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  1. I am leaving from Port of Baltimore next week on Thursday. I live on the Eastern Shore of Maryland and usually just drive up that morning (about 2 1/2 hour trip). Anybody with any current info on the delays due to the bridge construction? I have to work the evening before the trip, so I can't really go up a day before. Just trying to figure out what time to leave my house to insure a timely arrival at port. Thanks, Shirl
  2. Just realized my ship is stopping in port Canaveral the day of a launch, dec 17. Ship is supposed to arrive at 6 but not sure what time we will be getting off . Launch is scheduled at 7:47. Will we be able to see the launch from the ship? If not , what is the travel time from the ship and is it worth doing a Kennedy Space excursion or will it arrive after the launch? Any advice will be appreciated. Thanks, Shirl
  3. Why not do both? I always do.
  4. Agree with Capt BJ, Paradise cove is my favorite place to snorkel in the Bahamas. Hopefully not too much damage from Dorian. Prayers for the residents.
  5. Next week, Monday Sept 2. Also, forgot to mention I was traveling solo- sometimes I have had problems getting a taxi to take me places because they are only getting one fare- that's why I mentioned the bus. If you make arrangements for a taxi back, is that reliable ? Thanks, Shirl
  6. xyzcruiser

    Daniels Head

    Am arriving late to Bermuda (1pm arrival, off the ship by 1:30?) Want to snorkel but am worried because the transportation seems limited after 5:30pm. Was thinking Daniels Head or Church Bay. The late arrival makes taking the ferry to Tobacco Bay undoable. The online info on Daniels Head seems outdated. How to get there and more importantly, back? Church Bay seems like #7 bus, is it hard to catch after 5pm? Also,opinions on snorkeling quality on each (I am an experienced snorkeler and have my own equipment)? I understand Church Bay can sometimes be rough, will have to play that by ear on the day. Thanks for your help, Shirl
  7. I am going on a 5 day RCL cruise to Bermuda at the end of the month. My issue is this- arrive 1pm day 3, leave day 4 2:30pm. I am traveling solo and am a experienced snorkeler. With only a little over 24 hrs in port, this is my plan-- minibus to Horseshoe and walk between Warwick Long Bay and Horseshoe, snorkeling where possible on first port day, RCL snorkeling excursion on second port day, or Snorkel Park. I have tried to get info from Royal excursion desk about their excursions but after several calls no one there seems to know anything other than what's in cruise planner, and that info is woefully inadequate. Does anyone have any experience with these excursions- Triangle Shipwreck Snorkel, Catamaran Coral Reef Snorkel, or Snuba Experience? Would Snorkel Park be a waste of time for an experienced snorkeler? Any comments on my plan with the limited time or alternate suggestions or recommendations on the RCL excursions would be greatly appreciated. Thank you, Shirl
  8. Good idea. My cruise leaves on a Thursday, so the banks should be open. I'll check and see if there are any banks near my hotel which is right across from the port. Thanks for the suggestion.
  9. I asked NCL about travelers checks and was told they would not cash them on board. OP
  10. I am taking a significant amount of cash to use in the casino on my upcoming cruise. In the old days I would just take a travelers check and cash it with the purser. The past few years I have cruised from my home state and since I was driving to the port I wasn't that concerned about carrying a large amount of cash. But on this cruise I am driving to the airport and flying into New Orleans where I will be staying for a couple of days before the cruise. I have asked CAS if there was any other way that doesn't involve fees (credit or debit card) to get cash once on the ship and their answer was no. I'm already gambling, I really don't want to waste an extra 3%. Anybody have any suggestions or work arounds for this issue? At this point I just figure a money belt is my best option. Thanks for your help.
  11. Although I have been on NCL many times, I haven't been on NCL in a couple of years. I have been checking out the deck plans and see many bars on the Breakaway. On my last few cruises I have been really enjoying the Alchemy Bars on Carnival. Will there be any comparable bars on my upcoming cruise on the Breakaway? Thanks for the info
  12. Several years ago I stayed at a hotel directly across from the ncl terminal in New Orleans. I thought it was either a W , a Wyndham or a Westin. Now I can't find anything that seems to fit the W thing online. The great thing about the hotel was that I literally walked across Convention Blvd to the port, not right or left or down stairs or elevators ( I like to travel with my snorkeling equipment and lots of shoes) so I usually have three suitcases so this was great for me. It was an upscale hotel and was about a mile from the quarter so I did a walking progressive restaurant tour and also walked to the garden district but the most important thing for me was walking easily to the terminal with my suitcases. Does anyone have any hotel suggestions for me within these parameters? Thanks for your help, Shirl
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