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  1. I have a cruise booked in August - haven't cancelled yet. I have cancelled my drink packages, soda packages and internet packages - I didn't get great deals and figure they can easily be rebooked. That was 3 weeks ago and nothing yet.
  2. I have a cruise in August too - booked last spring. I am waiting until the very last possible minute to pay - if it is not 100% safe in May I will definitely cancel. I know a lot can happen from May until August but I won't take the chance.
  3. I apologize - my article says 30%. So 10 % die and 30% are left with lung issues which we don't know if they can recover from - but we should all still go on a cruise because me first. https://www.yahoo.com/news/people-fully-recover-coronavirus-left-103917303.html
  4. I just read a report that those who have recovered from the virus have lost 20% of their lung capacity. I think cruises are a hot bed and think RC should cancel and to prevent those who are selfishly willing to still go. You may be young and healthy but that doesn't mean you won't pass it to someone who isn't. It is a vacation.
  5. I think there are a lot of variables - your age, your health, your job stability, if you need to take care of elderly parents, your anxiety level. There is not right or wrong answer. Good luck.
  6. No - but everyone in my family gets the flu shot and novirus, although horrible, is almost never fatal. The Coronavirus is very new - the CDC doesn't really know everything yet. I'm 50 - no that is not old, but I'm not a spring chicken either. And if the CDC suggests that I not go to the grocery store or sporting event - I won't. I haven't cancelled my cruise, but as it gets closer to payoff I might.
  7. I agree with this. I have cruise I have been really looking forward too in August. However, it seems crazy to put my family in harms way for the sake of a vacation. My husband disagrees with me, but what if he is wrong.
  8. After all of the depressing coronavirus talk - I am very grateful for a What Not to Wear thread.
  9. That is why they wait until the last day to remove them and then don't show up for dinner.
  10. We stayed at the Radisson and left our car there for the week and took the shuttle to and from the ship. I would highly recommend it.
  11. We had a Disney cruise cancelled 5 years ago - it was the last week of August and I had booked the cruise 6 months earlier. They would only honor the price we booked for in September as the earlier weeks in August were 'high season.' If I booked the August dates I had to pay at least an additional $1,000. I was furious. It was a 4 day cruise and we were going to do 4 days on the ship and 4 days in Disney. Instead, we booked a balcony cabin on the Freedom for a week for the same price as my inside cabin originally was on Disney for 4 days. My family has since cruised 2 more times with Royal and I haven't been to the house of mouse since.
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