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  1. So, let’s say we cancel. Our final payment isn’t due till May 3 and I have paid 800 dollars so far. Will I get a refund on my card or will it be a fcc?
  2. Is anyone more concerned now that they have issued the new warning urging us citizens not to cruise? We are booked on the Equinox departing August 1. We are in our late thirties and relatively healthy. I had cancer when I was 30 and I don’t have all of my lymph nodes. It was GI related. I work with the public and I usually pick up a virus or two during the year. Should we be more concerned since this new statement? As of last night we still planned on going. There are four active cases of Coronavirus where we live so I could get just being out and about here. We are looking into back up plans
  3. Does anyone have current laundry prices? I was looking to get a few things washed on board! Thanks!
  4. If our sailing is no longer showing anywhere online does that mean it’s sold out? We leave 2/1.
  5. Do the dining packages ever sell out? We are waiting to buy it onboard since we have a 100 credit from our TA that we want applied to it. I’m just worried that it will sell out. If we book it prior to sailing can we pick our dining times online for Tuscan and sushi in five?
  6. Yes, this would be for a cruise on the Equinox I just booked for August.
  7. Is it possible to make a 10 am southwest flight on a Sunday out of fll?
  8. I went into my celebrity account and tried to have them mail me my luggage tags but they said they are unavailable. We sail on the Summit on Feb 1. When do they usually become available? We have bid on other rooms using the move up feature. Does that have anything to do with it? Thanks!
  9. We have an inside room. We bid what we feel comfortable spending on a veranda, family veranda and cc.
  10. I received and email the other day about move up opportunities. It states that they could notify us up to two days prior to sailing. What is the average time frame? The opening bid for a family veranda is 150. As of this morning they have 6 left. What would be an appropriate bid? I also bid more on this room than on concierge. Is that the right way to do it? Thanks!
  11. Hi! I was Wondering what the best cruise insurance wise? My friend I’m traveling with has a grandfather who is terminally ill. We wanted to purchase insurance in case something happened prior to the cruise. Would it cover something like this? And if so what company would you suggest? Thank you for your suggestions.
  12. When I was on the Equinox this summer they offered a service where they would send your luggage to the airport for a fee. Does anyone know if this is available in San Juan? Also what is the price and is it available to all airlines? Thanks!
  13. We are looking at river tubing in either Dominica or Grenada. Does anyone have any input? I think we are going to book through the ship. Do you know which island would be better for this type of excursion? Thanks!
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