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  1. I agree that if I had to get a 'beverage package' as part of my bundled pricing it would be of very little value to us, because we are also not big drinkers at all. On our Panama Canal sailing on Celebrity it was tips and internet which we took and it made the pricing very very good....for a 15 day sailing. Quite a deal, is the best way to put it .....for us.
  2. You point out that choices you have made to go with Royal vs Celebrity were based on best itinerary and price....so it would be reasonable to expect that is the same for others. We have our first Celebrity cruise booked for a Panama Canal cruise and the price was terrific with the perks we chose.....so each cruise just depends. We have not had a reason to choose Celebrity up until this Panama Canal cruise.
  3. Updated 4/21/19 --- My hope is to put update this thread every few days or at least once week. To do that, I need cruisers (or others that somehow have 'insider information') to let me know who they come across on sailings. HAPPY CRUISING! What Activity Manager have you come across? Post the name, ship and sailing date to help keep this thread as accurate as possible. ****Adventure OTS – Cian MacCormaic (pronounced Key-in) is on board as per as cruiser on the sailing during the week of 3/14. Keyan is from Ireland, and has been reported as ‘very entertaining’. ****Allure OTS – Flavio Maeda has returned from vacation and will be onboard until sometime in July. ****Anthem OTS – Hanaha (unknown last name) came on board 1/6/19, not sure if 2 or 4 month contract. ****Brilliance OTS – TT has been reported as onboard on the completed sailing 4/20/19. No information on when he started to guess how long he might be onboard. ****Empress OTS –Eric Lopez has been spotted doing the morning show with Elvis the CD. ****Enchantment OTS – Mosese Vatuloka was onboard as of mid January 2019 sailing, based on a cruisers report to me. ****Explorer OTS – Aysy Sadrislamova is onboard from information by a cruiser who sailed on Explorer in early March 2019. ****Freedom OTS – Jerry Kubli is currently onboard. No timeline for contract period. ****Grandeur OTS – Katrina Blair has returned on 2/23 for a 4 month contract until 6/13. June 13 she starts vacation and returns on 8/13 until 11/30. Do not know who will fill in from 6/13 until 8/13 when she is on vacation. *****Harmony – Daniel Dornas is onboard. No timeline for contract period. ****Independence OTS – Allison Hasler from the UK is onboard until June when she goes on vacation and Daniel Edwards takes over….don’t know exact date of handover. *****Jewel OTS – Luana from Brazil will be onboard until 3/29, then Marvin Wilson (aka Marvelous Marvin) will be taking over. Luana returns on 5/17. *****Liberty OTS – Kim is now on Liberty, unsure of start date… ****Majesty OTS – Mauricio Diaz is confirmed to be onboard. I hope a current cruiser might be able to ask him how long his contract is for. That would be helpful. *****Mariner OTS – Alex Paul signed on to the ship on 3/25/19 for a 4 month contract. *****Navigator OTS – Daniel Edwards is onboard. Probably started with the relaunch after drydock. He is scheduled to move to Independence in June….but we will see what happens then. *****Oasis OTS – Nick has taken over for Tresha Robb who might be on vacation currently. ***** Ovation – Christopher Turdo should be onboard effective on the March 8 sailing from Sydney. He will be on Ovation until 5/13/19. *****Quantum – Who is currently onboard. *****Radiance OTS – Emma from the UK (unknown last name) has been spotted in Early February 2019. No information on when she started….just that she and her CD Cuddy worked well together. **** Rhapsody OTS – Gemma Frances was onboard the sailing that completed on 3/2/19. No information on when started or for how long. **** Serenade OTS – Elizabeth Hackett was on the March 25th sailing. She may have arrived in mid February, and could be on a 4 month contract until June. Looking for more info from cruisers on this. **** Symphony OTS – Katy McCullagh returned on 2/23 for a 4 month contract. ***** Vision OTS – Palo has been identified as onboard, unsure when his contract began. *****Voyager OTS – Troy Zhang was last identified as onboard.
  4. We sail on Anthem in August doing a New England cruise....so although the ports will be very different, the other items you discussed with be the same....glad you enjoyed sailing on her.
  5. I have to agree with you.....and if they kept doing it on the new builds turning the sauna/steam rooms into part of the Spa and a revenue generator fine...but they should have left them as is on the older ships. It is enough that on major remodelling jobs they squeeze in as many new cabins as possible and forget that the 'food venues' don't get any bigger, nor seem to have more personnel to handle the extra cruiser capacity. I realize that more and more cruisers take advantage of specialty restaurants and diminish the cruiser use of the MDR (our experience at least), but many of the other food venues have longer lines than I have ever seen before.
  6. Just heard directly from Mitch Merucci that he will be returning to Anthem on the August 29 sailing, not on Sept 7. He returns from vacation one sailing earlier. Happy to hear for me, since we will be on that August 29 sailing.
  7. We are also sailing on Anthem on August 29....hope to meet you!
  8. It is NOT as if you can 'switch' between traditional seating and MTD during a cruise. If you choose tradition dining (early or late) you get assigned a table (or in this case tables and they can be requested for NEAR each other), but you can't on 'some nights' choose to go to MTD. It is an either or choice.
  9. When you talk about mix-ups with birthday cake orders, they definitely happen. We were on a sailing and go to MDR dinner first night. We meet some lovely tablemates and are having some terrific conversation and dinner is moving along nicely. You know on the first night the wait staff is always checking the names of the people at their tables and finding out anything special about them (allergies or what they like and how they like it, etc). We are getting ready to look over the dessert menu, and the waiter comes over with a cake....goes directly to one of the couples and they sing happy birthday, and make a fuss....all nice. Then Debbie (very nice lady) looks at the cake and it says "Happy Birthday Bonnie", she laughs at it and says "I'm not Bonnie"....Now Debbie's husband DID order a cake for Debbie's birthday to be delivered to dinner on the 2nd night of the cruise, when it WAS going to be Debbie's birthday....well for rest of the cruise, we called Debbie, Bonnie....I just don't think they ever found Bonnie to give her a cake. And YES, on night 2, another cake was delivered to Debbie.
  10. I look at it as a percentage of the entire ships population. Numbers can be interpreted differently....you don't have to agree.
  11. Yes, a 90 year old person is 4 times more likely to have a serious heart ailment or some other issues with their health....but I don't believe that their are 4 times more people 65 years old and older on a ship than YOUNGER passengers....that is why I believe the statistic is dubious.
  12. Half of those seeking treatment were over 65.....but I doubt that HALF the cruisers on a ship are over 65. So it is a very dubious statistic report.
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