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  1. We have used the Rome airport multiple times from a cruise. Usually we get a flight in the 12 - 1 time frame and have been fine each time. When crowded the Rome airport can be less organized than other places. We have been there when there has not been a line to get on the security line, more like a mob until you reach the organized part of the line. I would always give three hours at that airport.
  2. We have also stayed at Hotel Jazz and can recommend it. Also near Pl Catalunya (in a different direction) is the Avenida Palace, which we like better. It is closer to the Gaudi houses and about the same walk to the Placa.
  3. We will be there in about three weeks and are also considering the zoo.
  4. We drove from MD (about the same distance as Boston) the "morning of" and left early enough so that we arrived at the pier around 9:45. We left around two hours for traffic but did not need it. Even though the roads are crowded it can be done (and yes there is some risk). Overcoming the risk is by doing what others have suggested and stay in a place close to NYC.
  5. That would be my personal opinion. It depends on how much time you have in port. If it is only a few hours, staying in Antwerp makes sense. If you have all day, pick one of the others. Bruges is a little further from Antwerp than Ghent but check the train schedules if you are DIY to see what makes sense. If you are looking for a tour or a driver, it is probably about the same. Bruges is more touristy than Ghent.
  6. From Antwerp you are a half hour (or so by train) away from Bruges. The Antwerp train station itself is a tourist destination as is the diamond district. Some interesting museums. If you have enough time, I would think about Bruges or Ghent.
  7. Thanks for the insight. It will be Christmas Eve so I will probably wander just to see what it looks like at that time of year.
  8. Also waiting to hear the rest of the story. We are booked in December.
  9. We sailed from Boston to Quebec. For most of the cruise there was not a lot to see once we were away from port. Even sailing into Quebec until we got close we were pretty far from shore. If you want the balcony for a place to hang out, that works. If you are planning to use it for sightseeing, I would say not worth it.
  10. We have been to Nassau a half dozen times. We have gone to the beach and sometimes just walked around. My wife is thinking that this trip she might just stay on the ship.
  11. Booked on Grandeur next month. Hopefully, weather will be calm.
  12. Where did you see this. We will be there in the next month and would like to know if there is a place to avoid.
  13. For #3 the land portion are sites that are easy walking distance from the port. Unless you want to shop at Atlantis you can do the rest on your own.
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