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  1. I use it on a destination cruise, especially in a place where a photo will not do the location justice. For a one time experience it is not worth it (although you can probably rent one).
  2. Thanks, We've been to a game at Fenway. Was hoping that we could get to the clubhouse or behind the scoreboard.
  3. DW won't walk near the casino on any ship because of the smoke. We were on Grandeur in December and even though they tried to isolate the smoke it was throughout the casino.
  4. Red Sox home when we are there so probably not a good choice.
  5. Does the Fenway tour get you into the clubhouse or just the press box?
  6. Two hours is a fair estimate for the Freedom Trail with no stops. It took us a lot longer last year with stops at the State House, Paul Revere's House and the Old North Church. With limited time you might consider taking an uber from the Old North Church to the Constitution and then the water taxi back.
  7. Depending on which berth you dock once you are off the ship somewhere between two and six minutes. Here is a view of the port exit taken from the ship
  8. We are on a New England/Canada cruise with a stop in Newport. How close to anything is the dock or will we need a taxi to get to the main part of town.
  9. When we were there the taxis were more interested in selling us a tour than taking us to the cable car. It was a short walk to where we picked up a bus that stopped at the cable car. Sorry, but I do not remember the bus number.
  10. This would also be my advice. We did this a couple of years ago. The kicker was there was a baggage handler work action so we were delayed 90 minutes waiting for our baggage. However, a taxi was sitting right outside Hotel Jazz to take us there. Very reasonable fare considering there were four of us.
  11. We have done the Boston to Quebec cruise and it was great. We are about a 7 hour drive to Boston but flew to Boston and back from Quebec. For two of us when we added the cost of gas, tolls, parking and energy it was worth the airfare. I also find that the drive to a cruise is fine and the adrenaline is flowing but after a cruise a long drive is more of a drag.
  12. When we were there the taxi driver let us off right in front of the terminal.
  13. We went to Garden of the Groves and had a nice day. If it is operating, it might be an option. However, it is less adventurous than the jeep excursion.
  14. We did the excursion from the Prague extension to Terezin. Found it meaningful and worthwhile. We did not go to Kelheim but found the included excursions in the other ports basic but worthwhile.
  15. We once made a detour to Grand Turks and a pilot boat came and took the ill person off. Did not affect any ports. An afternoon in Charleston is not the worst thing. We were on Grandeur in December and had a scheduled port stop in Charleston. However, if you are looking forward to other ports, there will probably be an impact.
  16. Here is a link to some pictures. Alicante was a pleasant surprise on our cruise. We went to the castle, the beach and walked on the promenade. https://southerneurope.shutterfly.com/pictures/626
  17. Each time we've been there the taxis were lined up ready to go. We even had no trouble finding a taxi at 4 am on a Sunday morning to go to the airport.
  18. Out of both NYC and Baltimore you can go north to New England and Eastern Canada.
  19. I was on a cruise with an alpha alert and wondered what it was. Always medical?
  20. Yes, taxi will make the best use of your time. Remember that you need a timed ticket to enter Sagrada Familia.
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