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  1. Good idea. My cruise leaves on a Thursday, so the banks should be open. I'll check and see if there are any banks near my hotel which is right across from the port. Thanks for the suggestion.
  2. I asked NCL about travelers checks and was told they would not cash them on board. OP
  3. I am taking a significant amount of cash to use in the casino on my upcoming cruise. In the old days I would just take a travelers check and cash it with the purser. The past few years I have cruised from my home state and since I was driving to the port I wasn't that concerned about carrying a large amount of cash. But on this cruise I am driving to the airport and flying into New Orleans where I will be staying for a couple of days before the cruise. I have asked CAS if there was any other way that doesn't involve fees (credit or debit card) to get cash once on the ship and their answer was no. I'm already gambling, I really don't want to waste an extra 3%. Anybody have any suggestions or work arounds for this issue? At this point I just figure a money belt is my best option. Thanks for your help.
  4. Although I have been on NCL many times, I haven't been on NCL in a couple of years. I have been checking out the deck plans and see many bars on the Breakaway. On my last few cruises I have been really enjoying the Alchemy Bars on Carnival. Will there be any comparable bars on my upcoming cruise on the Breakaway? Thanks for the info
  5. Several years ago I stayed at a hotel directly across from the ncl terminal in New Orleans. I thought it was either a W , a Wyndham or a Westin. Now I can't find anything that seems to fit the W thing online. The great thing about the hotel was that I literally walked across Convention Blvd to the port, not right or left or down stairs or elevators ( I like to travel with my snorkeling equipment and lots of shoes) so I usually have three suitcases so this was great for me. It was an upscale hotel and was about a mile from the quarter so I did a walking progressive restaurant tour and also walked to the garden district but the most important thing for me was walking easily to the terminal with my suitcases. Does anyone have any hotel suggestions for me within these parameters? Thanks for your help, Shirl
  6. Love the Pride and love sailing out of Baltimore, however would love an itinerary change. Grand Turk has been absent, and maybe they could add Key West or Cayman. Or maybe they could skip the Bahamas and do Dominican Republic and Jamaica
  7. I have been to Grand Turk about 10 times and have never paid for a chair nor been asked to do so. I have gotten off the ship early and late- still never a problem- however I am not interested in umbrellas so maybe that is the issue. I prefer either going right or left up to Jacks Shack as it is less crowded but sometimes stay close if the weather isn't great to be able to get quickly back to the ship. You can also take an inexpensive cab to Bohio, which is a nice secluded beach with water sports, beach snorkeling and a bar and restaurant.
  8. xyzcruiser


    If you want to stay on the ship, great. But most cruises to the Bahamas include sea days. I think Paradise Cove is great. Very good snorkeling, a very uncrowded beach day, kayaks and paddle boards available to rent. Drinks, food and changing facilities right there. $10 transportation there(each way). Book online at deadmansreef.com or just take a taxi. It really aggravates me when people denigrate Freeport when they have never been out of the port area. I go to Paradise Cove every time I'm in Freeport and have yet to be disappointed.
  9. Have been on many bounce backs. Have upgraded at the time of booking, several weeks later and once less than a week before the cruise. If I don't upgrade immediately I call back weekly. I decide what I'm willing to pay for an upgrade, and then as soon as I get a price I'm willing to pay , I go for it. If not, I suck it up, and stay in the inside room. My best so far is, $118 for the upgrade on a 14 day journeys cruise
  10. I cruise solo often and always go to the Steakhouse at least three times per cruise. You will never feel uncomfortable there by yourself. But if you think you will, try to make friends at the Alchemy Bar first. There will be people there that might be willing to join you. It is always great to make new friends wherever. Hey, it's your life and up to you to enjoy it. Better to go than not.
  11. There is an enclosure over the pool so you can feel like you're sunbathing even if you are technically not. The Pride is a great ship, food and crew great, the port is very easy. I have sailed the Pride from both Baltimore and Tampa, one time in the hurricane Joaquim when I never got off the ship. All my cruises on her have been great and mostly warm and sunny.
  12. I have been to Paradise Cove several times. I always use their transportation because the price is the same ($20 roundtrip for them, $10 per person each way for taxi) but you may need to go through several taxis to get one that is going to Paradise as there will be competition from other passengers wanting to go other places whereas their van is there waiting for you specifically. Also, you can prepay online which limits the amount of cash needed on the cruise.
  13. I go to Paradise Cove every time I stop at Freeport. Have had some of my best beach snorkeling in the the Caribbean here. Lots of fish, rays, and loads of turtles. The $40 is not just an access fee--it includes pick up from and return to the ship. You can take a cab from the ship ($10 per person each way) and then pay $20 to snorkel there ($12 if you have your own equipment). So basically the price is the same either way but I prefer to have the dedicated transportation I know I can count on, rather than waiting in line for the next cab that is willing to go there as tons of people are getting off the ship at the same time.
  14. Cruising in a few weeks. I am new to Rcl but have cruised many times with Ncl and Carnival. The reason I do my time dining is I don't know when I'll feel like dining-- I go to the specialty restaurants more than the mdr anyway and it depends on what I did that day at port or if it's a seaday. This was never a problem on Ncl or Carnival, I just show up when I feel like eating. and if a bunch of other people show up at the same time they give me a pager and I go have a drink or browse in the shops. I have never waited more than 20 minutes. I was very surprised to get an email saying I needed to make my dinner reservations. This is totally opposed to the reason I chose my time dining. Am I in for a rude awakening when I try to just show to the mdr?
  15. carnivalplayersclub.com then click on win loss statement button to fill out request form
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