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  1. We just had to have ours changed to match our passports. I looked to no avail for a spot online to add my middle name. My TA called NCL & had them add middle names. They said when we download our cruise docs they will be there. When I last logged in to NCL, I noticed my middle name was indeed there. Maybe it wouldn't keep us from boarding the ship, but I'd rather be safe than sorry.
  2. One thing we were told by a PVP - If you are unsure of who the 2nd guest in the room will be, book it under the name of the person you are sure will be sailing. You will pay based on double occupancy, but when you do find that 2nd person or know for sure a couple is not going to break up, there is no fee to add that 2nd person. In our case, no 2nd person was ever added, so we had to pay the double occupancy for our son.
  3. That must be new. Hubby dove in May of this year & didn't have to have a doc sign off on anything.
  4. I had to link 2 reservations before & provided booking numbers & date of birth. My friends had not set a pin number, so I set one for them.
  5. We found out by logging in to our cruise planner. I think it was 2-3 weeks from our sail date & maybe a week after booking. We were told, though, that it could potentially be changed again. It wasn't, though & we were really glad because it was on Lido deck, which is our favorite.
  6. I have small labeled pharmacy bottles for my prescription meds & typically take twice what I will need - just in case the ship were to be stranded at sea. Even if you still use the pill cases & a photo of the labels, take more than you will need. You never know what can happen. I know I sure don't want to run out of blood pressure or thyroid meds. Supplements are always carried in a pill minder. If I were to run out, it wouldn't be the end of the world.
  7. I put them on after flying and before heading to port. I don't have any tag holders. I just use packing tape, hole punch & ponytail elastics. Using the elastics, I don't have to bring anything to cut zip ties. Plus, I always have some spares for my hair that way. I also print a reduced size one for my camera. When we get to the cabin, I switch the tags from the suitcases to our string backpacks. My hope is that if my backpack or camera were to be left on a chair or table by accident, someone would be nice enough to turn it in & I would get them back.
  8. I think it is difficult to know in advance what nights you will want to see shows when you've never sailed a particular ship. We received emails prior to our Oasis cruise regarding show reservations, but never did make them. Then, we never wanted to stand in the line on the ship to make show reservations. So, we only got to see the aqua show - which we enjoyed. We did manage to see one comedy show going on standby. I think it was fine (it was several years ago). Next year we are sailing NCL Bliss and they have a reservation system for certain shows & restaurants. Hopefully, we will be able to sit down & look at the itinerary & excursions and figure out what nights we will want to go to the show. I don't want to miss out on entertainment this cruise. I think I had forgotten to mention laundry. I wish all lines had self serve laundry. I know lots of people would prefer to send it out, but then you don't have any control over wash/dry temperature. Even if you take plenty of clothes to wear, if you go horseback riding, you are not gonna want those clothes in your cabin afterward. I love horses & had one for years and am not typically bothered by smells, but sweaty horse is one that I do not want my cabin to smell like.
  9. I like both lines, but tend to sail with Carnival more. I always seem to find a better deal on Carnival, price-wise. Royal has prettier ships & their adult pool area is really nice. The talent in the production shows seems better on Royal. Carnival has the best comedy club, switching out comedians during the cruise. I really like Guys Burgers on Carnival, as well as 24/7 pizza & ice cream. Didn't think the 24/7 was a big deal until one of our Royal cruises where we wanted to grab a bite before a show that was later in the evening. Nothing was open that was free. Only happened once, though, so it certainly did not prevent us from sailing Royal again. I find the staff to be attentive on both lines. What I find interesting is the Carnival staff out of Galveston is friendlier than their staff out of the Florida ports. Those are the major differences to me. Be sure to check out the activities. Royal tends to have ice skating, rock climbing & surf simulators on several ships. Carnival does not have those, but has water slides & some ships have a ropes course. I've not been on spirit class ships, so not sure what all they have. You know what type of things you would like to do, so that could be a big factor for you.
  10. I'm not sure I know what that is. Is it one of those with the thingie that you turn to adjust to match the size of nut you are adjusting?
  11. We've had ours opened on Carnival numerous times, but it is dependent on whether the divider would block a door when it swings back. Royal & Princess opened it for us as well. In all cases, someone from both cabins had to be there to say it was okay with them to have it open. They have a latch to keep them from swinging, but in rough water, it will rattle a bit.
  12. I would probably do a beach day in every port. We had a great time at Nachi Cocom in Cozumel. Mahogany Bay is okay for a free beach withing walking distance. What I really enjoyed there was scuba diving. Grand Cayman does have 7 mile beach, but for an interesting experience, head to Stingray City with a snorkel or scuba tour. It's a lot of fun interacting with the rays.
  13. Lido is my favorite deck, but I'd take Panorama as well.
  14. We sailed Regal Princess and the ship is beautiful. The cabin dressing area is really nice. You have to have an upgraded balcony to get a sofa, though. Standard balcony only had a chair. We were not impressed with any crew other than our steward. Trouble getting bar service by pool and even in main dining room. I kid you not - we would try to get their attention & they would look and walk the other direction. The other 3 people I sailed with said never again. My favorite thing about that particular ship was the game show. We were not selected as participants, but really enjoyed watching. They have a very nice adult only pool that we never used - a large group was sailing that pretty much took over that area. They have a nice cigar bar, but a very drunk guy knocked over one of our beers, so that put a damper on that afternoon. While watching a performer in the atrium, a woman proceeded to shove her chair in front of me, almost putting it on top of my foot. I exercised much restraint. So, don't think that just because you are on a pretty ship with stuffy staff that the other passengers are going to be any different than the other mainstream cruise lines. They had a rifle shooting simulator that we tried to check out, but it was never open and none of the staff knew when it would be open.
  15. I like the sail away party. Sometimes I'll join in the cupid shuffle or cha cha slide (not very good at either) and sometimes I just watch. I also sometimes stand at the rail and enjoy watching the world being left behind and waving to people who are in boats or on the shore watching the ships leave port.
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