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  1. Great reiview, as always! I can't wait to try out the Encore ourselves in a little over a year.
  2. Dennis met us at our hotel near the Pantheon and we spent several hours walking through Campo De’ Fiori and the various markets and restaurants in that area. We began at a pastry shop for cappuccino and cannoli. We moved on to a pizza shop, a store selling meats and cheeses and toured the Campo De’ Fiori market as well, sampling olive oils and balsamic vinegars and such. We ended at a lovely restaurant for a pasta lunch prepared by the most delightful lady in her 80’s. Dennis was engaging and so informative about what we were seeing and experiencing. The amount of food provided was surprising (in a good way!). We couldn’t begin to eat it all, so Dennis made sure any left overs were boxed up at each stop and we took it back to the hotel. All in all it was a terrific tour - maybe 3-4 hours in length.
  3. We booked several transfers and tours through Rome in Limo for our recent trip to Italy and couldn’t be happier with their service. The booking process was simple and I greatly appreciated being able to pay for most of the tours in advance. They even offered a discount for doing so. Our walking food tour with Dennis was so much fun and a great value as well. I highly recommend it if you visit Rome. Our day long tour of Rome with Stefano was a delight. We then were happily surprised to find he was also going to be our driver for our transfers to and from Tuscany. He made the ride so much more interesting and fun. Our shorter transfers were handled professionally and courteously as well. They were always on time (early actually), handled all of our luggage and got us to our destination safely and quickly. Overall, we have nothing but wonderful things to say about this company.
  4. This exact same thing happened to me. I contacted them, and they insisted that I did not choose the print at home option. This is not true. I was very careful to select that option, so I know they are incorrect. After several back and forth emails, I've given up. We will have to pick them up onsite as they absolutely refuse to email us the pdf of the tickets. The whole thing is very strange. I really hope the OP's guide is correct and it's actually faster to pick them up onsite, though that seems counterintuitive. Time will tell ....
  5. Thanks for the fabulous review! Your recap has been a refreshing change of pace from the all too prevalent complaining and whining about trivial things on this board. Yes, you were presented with a number of significant challenges on your cruise, but you guys made the best of it and told your story objectively and fairly. I'll just repeat what others have said - we'd love to cruise with your family - what a great attitude you guys have!
  6. After two cruises in an aft cabin (on the Sun and the Gem), it's very hard for us to book anything else. So much so, that we haven't! 😎 Our next two cruises are also in aft cabins. You simply can't beat the 180 degree views and that mesmerizing wake.
  7. Best: Freestyle cruising just fits us. We love not being told when and where to eat, not having to eat with strangers and not having to dress up for formal nights. We love all the options for dining as well, and think the food is really pretty good for cruise line food. We also greatly appreciate the friendly crew. Worst: We have sailed Disney several times in the past and particularly enjoyed the dedicated movie theater and the enrichment lectures about ports of call (NOT the shopping briefing, but actual interesting information about the port's history, wildlife, etc.). We've missed this on the two NCL cruises we have taken. Though, as we tend to gravitate toward port heavy cruises anyway, it's not that big of a deal.
  8. We loved the Sun. Our Alaskan cruise on the Sun was our first introduction to NCL and we had such a great time that we've booked three more cruises with them since then. It's a small ship, but we found plenty of options to keep us entertained and fed. One thing I really appreciated about the small size is that most of the public spaces still have a great view of the sea. I loved that. I would not hesitate to book the Sun again for the right itinerary.
  9. We've also sailed in 9076 and absolutely loved it. We were on an Alaskan sailing and pretty much lived out on that huge, wonderful balcony. Our adult son was with us on that cruise and having the separate living room was especially nice. The fold out couch was very uncomfortable, though. Our steward ended up bringing us two egg crate toppers (one didn't do the trick) and after that he slept fine on it. We found the cabin to be extremely quiet. The only exception was, like the previous poster mentioned about cabin 8077, there were lots of vibrations and banging when coming into port. Though that would not deter me from booking that cabin again. We just looked at it as a good way to make sure we never overslept on a port day 😎.
  10. I agree. At the end of the day, being fortunate enough to sail in a suite, I'm pretty sure the concierge will be able to book on board whatever we aren't able to book on our own ahead of time. I'll still keep trying to book before hand, but I'm not going to stress about it.
  11. OP here - I was concerned about the FAQ verbiage on NCL's website stating a 120 day window for Suites and Haven guests which was why I created this thread to begin with. However, when I contacted the Concierge desk they assured me that Suites and Haven still had the 130 day booking window. She assured me that the only reason that I could not book anything 130 days out was because of their ongoing IT issues, not a change in policy. I explained to her that the website said that we had a 120 day window and she reiterated that Suites / Haven still have a 130 day window - no change. Could she be uninformed? Could NCL's website be wrong? Take your pick! I'll say this. While she was extremely vague on when the website issues would be resolved regarding booking dining for cruises embarking after 10/06, she was adamant that the 130 day window had not changed. Considering the widespread things I'm reading about right now regarding NCL's IT issues, I'm inclined to believe the Concierge desk rather than NCL's website. I could be wrong, though. Wouldn't be the first time!!
  12. Thanks! I called the concierge this AM as I wanted to double check and was told the exact same thing. What a mess. She did mention that they had been told everything might be fixed by the end of the month, but she sure didn't sound very confident. I still find it odd that the FAQ section of NCL's website has the timeframe listed as 120 days for Suite and Haven guests. However, the person I spoke to assured me the policy was still 130 days for Suites and Haven, and that the reason I can't book is all tied to their ongoing IT struggles - not a policy change. I guess we will just have to keep logging in and checking.
  13. I called the pre-concierge today to try to book our specialty dining reservations (our window should have opened yesterday). I was told that no dining could be booked for any cruise after 10/06 - not online or by calling. That had previously been reported on here by other posters , but I wanted to double check. What was frustrating was that they couldn't even give me an estimate for when the problem would be fixed. She did mention that they had been told possibly by the end of the month. 🙄
  14. We are 130 days away from our cruise and are booked in an SF Aft Penthouse Suite. Being in a suite, I thought we could make dining reservations today. When I tried to do so however, it said that it was too early to book. A note said I could book on 6/26, which would be 120 days prior to the cruise. At first I chalked it up to the website issues I've been reading about, but then decided to go check the FAQ section of NCL's website. It appears that NCL has changed the policy of allowing Haven and Suite guests a 10 day head start when booking dining and entertainment - at least on cruises of over 6 days. Is this something relatively new, or did I just miss it being discussed? Here is what the FAQ said: When can I book dining and entertainment? Reserving dining and entertainment before your cruise can help you plan ahead and make sure that you do not miss out on our most popular shows and restaurants. You can pre-book these onboard activities myncl.comfollowing the schedule below Suites and Haven 120 days prior to sailing All other staterooms • For sailings that are 6 days or less and are not a holiday sailing, 90 days prior to sailing • For sailings that are 6 days or less and are a holiday sailing, 120 days prior to sailing • For sailings that are 7 days or more, 120 days prior to sailing
  15. We used Dave's back in 2016 and had a wonderful day. We took the Hybrid Top Sites of Saint John's and St. Martin tour and arrived back at the ship in plenty of time. We saw so much more than the folks taking the big bus tours. Our driver was fantastic at avoiding the bus crowds. We even had time for a wonderful lunch stop in St. Martin. All in all, it was a great day.
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