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  1. Will he be back after the refurbishment or will someone new be taking over?
  2. Really enjoying the review just booked Empress for Bermuda May 2020 looks like a fantastic little ship.
  3. thats whats gonna make it so fun. A true sailing adventure
  4. My first cruise after surgery I was about 6 months out and I did ok as far as portions. I did eat fairly slowly, so I was able to sample a bit of the appetizer and then eat my main course. I only had one waiter make a comment and I just told him I had stomach surgery and her never said anything again. I was bad though about trying desserts and made the mistake of eating too much a few nights and ended up spending the rest of the night in bed 😞 I had no issues having a drink here or there or having a glass of wine with dinner. I'm now 3 years out and things are much easier but I find the MDR the easiest to work with as the portions are usually spot on for me.
  5. GSC wasn't cancelled I was on this cruise and we had a great time there. And yes embarkation was a mess I think it had more to do with the charter group that was on before us then anything the port employees had any control over.
  6. I usually get them done at home but my schedule is tight right before I leave so I was hoping someone here had a good experience with a salon that they could recommend.
  7. Arriving a couple of days early for my cruise and thinking of getting my mani/pedi done in Orlando instead of having it done before I leave. I'll be staying in and around the International dr. area close to Universal Studios. Any ideas for a nice clean place?
  8. This isn't really a cruise question but I'm looking to use Uber to schedule a ride to the airport before my cruise. Wondering how reliable using a scheduled Uber is. It would be an early morning pick up around 5AM. I'm in a fairly populated smallish city so Uber and Lyft for that matter is readily available for the most part but wondering about peoples experience with a scheduled ride like that.
  9. I received the shareholder benefit on my account and it did not affect my cruise perks.
  10. Thank you not the steps I remember but it worked
  11. I don't put them on for my flights as I fly in the day before. Not looking to reinvent the wheel someone else here already did and I was looking to find the instructions again
  12. I'm looking for instructions that I found here a few years ago about being able to transfer the luggage tag print document to a PDF so that you can add in your name and address and then print it. I searched for it but I haven't been able to locate it. Does anyone remember instructions of this nature? TIA
  13. I just submitted mine this week for my January cruise I'll report back when I hear from NCL. This is the first time I've submitted as I just bought the stock.
  14. I'd like to see one in Boston year around like New York has. would save me lots of airfare
  15. Yes adding photos was quite easy using Tapatalk. Never had an issue.
  16. The lack of an app version is really limiting my CC time. I used to check in 3-4 times a day. With the app I’d have notifications of posts to the threads I follow now we don’t have any of that. It’s very disappointing.
  17. As others have said I see my CC participation going way down. Tapatalk was such a great way to keep up with Cruise Critic. not sure how this new format is going to work for me. But so far not loving the change.
  18. True won’t see and current Caribbean dailies till after the TA in November. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  19. I did my first solo TA last year on the Epic it was THE best cruise. Go to the solo meetings at night we had so many solos they moved the meeting to Bliss lounge. Roll your clothes and use a couple of packing cubes it helped me optimize my space. Bring some Downy Wrinkle Release I really used it this cruise as I packed mostly mix and match pieces and the stuff really works even on linen pants. Definitely bring a small first aid bag I bring pepto, Imodium, cold meds, an antibiotic Z-pak, bandaids and Neosporin. I take this on every cruise. I used Tylenol PM for my flight and I did wear compression socks as I tend to get muscle cramps. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  20. That is fabulous it so nice to hear that you can still find crew members that really are dedicated to their jobs. Sometimes it feels like some just go through the motions. And kudos to you for showing your appreciation [emoji1317][emoji1376] Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  21. From what I can tell from what I’ve seen posted it is s very new excursion. Just started showing up last week in the cruise planners. I hoping to see some reviews in the coming weeks I think I saw someone on FB day they are going in s couple of weeks. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  22. I am also a serial over packer but taking my first Transatlantic helped s big on my last cruise as I could only have one checked bag weighing in at 44lbs. I used a neutral color palette so all my tops and bottoms were interchangeable. And I brought 1 fancy dress for formal night. Laid everything out that I was possibly going to bring and how thing would match and what I could wear more than once and then I pared down from there. I also brought Downy Wrinkle Release it works great for the wrinkles but also freshens your clothes. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  23. I can hear the screams now Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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