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  1. Thanks so much! I really appreciate your help! Melissa
  2. You're very welcome! I get so much helpful info from folks on here and I'm happy (on the rare occasions) when I have the opportunity to help someone else for a change :) If I recall, the price was exactly the same onboard.... $99 per person for the cruise, or $150 per couple. So, don't worry that you're missing something by having to wait until you board to purchase. I believe the spa is usually open when in port, so you will probably be ok in Nassau (still good to check though). On one cruise, my mom and chose not to do the pass because we were in port 9/12 days and knew we would be getting back onboard most nights after the spa was closed. In that case, it just didn't make sense for us because we knew we wouldn't be able to use it that much (and we figured if on 1-2 evenings we did want to, we could buy the $20 daily pass and still come out cheaper). Our next cruise as lots of sea days and some port days where we know we will be back on board before it gets too late when the spa should still be open, so we will definitely get our use out of it. Good luck with whatever you decide and please let me know if I can answer any other questions about the thermal suite. Happy Cruising! Melissa
  3. I can at least try to answer your questions based on my experience in the past with this pass (I haven't done it recently though, so things may have changed) 1 - I have never pre-booked it.... always just purchased the pass on the 1st day. I also noticed today when I was on my cruise planner (my cruise leaves in about 2.5 wks) this wasn't listed as an available option to book (but it was listed before... I don't know why it's gone or if it will return... but I've never had a problem purchasing onboard) 2 - Again, just speaking from my experience (assuming here that most ships that offer the pass have similar facilities) the pass gets you into the "special" thermal suite area of the spa. I say "special" because most ships have a sauna/steam room in the gym locker rooms that you can use for free. The "special" area on the ships I have been on had a dry sauna, 2 (or maybe three... can't recall) different "wet" steam rooms of various temperatures, some sort of special waterfall/rain shower (I never really figured out the appeal of this), and a couple of hot tile beds (which are amazing except when people decide to camp out on them (and fall asleep) for over an hour so that no one else can use them :mad:) 3 - Is it worth it? Well, I guess that's up to each person. My mom and I have always really enjoyed it and we plan to do it again on our next cruise. The one thing I would suggest taking into account though is how much time you will actually be able to use it. If you have a few sea days, then you will probably get your monies worth. But, if most of your time is in port, then it might not be worth it. The thermal suite is only open when the spa is open, so it might be beneficial for you to check the operating hours on your particular ship/itinerary. Also, if you want to see what it all actually looks like before you purchase the pass, you can stop by the spa when you board and they will most likely be offering spa tours (which include showing you the thermal suite... you just have to ignore their hard-sell tactics during the tour) Hope that helps! Melissa
  4. Thanks for all of your insight, Danish Viking! I have a couple of quick questions I'm hoping you can help with... My mom and I arrive at the airport in the afternoon on Aug 23rd. We are staying at Cabinn Express (Frederiksberg). We will have 2 larger suitcases and 2 smaller carry-on size rollers. I'm "thinking" we can handle these on the train (not sure if we would be successful on buses). So, if we took the train to our hotel, would we take the M2 to the Forum station and then have a short walk to our hotel (based on my research, I believe this is correct, but would love some verification). If so, is this plan doable with the luggage we will have (we don't have any mobility issues) or are the trains difficult to navigate with 2 pieces of luggage per person? From Cabinn Express, I was thinking we would just take a taxi to Oceankaj (we are on RCCL), since it looks like the train might not be a good option and to use a bus would involve some transfers and maybe too much walking... or am I missing something? Finally, and you may not be able to answer this but perhaps someone can. Do you know if they enforce the suggested boarding times for RCCL at this cruise terminal? Our tickets "suggest" we board around 2p, but we would prefer to board around 11-11:30 if they will allow it. Thanks for any help you can provide! Melissa
  5. Thanks to all for offering their insight on the "Copenhagen Boarding" question (although I'm still having a difficult time accepting that there is something Bob doesn't know about RCCL...lol ). Sorry for highjacking this thread.... I only realized after my post that my question, while related to another post, didn't really pertain to the topic of the Royal app itself. Melissa
  6. Hi Bob, Do you know if they are enforced in European ports (specifically Copenhagen)... or can we just do the same as in the US and show up anytime we like during the boarding window? Thanks, Melissa
  7. There was a mention of this on my local news. I believe they said the person was airlifted to my local hospital here in Wilmington, NC (New Hanover Regional Medical Center). I'm so grateful that we have such a wonderful and prepared Coast Guard to help out in these situations. Kudos to them and all involved, and prayers for the woman involved & her family. Melissa
  8. Thanks for taking the time to share your review. It was informative and entertaining.... I LOVE your writing style :D Melissa
