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  1. We have been on the fantasy many times in cabins all over the ship including on the same floor as the kids clubs. I’ve never had a problem anywhere with noise in the hall or above or below.
  2. The one time CC was cancelled for us there were lots of things to do. Movies, characters, trivia, etc. I’m guessing there was lots more to do for you too but you missed the activities. The app is updated all the time for new activities
  3. We have gone on all the TCM cruises and are going on the magic in Oct 2019 for the next one, we will sign up for 2020 too. The first two TCM cruises were on Celebrity, then they moved to Disney. There have been 7 TCM cruises in all. This year the stars include Cecily Tyson, Diane Ladd and Mitzi Gaynor, there are usually TCM hosts and historians too and musical acts. There is usually one fancy party where lots of people dress up in whatever theme is selected. They are wonderful fun. We have met many movie stars like Eva Marie saint, kim Novak, richard Dreyfus, Robert Wagner, Angie Dickenson, Diane lane, and so many others. And we are platinum on Disney so we obviously love the DCL line They are are very different than a reg Disney Cruise. Other than a glimpse of Mickey at the going away party, there are no characters. If there are children, and there are very few children on these cruises, the characters appear in the kids club. Remy and Palo are available for booking. the dining is the same, two seatings, your servers follow you from restaurant to restaurant. But the Disney theming is gone, for instance,no Rapunzel show on the Magic. The interviews are scheduled so that everyone regardless of dining time has a chance to see them. We always do late dining, so an interview with an actor might be at 630 one night, which we would go to, and then 8 pm the next time, so someone in early seating can go. The movies will will be shown at multiple times too. I will say the MDRs are sparsely populated. Lots of empty tables because either people are doing other things or don’t care about the dining experience which we love. On port days, there are typically not a lot of activities on board. Obviously we love the TCM cruises. And because we are regulars, we get to signup early. We haven’t missed one yet.
  4. We did the transatlantic from Dover Sept 2018. It was one of my favorite cruises ever. Great entertainment, cooking classes, lots of trivia sessions. Our weather happened to be excellent so we could sit outside. But even if chilly my husband and I would hang out in the Cove reading , either wrapped in a blanket outside or in the coffee shop. There are not very many kids though so he should either get lots of attention or maybe he will bored, probably hard to tell until you are there. Most of the activities seem to be adult oriented although there were family activities too. But there are movies every day and other kid oriented activities
  5. We took the upgrade offer to a penthouse on a cruise from Bali to Singapore a year ago. It was well worth it. The bathroom with walk in shower and separate tub was great. The walk in closet was heaven. The free ironing for clothes right out of the suitcase was wonderful. And our butler was very helpful. I loved it and would definitely do it again.
  6. I can’t speak to crystal river Cruise although my husband and I have been on several other crystal cruises. Out of 6 crystal cruises I might have seen 1 or 2 kids per cruise. It’s a very adult cruise line. I have been on a amawaterways Cruise...not Disney...but a Christmas market cruise last year. I can definitely say that amawaterways ships are very upper class and, beautiful. The cabins are well appointed and very clean. The food was fantastic. And the service was top notch. I would compare an AMA cruise very favorably with any crystal cruise.
  7. Any of the airports will work. Just depends on which has the most convenient flights. As for hotels you can go to any of the hotel booking sites to find hotels. Or ask your travel agent for recommendations. I’m guessing the only hotels with shuttles to and from airport are those right at airport. I can’t believe any would offer shuttle to port unless you stay at the precruise disney hotel. Then they would offer a transfer. The price will depend on what day of week, location, amenities etc. my husband are going to nyc in October and wanted to stay in theater district. We are staying at the Premier hotel with continental breakfast for about 325 a night. I thought that was pretty decent price. And we are flying in and out of LaGuardia. We will take a taxi to hotel. In PR you clear customs at pier to get your luggage. But there is still passport control at PR airport. And if you are flying from PR to the states you probably need to clear customs at your home airport.
  8. If you want to have your bags checked in for you by one of participating airlines your flight must be after 11 30. Yes you could make at 10 am flight but I personally wouldn’t chance it. As someone mentioned you would need to walk off ASAP. Have a private ride waiting. Get to airport without traffic no later than 830. If you have to check bags at airport you don’t know how long the line will be. Security at MCO can be long and slow. It would be too stressful for me. But good luck.
  9. 200 a person sounds like a great number but I can’t believe it can be done on a Disney trip. We are doing Norway and Iceland in July on Disney in an ocean view and that comes out to over 15000 for 4 or about 359 a person per night. Also we are looking st the Greek cruise in 2020 and that’s priced st about 18000.
  10. As many sea days as possible in the Caribbean. In fact we hardly ever get off. In Europe we would prefer more sea days although if we have been to a port before we generally view it as a sea day.
  11. Sea days! If we have been to a port before we treat the ship as a floating resort. Enjoy the pool, the movies, etc
  12. I’m not on this cruise but our experience is that th shuttle starts leaving at the same time people are allowed off the ship. As they fill up, the shuttles leave. So whatever time disembarkation is, you can generally use that to figure when shuttles start leaving,
  13. We booked through our travel agent opening day. The 12 day for 4 in a verandah was a little over 22000. We were on the last Greece cruise from Venice. Loved it. We are going on the Norway Iceland cruise this summer. We will see if there is any savings using the 10% discount for onboard booking. My agent did say that when she paid the deposit 2 days after actual booking the price had already gone up 1000.
  14. While adults and kids can wear pretty much anything I always have my family clean up and wear long pants and collared shirts. Gym shoes are fine, I just believe it is a good idea to teach our kids to be respectful to others and dress nicely for dinner. We always do late dinner. The thought of eating at 545 or 6 is just not appealing, we go to 630 show, then 730 family event, like a game show or trivia, and then head to dinner. Very relaxing to us. After dinner kids watch a movie or see characters and my husband and I head to the adult area.
  15. Definitely dinner. But I’m not a fan of brunch because there is way too much food. I love the atmosphere at dinner and the food. We always order extra antipasto. It’s my favorite thing. And I rarely get an entree. Antipasto, salad and pasta. That’s enough for me, we are platinum so we get it free. But i would pay for it if needed. Also we usually take the longer cruises, 9 days or more. So it doesn’t seem like we are giving up too much time in the MDR.
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