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  1. mskaufman

    Glacier Bay

    You may get a better feel for timing once on board but as the other posters have suggested I was out early and thought it was a good choice.
  2. I would go with the Marriott. The location is better for restaurants, etc. If you are going to the ballgame, the Hyatt might be a better choice.
  3. They are widely accepted. That said, we were in Cascais (near Lisbon) Portugal and were in a restaurant that did not accept cards (said so in big letters on the menu). You can always ask when you walk in.
  4. We traveled with someone on a low salt diet and Viking was accommodating. They gave him the menu the night before and cooked with low/no salt for him.
  5. Yes, this picture was taken on the way out of New York City.
  6. After dinner it was pretty much cookies (until they ran out). No 24 hour pizza.
  7. This was on the East Coast. Could it still be a Pacific gull?
  8. Not sure of the type of bird but I like the photo.
  9. We do not either. A park ranger told us what kind of bird it was. Really like your picture with the blue feathers.
  10. We also saw one with blue feathers, just did not get the photo.
  11. Yes, there is a vaporetto stop right there. However, the tour will get you into several synagogues not accessible without the tour.
  12. Thanks Terry, We just got back from a week in South Dakota. Not everything is a cruise.
  13. We were in A Coruna and Santiago de Comp. Here are some of out pcitures A Coruna https://portugalandnspain.shutterfly.com/pictures/238 Santiago de Comp. https://portugalandnspain.shutterfly.com/pictures/215
  14. Here is a link to some of our pictures from San Sebastian. https://portugalandnspain.shutterfly.com/pictures/283
  15. I agree that you should take the tour that you can sign up for in the ghetto. Also, mid-week should be fine.
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