  9. Thanks for sharing your story, OP. I experience panic attacks (horrible things). I also occasionally get, what I would call a "mild" asthma attack mainly in response to an outside allergen (like when I am cutting grass or hedges) or if I'm doing a lot of exercising (especially outdoors). I have an inhaler and it works in a jiffy to help me breathe freely again. However, it happens so rarely (and nothing in the past few months) that I would have never thought to bring my inhaler on my upcoming TA. Your thoughtful post has reminded me that it would be worthwhile to pack it (especially considering the nature of my next cruise and the excursions I plan to take), so I've just added it to my packing list. If I'm unfortunate enough to have to use it during my TA, I'll at least be sure to send my thanks to you over the mental airways (oh, there's a little, unintended pun there....lol) that I had it with me :) Melissa
  10. I'm so sorry you are experiencing so much trouble getting something emailed to you which should be relatively simple in this day and age (although we are talking about RCCL who doesn't have the best track record when it comes to things IT-related). Regardless of whether or not a paper copy was left that you missed, or left at the wrong room, or that you didn't go to GS that morning to get a copy, or any of the other things so many people want to tell you that you did wrong, the fact remains that RCCL should be able to provide you with a copy of the receipt via email by now. There is simply no reason for someone to have to call and request something like this 3 times. Again, I am sorry for this hassle you are going through. I completely understand why you would like to double check the receipts and make sure everything sounds like it was correctly charged. While I haven't (yet) has a personal experience with RCCL overcharging me, from what I have read on these boards, it happens often enough that I still continue to check my bill. I also go the extra step of checking my credit card statement a few days after I arrive to be sure RCCL didn't add anything after I received my paper bill (because I have heard of this happening to people). I realize not everyone does this, but it makes me feel better to double check. All this being said, the only suggestion I can make as to your next step is to call them again (which is super frustrating, I know) and when they tell you they will email you the receipts, tell them that you will remain on the line with them until the email shows up in your inbox (I have done this with other companies before and I've never had an issue with the representative telling me they had to hang up). It's at least worth a try. Best of luck! Melissa
  11. Someone on my roll call (Aug 26th, 2018 Serenade Transatlantic) just mentioned that our roll call is suddenly showing 157 (after being at zero, again, last week). Dare we believe this issue is finally fixed???? Melissa
  12. So sorry to read that you won't make your trip, but very happy that they know exactly what is going on with your son and that he will be ok!!!! That's the most important part. I had to cancel a cruise three weeks before departure in 2015 that I have meticulously researched and planned for 14 months (my dad suddenly needed open heart surgery and things went a bit haywire to say the least... he spent 3 months in various forms of hospitals and rehabs after the surgery, but eventually got home). The insurance I had (via insuremytrip) covered every single penny including flights, hotel, cruise, pre-paid transfers.... even the private tickets I had purchased for the Blue Lagoon in Iceland.... everything. Thank goodness I had kept very meticulous records of all purchases (because so many currencies were involved, I had to show multiple pieces of paperwork for each thing). Once I gathered everything I needed (including the info from the doctor), it only took the insurance company a couple of weeks to issue my full refund check. I hope your process goes as smoothly as mine did. BTW - my mom and I are finally getting around to re-taking that missed cruise (we leave in just 2 months)... yay... and the itinerary is even a bit better than the one we had to cancel. So, from the way I choose to look at it, things ended up just fine (perhaps better)... only a tad later than we had planned. Again, best of luck to you and your family, and a continued speedy recovering to your son. Melissa :)
  13. Same thing has happened now 4 times on the Serenade Transatlantic for Aug 26, 2018. At one point, we had over 80 people signed up, just to have it revert back to zero. It never ceases to amaze me how the IT dept can manage to mess up even the simplest of things... over and over :confused: Melissa
  14. So sorry to read about all that your son, you and your family are going through. I hope that whatever is going on with your son turns out to be minor and easily rectified. Best of luck to all of you! Melissa
  15. When I was at my TA's office a couple weeks ago, I had her call RCCL to ask if I still had any Next Cruise certificates floating around (I knew my mom and I each bought one in 2013, but couldn't recall if we used them both or not). RCCL indicated there was still one remaining in my name. At first, they told my TA that I had to book a cruise before Jan 1, 2019 or else I would lose the cert (didn't have to take a cruise before then... just have one booked). However, after my TA questioned the agent further, s/he then changed their story and said that the certificate didn't have an expiration date after all. I'm glad to read that this lines up with what others have stated as well. There will definitely be another RCCL cruise in my future and I will use it then, but I just didn't want to have to rush to make a decision before Jan 2019 on which cruise to book next (I need to get my upcoming transatlantic cruise under my belt before I can think about what my next one might be....lol) Melissa
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