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  1. This happened to my Mother a few years ago on Celebrity. We were having dinner and the crew set her chair by a wall "out of the way". This is what usually is done so we thought nothing of it. When we went to leave dinner the crew could not find our chair anywhere and no one knew what had happened to it. We had rented it from Special Needs at Sea and it had a bright yellow tag (6"x8") on it with our name and stateroom number. The crew did give us a Celebrity wheelchair to use in the interim until they could locate ours. BTW this particular chair was parked right next to where they had put ours. Unfortunately the crew did not feel that it was worth while trying to locate the chair immediately. My Mother who is in her 80's was very upset and worried that I would be responsible for replacing it if it wasn't found. I do understand that we were on a ship on the ocean and it would eventually be found, however my Mother got no sleep that night worrying about it and the crew did not seem to understand why she was so upset. Very long story short, someone felt ill while in the dining room and the crew grabbed our chair to take her to the Medical Center. Once at the Medical Center, the crew there told her to keep the chair overnight even though they knew it did not belong to them nor was it a Celebrity chair. To make matters worse the next morning when the crew told us where the chair was (in someone else's stateroom) we were told we would have to wait for it until a later time (it was around 7:30am) because they were in no way going to inconvenience that couple so early in the morning. Since then we try to rent an ECV scooter where the key can be removed. If we do use a wheelchair I take a bike lock so that the chair can't be opened. I know this may seem ridiculous but it gives my Mother peace of mind while we are traveling.
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