on CC, since I hadn't looked for awhile, and saw this thread. It didn't take a long conversation with my DW to lead to us booking the whole trip this morning RT FLL (J cat. 5,000 down). The quick decision was no doubt sparked by our very enjoyable first long cruise last year (Grand Med./Africa) on Prinsendam. Loved the ship and itinerary. Jacqui--while I haven't been to Ceuta to compare, we really enjoyed the Souk El Had (Sunday Market) in Agadir and look forward to another visit. Quick question--Is there still a library on the Amsterdam? Haven't sailed on her, but have read a little about what has been done in the Crow's Nest to several ships. Can we look forward to something akin to the library on Prinsendam? I'm guessing Amsterdam must have a decent library, since she's used for World Voyages. David
  11. Dixiecharlie-- Last April we were on the Prinsendam for a Med/Africa Grand Voyage that included ports in The Gambia and Senegal. Both countries advise Yellow Fever vaccinations, and as I recall, Gambia requires them. HAL told me that even deciding not to get off the ship there would not avoid a country's vaccination requirement. That is, we would not be allowed to board the ship at the start of the cruise. Then I learned that the U.S. has basically run out of this vaccine and that another med is being used as a substitute. Finally, I learned from HAL that a letter from a doctor stating that this vaccination is not medically appropriate for this person would be honored. That's what we did, and our letters were honored by HAL. By the way, I learned that this vaccination can cause medical problems with some folks. David
  12. A couple changes for this cruise by Holland America; first, the ship won't be the Rotterdam, instead it will be the Zuiderdam. More recently, when I was checking HAL's EXC shore excursions, I saw the Norwegian port of Bergen listed while it had previously been Stavanger, Norway. The other recent itinerary changes HAL made were switching around the dates for the Reykjavik overnight port call and two other ports in Iceland.
  13. There was one other TA cruise RT from Ft. Lauderdale along with the Atlantic Adventure (can't recall that other one's name), but we weren't ready. When we were ready, they were no more. Happily we found the Med/Africa Grand in Mar. of this year. It was 54 days, RT from FTL on the Prinsendam, our first trip longer than 2 wks., and it was great! I recall being told by HAL on the phone that U.S. RT TAs would be happening each year, but that proved not to be so. David
  14. I imagine the reason I found the ship, dates and itinerary for the 2020 Grand S. America & Antarctic on the HAL website is that I logged in under Already booked, selected that cruise (where I discovered my new code for the booking) and then Manage my Booking. That's where I clicked on itinerary (upper left of that page) and got the itinerary. The info may only be available at this time for folks who pre-booked. David
  15. Of the total 77-day S. America in 2020, four days on that itinerary are labelled "Antarctic Experience."
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