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  1. The lift in our hotel in Paris was tiny. Only had room for myself and my suitcase and it was so old. Decided it was safer to join DD carrying the suitcase up the stairs.
  2. Good morning. Had a nice wander around Queen Elizabeth Park in Vancouver and finished reading this excellent memoir that I bought here in Canada.
  3. @jmh2006 Condolences on the sudden passing of your Dad. @Sea Dog that house is stunning. At least there is plenty of space inside & out - to move yourself away from an unpleasant conversation.
  4. Good morning. We had a very busy day yesterday. BC ferry from Nanaimo to Horseshoe Bay. Visited Shannon Falls. Spectacular. Then we did the Sea to Sky Gondola. Very pricey but we all enjoyed the experience. It momentarily snowed when we arrived at the top. Walked across the short suspension bridge & did a lovely loop walk. Lovely to see a Bald Eagle soaring above the treetops. This Aussie was very excited to see a chipmunk. Kind tourists at all the viewpoints voluntarily offered to take photos of the 3 of us. (DD happily reciprocated). Then we drove to Whistler where it was raining and ๐Ÿฅถ. Then back down to Vancouver. Beautiful drive from Whistler to Vancouver in the late afternoon.
  5. Happy Birthday to Diana & Minnie. Hope they enjoy their celebratory tuna. Diana is a wonderful way to keep your friendโ€™s memory alive.
  6. Understand that you are not permitted to post photos but that would be really cute. Wildlife caring is a big commitment and a lot of work but the upside - the cute babies. Thanks for doing what you do.
  7. Hi All. We are two days away from an Alaska cruise on Grand Princess. I pre-selected my standard balcony location to suit us. Yesterday we got the bid upgrade email offering the following Premium Balcony $69pp AUD Mini-Suite - $168pp AUD Club Class Mini - $444 pp AUD Not interested in Premium Balcony because I donโ€™t think there is much difference from a standard Mini-suite appeals for the extra space and sofa bed and bigger balcony but I donโ€™t want to risk bidding because I believe there are obstructed minis on the Grand and I donโ€™t want to risk an obstructed view in Alaska. The Club Class sounds like an appealing splurge but the other party is in an obstructed oceanview (they havenโ€™t been given the option to bid) so that would be unfair. Would appreciate your input
  8. @MJSailors you write beautiful posts. Thank you for the voluntary work you and your fellow parishioners do for your community.
  9. Sorry you are unable to take meds to ease your knee pain Graham. That would be tough. That is a beautiful sea wall in your photo. Is it a scroll design or octopus?
  10. DS hiked 5km solo today to the RCAF Canso plane crash site. The plane crashed shortly after takeoff in 1945. There is a crater shaped pond nearby from where the rescuers detonated the bombs on board rather than attempt to carry them out.
  11. Thought Iโ€™d share these two photos that I received yesterday taken by the crew photographer on board our Vancouver Island Whale Watch. First photo is the Humpack we saw. Second photo - love that this photo of the Orcas is taken head on.
  12. Had a lovely day walking 2km through the rainforest on boardwalks, exploring another beach and hiking up a very steep, very muddy โ€˜hillโ€™, with no signage, no track and lots and lots of tree roots to clamber overโ€ฆ. Rainforest Trails So nice to visit Tofino in the off-season when it is not crowded. This sign in the rainforest - oldie but a goodie The bottom of the track before we hit the steep inclineโ€ฆ Views from the top were worth it though.
  13. Note to self - do not wear your favourite jeans and a white jacket on a very muddy trail up a steep hillside ๐Ÿคฆโ€โ™€๏ธ
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