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  1. This is about as good a view as we got from our ship.
  2. So, we were back in Naples the next year and did an Amalfi Coast tour. More pictures. https://markandkareneurope2013.shutterfly.com/pictures/717
  3. We didn't do any rock climbing. Just taking pictures. Depending on exactly when in the fall there might be good leaf color. Also will probably be a bit chilly.
  4. We used Olie's Trolley. Here is a link to some of the pictures. https://markandkarencanadanewengland.shutterfly.com/pictures/8
  5. On glacier day I found myself moving from place to place to get different angles. Luckily the ship does not move that fast and I was also able to take a deep breath and enjoy the beauty and the experience.
  6. Once we had an ocean view guarantee and were upgraded to a balcony. Two days later we were changed (to an even better balcony). Sometimes you win when you roll the dice.
  7. We were on HAL and everyone was allowed on the bow. There were great photo ops. However, I did not have to set up a lot of gear.
  8. We had MTD at 6:45 on the nights when there was a show at 9. Worked fine. When there was only one show it was a little tighter. One show at 7:00 made a crunch for MTF reservations at 5:30.
  9. We did this excursion and were very happy with our choice. It was on our first trip to the area and had difficulty making a decision on whether to go to Pompeii or the Amalfi Coast. This gave us both. Here are a couple of links to our picturs. https://markandkareneurope2012.shutterfly.com/pictures/973 https://markandkareneurope2012.shutterfly.com/pictures/1076
  10. We were there just before Christmas. There were supposed to be two ships there and the other (larger) ship was cancelled. Since the weather was kind of wet we pretty much had the place to ourselves (until lunchtime that is when the skies opened up).
  11. On our trip HAL left Vancouver on time. We saw no point standing on deck once the sun went down. It just seemed pretty dark.
  12. We must have taken the scenic route (via Valdemossa)
  13. We've returned by both bus and train (from Soller after taking the tram from the port). The train was faster. However, due to scheduled departure times you might find the bus works better.
  14. Sleet/snow/freezing rain. All in this Saturday's forecast.
  15. We went to Emerald Lake on a HAL excursion. Took the train back.
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