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  1. We did this last year. Porto was one of my favorites. Even with rain Lisbon was very night. I'll take any excuse to go back and look at pictures. https://portugalandnspain.shutterfly.com/pictures/8 https://portugalandnspain.shutterfly.com/pictures/72
  2. I have credits that expire this Dec. I'll have to check.
  3. I have a European cruise booked next summer and am not sure that they will be anxious to have Americans without proof that you have been vaccinated. Am beginning to wonder about that, leave alone October.
  4. I place my camera equipment in my carry on size roller bag. Then depending on the day I carry what I need with me. On the ship (like Glacier Bay) I have whatever I need with me.
  5. I tend be of the crowd that prefers two moderate cruises to one fancy cruise.
  6. No. 10 is the façade of an apartment building we passed walking down the street.
  7. Tallinn on a rainy day https://msknortherneurope.shutterfly.com/pictures/382 And St. P https://msknortherneurope.shutterfly.com/pictures/453
  8. We have been to Barcelona three times and have gone to the S.F. interior each time.
  9. There are all kinds of angles on the inside. It looks different in the morning and afternoon. The first picture was taken mid-day. The second, first thing in the morning.
  10. Plenty of company for lunch
  11. Didn't Viking offer you a refund when they cancelled? We were cancelled later this month and were offered a refund.
  12. For Parc Guell you will need a timed ticket so work around that time. I would recommend starting there and taking a taxi from the port. Next go to Sagrada Familia (via taxi). Since you are not going inside you will not need a timed ticket. The reason I suggest taxi is that the cost is reasonable and it takes you directly from point to point maximizing your time there.
  13. We were in the Bahamas in December 2017 and 2019. Both times we had some nice beach days but the water was a little chilly for my taste. Others, especially kids, had no problem going in.
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