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  1. I was on the Serenade of the Seas in October. One morning at breakfast, I heard the couple in line in front of me ask to be seated in the Diamond Plus area. I saw them escorted to a part of the dining room away from where the majority of others were being seated. It didn’t appear to be anything special, they were just seated in a different area of the dining room.
  2. I sent texts, but had an internet package. Did not try sending any through the Royal app.
  3. SteelMagnolia9

    New Miami Terminal

    Arrived at Terminal A to board the Symphony on Nov. 9th at 1 pm. No lines, received my Sea Pass card and was on board with no waiting. Disembarked on Nov. 13th at 9:00 am. Managed my own luggage. Minimal line. No waiting. Fast and easy.
  4. We arrived at 1:00 p.m. and had no wait to board. Received our Sea Pass card and we were on the ship in minutes. I did not see more seafood in the Windjammer compared to other ships; however, we never ate there for dinner, just lunch/breakfast and not every day.
  5. WHO: Myself and a gal pal, two women in our middle years FROM: Florida, where we live WHY: To check out the world’s largest cruise ship and the port is within driving distance WHAT WE LIKED: *Dinner at the Solarium Bistro on embarkation night *The fireworks display before we departed the Port of Miami * Hairspray * The swag we received - hat, sunglasses, Ultra Clutch Hairspray, certificate that we sailed on this cruise, entertainment book, bottles of beer with Symphony of the Seas on them and a Flight patch *Jazz on 4 *Headliner show with Earl Turner and Clint Holmes *Riding in an elevator with a fellow singing and playing a piano *Tour of Central Park with the Landscape Specialist *Playa Mia Beach Club at Cozumel *Hiro (aqua show) *Johnny Rocket’s for breakfast *Main dining room for breakfast *Having a strawberry daiquiri by the pool *Taking life easy in the slow lane for a few days WHAT NEEDS IMPROVMENT: * Had requested two twin beds and had a double upon arrival. After calling housekeeping, had twin beds in the evening. *Lugage and a large bag/purse were in one of the closets. There was cash visible in the bag/purse. Reported to Housekeeping who told us to report it to our cabin steward who would be at our cabin around 3:30 p.m. Told Housekeeping we would report it to Guest Services and was then told someone would come and get it as it was probably left there by a b2b passenger to be transferred by the cabin steward. It was gone after muster. *Shore excursion tickets were in our cabin that were for someone else. I took them to the correct cabin as it was two doors down. *Received an invoice for someone else the morning of disembarkation along with our individual invoices. Gave it to a cabin steward. *Never met our cabin steward. He did keep our cabin clean and tidy and responded to our notes we left him for ice and robes. SUMMARY: Had a fun 4 nights on this magnificent ship.
  6. I live in Florida (my demographic) and will be onboard Symphony on Nov. 9th, 4 nights to Cozumel. Been to Cozumel many times, mainly going to enjoy the ship and it’s offerings with a beach day in Cozumel. Would not book a 7 night based on the port offerings for those cruises, happy to be on this short run.
  7. SteelMagnolia9

    Recent "incident" on Navigator

    If one was expecting to visit the U.S. ports, the disappointment is understandable.
  8. That’s disappointing. I’m on the 4 night cruise leaving Miami on Nov. 9th. Is the Solarium dining open in the evenings? I have a reservation there the first evening.
  9. SteelMagnolia9

    No more refundable deposits?

    Yes, that’s why I didn’t wait to book after I saw the pricing!
  10. SteelMagnolia9

    No more refundable deposits?

    I just booked a 7 night S. Caribbean from San Juan on Freedom of the Seas for Sept. 2019. The price for refundable was $129.00 more for the cabin (balcony) than non-refundable. I was happy with the difference in price between the fares and booked it as a refundable.
  11. SteelMagnolia9

    Solo Cruiser's Roll Call

    Just recently returned from a solo Bermuda cruise, October 21st-28th, out of Boston on Serenade of the Seas.
  12. I’ll also add that at breakfast, everyone comes and goes whenever they like during the stated breakfast service hours. There’s also an early risers breakfast in a lounge where you can get coffee, muffins, pastries, etc.
  13. SteelMagnolia9

    What??!! We're back.........

    I can’t find one of mine. It will probably take some time. I liked the old format better, but probably just because I was used to it.
  14. Disembarkation, Heading Home and Final Thoughts Disembarkation was on September 15, 2018 and was easy. You had to be out of your room by 8:00 a.m. We were given colored tags for our luggage indicating whether we were departing by taxi, going on the ACL bus to the airport or had independent arrangements.This was sorted out a few days before departure by filling out a form and returning it to staff indicating your departure arrangements. If you had the pre-cruise package, the ACL bus to the airport was complementary (I did not include the charge in my notes if you did not have the package, but I believe it was $20.00). My friend and I opted for a taxi based upon our flight time. The staff will order a taxi for you to arrive at the time you designate on the form. Our taxi arrived a little early which was no problem and we were off to the airport! It was another long day flying across country and we touched down at 11:00 p.m. and I walked through my front door at 11:45 p.m. This was a lovely cruise and I really enjoyed cruising Puget Sound & the San Juan Islands. It is an unique way to see this part of the country. I hope some of my comments are helpful when considering this cruise and I would encourage others who have been on this cruise on any date to add their comments as this mini-review is just my personal experience. Where am I going next with ACL? I took advantage again of their 15% discount and waiver of port fees that they offer if you book onboard. I signed on to the Hudson River Cruise for the fall of 2019. Perhaps I'll see you onboard.
  15. Return to Seattle My notes don't reflect when we returned to Seattle, but it was sometime after lunch. We docked back at the Shilshole Bay Marina. Excursions: Pike Place Market Shuttle: Established in 1907, Seattle's Pike Place Market is the oldest continuously operating and most historically authentic public market in the country. In 1971, when the Pike Place Market was threatened with demolition and replacement, citizens of Seattle voted to establish a seven-acre Pike Place Market Historical District and a Market Historical Commission to preserve its physical and social character as the "Soul of Seattle". Hop on the motor coach for transportation to Pike Place Market and enjoy time to explore the Market and surrounding area at your leisure. Pick up a map from your Cruise Director on board and discover all that the Pike Place Market has to offer. Complementary Seattle Center Shuttle: Originally built for the 1962 World's Fair, the 74-acre Seattle Center is an arts, educational, tourism, and entertainment center in Seattle. Two major attractions include the 605-foot tall Space Needle, along with Chihuly Garden & Glass. Hop on the motor coach for transportation to Seattle Center and enjoy time to explore at your leisure. Pick up a map from your Cruise Director on board and discover all that Seattle Center has to offer. Complementary I did not go on either shuttle as I had been to Seattle previously and seen most of the major sites/attractions. Either of the shuttles would be worthwhile to take if you have limited time in Seattle. The shuttles departed at 2:15 p.m. and returned before dinner. Next: Disembarkation, Heading Home and Final Thoughts