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  1. FCC question s seem to be all the rage right now so I thought I'd jump on the band wagon. I have read on another forum that a FFC cannot be used to pay for deposit, port charges, taxes, or gratuities. So when they issue the FCC from the cancelled Cruise do they refund the taxes,port charges and gratuities (if paid in advance) then just issue the FCC for the price of the cruise? I am just a bit confused by this. I haven't cancelled anything yet as I'm waiting to see if the suspension is extended. Thanks ☺️
  2. Will he be back after the refurbishment or will someone new be taking over?
  3. Really enjoying the review just booked Empress for Bermuda May 2020 looks like a fantastic little ship.
  4. My first cruise after surgery I was about 6 months out and I did ok as far as portions. I did eat fairly slowly, so I was able to sample a bit of the appetizer and then eat my main course. I only had one waiter make a comment and I just told him I had stomach surgery and her never said anything again. I was bad though about trying desserts and made the mistake of eating too much a few nights and ended up spending the rest of the night in bed 😞 I had no issues having a drink here or there or having a glass of wine with dinner. I'm now 3 years out and things are much easier but I find the MDR the easiest to work with as the portions are usually spot on for me.
  5. GSC wasn't cancelled I was on this cruise and we had a great time there. And yes embarkation was a mess I think it had more to do with the charter group that was on before us then anything the port employees had any control over.
  6. I usually get them done at home but my schedule is tight right before I leave so I was hoping someone here had a good experience with a salon that they could recommend.
  7. Arriving a couple of days early for my cruise and thinking of getting my mani/pedi done in Orlando instead of having it done before I leave. I'll be staying in and around the International dr. area close to Universal Studios. Any ideas for a nice clean place?
  8. This isn't really a cruise question but I'm looking to use Uber to schedule a ride to the airport before my cruise. Wondering how reliable using a scheduled Uber is. It would be an early morning pick up around 5AM. I'm in a fairly populated smallish city so Uber and Lyft for that matter is readily available for the most part but wondering about peoples experience with a scheduled ride like that.
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