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  1. SteelMagnolia9

    Opinions on ships....

    I was on the American Spirit on the Puget Sound & San Juan Islands cruise in September 2018. It’s a small ship (possibly the smallest ACL ship). Perfect, though, for navigating the waters around Puget Sound & San Juan Islands. There were 71 passengers onboard and I think I met and talked with everyone.
  2. I, along with a friend, am booked on the American Constitution for October 2019. We selected this ship as it is new, with a few more public spaces/lounges. 175 passengers. I’ve been on the American Star twice on two different itineraries and enjoyed it, it is smaller and older with less passengers than the Constitution. The price point for the Hudson River cruise on the Star is a bit lower. That is always a plus. I’ve not been on the Indepence, so can’t comment on it beyond what is stated on the ACL website.
  3. Difficult question as both are wonderful cruises. If you enjoy history (Lewis & Clark), the Columbia & Snake River cruise would be a great choice. You also go through a series of locks on that cruise. Puget Sound & San Juan Islands was a more scenic cruise.
  4. SteelMagnolia9

    Solo Cruiser's Roll Call

    Just made final payment on 14 day Princess Baltic Heritage cruise departing May 4th. Then a b2b Princess Norwegian Fjords cruise departing May 18th (final payment not due until March). Longest time solo on a cruise ship for me.
  5. SteelMagnolia9

    Need Help -- 1st Solo Cruise

    I like Princess as a solo. I was on a 15 night cruise to Hawaii from San Francisco in May 2017 and there were plenty of activities on the sea days to keep me occupied. I was treated very well by my cabin steward and other staff as a solo. Loved the service on the ship (Grand Princess). I have two b2b cruises booked for May of this year with Princess, Baltic Heritage and Norwegian Fjords, both solo. I’ve not been on Disney.
  6. SteelMagnolia9

    Colonial Christmas Cruise

    Was anyone onboard the recent Colonial Christmas Cruise? Would love to hear about your experience onboard this holiday cruise.
  7. SteelMagnolia9

    Beware RCCL

    It’s off-putting and disheartening to see someone beat down on a travel board. I’ve seen this too many times. I’m done with CC for 2019.
  8. It was no more than 30 minutes. It was a Saturday morning and traffic was light.
  9. SteelMagnolia9

    To Go or Not to Go - Freedom of the Seas

    The reviews are mostly consistent both in this forum and in the general reviews for Freedom of the Seas. I am booked in 2019 and booked the cruise specifically for the itinerary which is port intensive. I have not been to any of the ports except for one. After booking, I have been reading the reviews, but I am keeping my booking for the itinerary. I did purchase “The Key” for this cruise. Looking forward to this cruise.
  10. SteelMagnolia9

    Flight canceled and cruise missed

    I don’t understand why some are nasty on a board that is supposed to be helpful. It drives many away and some may be hesitant to even ask a question. If the OP is reading this, I hope your holiday is full of joy wherever you are celebrating. Be the spirit of the season!
  11. SteelMagnolia9

    Sexually Assalted on Royal Caribbean

    Jacksonic, it is not too late to file a police report on this and I encourage you to do so, so that a formal report is memorialized of what happened to you. You know the name of the perpetrator. Royal Caribbean knows the names (if you do not) of the spa staff that were on duty at the time of the sexual assault. There are still avenues that can be investigated. In some states, once you file the police report, you qualify for victim advocate services, which may include free counseling and other services. You did report it immediately after to spa staff. I’ve worked with many victims of sexual assault in my career and it’s not unusual that you would be in shock and wait for follow-up after your initial report. If you have an employee assistance program where you work, you may also want to consider contacting it for some counseling services, if available. Thank you for sharing this with us. No one would expect to be sexually assaulted in the showers on a cruise ship on their honeymoon.
  12. SteelMagnolia9

    New Program called "The Key"

    Just cancelled The Key at $24.99/day on my 2019 Freedom of the Seas cruise and rebooked at $19.99/day. Thanks to those who posted about the price reduction!
  13. I’m going on the Freedom of the Seas in 2019 and based on the reviews about the ship both in this forum and in the review section of CC, I purchased The Key.
  14. SteelMagnolia9

    Why so expensive?

    This is the reason. My dollars spent are supporting a U.S. business, employees and local economies along the itineraries. I’ve been on 6 ACL cruises and have #7 booked for 2019. They are an unique way to explore parts of the U.S. from its waterways that one doesn’t experience from a land trip. MomC, I’ve been on the itinerary you are considering and it was excellent (itinerary, excursions, dining and enrichment).
  15. SteelMagnolia9

    New Program called "The Key"

    Thanks for letting me know. I’ll keep checking on it.