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  1. What was incredibly 'funny' or coincidental....was what happened to us. There were several years where we sailed over Thanksgiving weekend. We would spend Thanksgiving Day with family then escape to the sea on Majesty for the weekend always with Early Traditional Seating. One year we were seated at a table for 6 and one of the couples at the table was a lovely couple from Miami (we live in the Coral Springs area of S. Florida)....we had a great time. The following year comes along and we are sailing again on Thanksgiving Weekend....and viola, we are seated at the same table with them....so we exchange information with each other. It was just so funny. The next year comes along.....and we were not seated at the same table, just the table next to each other... 'Funny' or 'Coincidence' --- I even asked a friend of mine who worked at the time in the Royal Dining Department if this could be 'arranged' and she said 'highly unlikely' from within the company -- they don't look back to the previous years to see who sat with whom....just too busy to do that.
  2. Anyone have some news from the ships/cruises you have been on, it would be greatly appreciated. I am leaving town tomorrow, for a land vacation (really to see family and friends) and may not have too much time to update....so if you KNOW anything, post it, and I will get to it when I can.
  3. What disappointed me recently on Symphony was how they handled cancelled shows and how when people showed up for the 'standby' line it was poorly organized. So even veteran cruisers learn a lesson when onboard, is all I can say. The AquaShow we had booked was cancelled due to turbulance....and I fully understand that. So we went to another showtime to stand on the standby line. They KNEW lots of people would be 'standby's' for this show and it was ridiculous. We were probably in the first 20 people on the line and they waited to tell all of us, just a minute or two before seating us...that probably the only seats that would be available when they finally seated us, were going to be in the 'soak zone'....because of the splashing from the show. It did not bother us, but others were annoyed because they did not want to sit there and felt they stood on line and WASTED their time. They should have told people as soon as they showed up to get on line, what the likehood was going to be. People were breaking into the 'reservation line' and not being told NOT to do that....it was a nasty situation -- is all I can say.
  4. Veteran cruisers have insight for sure on things like 'boarding time'....as they know that they will get an email with a time for boarding for their deck or cabin type, but it is merely a suggestion, and if you arrive earlier and boarding has begun you will be allowed to board. What other "RULES" are you implying that veteran cruises can 'get around'? I consider myself a veteran having done 27 cruises and don't consider myself a 'rule breaker' in any way.
  5. Interesting you say that your late wife said she would never cruise because she knew she would get sea sick. Our first cruise back in 2004 was on Navigator and I never even thought of sea sickness as a possibility to happen....it just never crossed my mind. It has never happened over the years either.
  6. And yes the beauty of cruising is that their are different things for everyone to do. I tried the zip line on one of our sailings to learn for myself, it wasn't for me.....so no I won't do it on a longer one on a shore excursion....but that doesn't mean others won't enjoy that activity off the ship as you clearly have done. You are correct no judgements involved at all. Just enjoy!
  7. You mention that your cabin has a 'great view of the AquaTheater', and we had that when we sailed on Harmony. If so, don't worry about getting seats in the AquaTheater, watch the show from your balcony --- glass of wine in hand. Watch the rehearsals from your balcony....so cool to do. We did!
  8. Updated 6/8/19 --- My hope is to put update this thread every few days or at least once week. To do that, I need cruisers (or others that somehow have 'insider information') to let me know who they come across on sailings. HAPPY CRUISING! What Activity Manager have you come across? Post the name, ship and sailing date to help keep this thread as accurate as possible. ****Adventure OTS – Kelly Leuch, her first assignment as AM. She was GREAT said a cruiser on board with her….how terrific! ****Allure OTS – Flavio Maeda has returned from vacation and will be onboard until sometime in July. ****Anthem OTS – Tresha Robb has posted that she is onboard. I am trying to find out more on this. ****Brilliance OTS – TT has been reported as onboard on the completed sailing 4/20/19 and still onboard for the May 4 – 19 transatlantic sailing. No information on when he started to guess how long he might be onboard. ****Empress OTS –Eric Lopez has been spotted doing the morning show with Elvis the CD. ****Enchantment OTS – Saini has been onboard, but could be completing a contract and departing the ship. Who is currently onboard? Gemma Frances will report to EN after the completion of her vacation at the end of July. ****Explorer OTS – Aysy Sadrislamova is onboard from information by a cruiser who sailed on Explorer in early March 2019. Based on what people have uncovered Daniel Edwards will be taking over in June. ****Freedom OTS – Jerry Kubli is currently onboard. No timeline for contract period. ****Grandeur OTS – It has been confirmed that Katrina Blair will be onboard until 6/13 when she starts vacation. If someone could ask her who is taking her place that would be wonderful. I imagine it would be someone with experience, because a new CD to Royal is taking over for John Blair as CD on June 13. The Blairs always work together as a team. They will be returning to Grandeur on 8/13. *****Harmony – Mosese Vatuloka is onboard since May 19. Then on July 21, Chris Turdo takes over from Mosese. ****Independence OTS – Allison Hasler from the UK is onboard until June when she goes on vacation and it looks like Katie Turner will be taking over in mid June. *****Jewel OTS – Luana from Brazil will be onboard until 3/29, then Marvin Wilson (aka Marvelous Marvin) will be taking over. Luana returns on 5/17. *****Liberty OTS – Kim is now on Liberty, unsure of start date… ****Majesty OTS – Mauricio Diaz is confirmed to be onboard. I hope a current cruiser might be able to ask him how long his contract is for. That would be helpful. *****Mariner OTS – Alex Paul signed on to the ship on 3/25/19 for a 4 month contract. *****Navigator OTS – Looking to find out who is onboard now? *****Oasis OTS – Nick is onboard and probably took over mid March. ***** Ovation – Angelle took over from Christopher Turdo on 5/13 when Chris left for vacation. *****Quantum – Who is currently onboard. *****Radiance OTS – Emma from the UK (unknown last name) has been spotted in Early February 2019. No information on when she started….just that she and her CD Cuddy worked well together. **** Rhapsody OTS – Gemma Frances left Rhapsody on 5/25 for vacation. Who replaced her? **** Serenade OTS – Elizabeth Hackett was on the March 25th sailing. She may have arrived in mid February, and could be on a 4 month contract until June. I do know she is still onboard as of 5/30. **** Symphony OTS – Katy McCullagh returned on 2/23 for a 4 month contract. ***** Vision OTS – Palo has been identified as onboard, unsure when his contract began. *****Voyager OTS – Kitty should have taken over on May 3, 2019…..looking for confirmation on this, please.
  9. I wonder why every other year....and not all the time?
  10. I love the part of your comment when you say "Were like a couple of college kids laughing and giggling" --- that is so cool. I look at cruises as the equivalent of 'adult camp'.....except we don't HAVE to do things, we don't want to do.....but we get to be doing things we might not do at home.....and laughing and giggling, fills that gap as well!
  11. It could, time will tell.....and how strong the cruise industry is will factor into the pressure that could come to bear.
  12. Over the years we have cruised I have always found a way to make those 'uncomfortable' comfortable....I am happy for the people skill of it. I have even managed to overcome the language barriers that happen on occasion. On our next two cruises, we are actually sailing with our own group, so having people at dinner won't be an issue at all. I agree wholeheartedly that "Dining with a group can be one of the more enjoyable aspects of cruising."
  13. Over the years, now 27 cruises into our cruise history with more booked, only once did we try MTD. We did it to 'try it'. We have enjoyed the company of the people we have been seated with in the dining room. What I believe is happening unfortunately is that with more and more specialty restaurants and MTD we find ourselves assigned to a table perhaps with 6 or 8, but often times we are the only ones there. We frequent a Specialty restaurant once (if Izumi is onboard) maybe twice if it is a longer cruise....but the experience of meeting other cruisers at dinner is waning.....SAD to SAY.
  14. We have sailed quite a bit on Majesty and done Empress once. We had a terrific time on Empress, don't get me wrong. The crew was great....food is always subjective and for us it was good (but we are easy food people to please). The layout of Empress, as small as she is can be mindboggling. It has an interesting patio off of Bolero's that they make good use of for 'events'....but Majesty is more like a normal layout of a ship. Cabins are a bit bigger, but of course not like her bigger sisters. We have booked a cruise to Cuba in January 2020 and it is on Majesty.....so that tells you my answer. For me, the gym is important which I know is not an issue to you.
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