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  1. We did it on our own. I don't remember lunch but I do remember a snack. Hi speed train from Sants was easy.
  2. Some were out in the morning but it became really packed early afternoon.
  3. We were there last year during Fringe. The R. Mile was very crowded. We found a taxi to go back to the port.
  4. We were on Regal last summer. If there were big negatives, I don't remember them.
  5. I was thinking that Honfleur should be a nice day and place to walk around.
  6. Need to post as loud as possible that Snorkel Park is not a place to go.
  7. I am also in the "this is risky" camp. You are just not leaving enough room for something (flight delay, accident on the route, You know the rest).
  8. I remember back when the Carnival Paradise was smoke free. Turned out that the smokers also did not drink or gamble as much as expected and it was cancelled. However, there are fewer smokers today than back then.
  9. I agree that there is no reason to stay by the port. You are going to wind up taking a taxi to the ship. Something off the Ramblas like Hotel Jazz or 1898.
  10. @Ellis1138 summed things up well. We have cruised NCL multiple times as well as other lines. POA was the weakest NCL ship we have been on. However, it did a great job of getting us to multiple islands at a reasonable cost. Nothing bad to say but it was not the regular cruise experience we have come to expect.
  11. Drivers license. Leave passport in the room safe.
  12. Around the port there is shopping and a couple of beaches in walking distance. Also there is Kona Ice.
  13. We have used Bus Turistic (Blue) and have found them to be a good choice. What we liked is that the route from Placa Catalunya got us to Gaudi Houses, Parc Guell, and Sagrada F first and then we could hang on the bus until Mont Juic. We may have had to switch lines.
  14. The views from the bus and train are different. My recommendation would be bus one way and train the other.
  15. As NCL Silver there is a 10% discount in addition to the $50. That said, we do a mix of NCL, private, and DIY.
  16. The breakfast was extra and was really good.
  17. We used DART. It was inexpensive and convenient.
  18. Two years ago NCL booked us on Delta (BWI - JFK - BCN) This year we are on United to Italy and American on the return.
  19. Cruise company owns/controls the entire island. As the name implies, its private.
  20. Carnival is also reporting that they are going back to Baltimore in late May.
  21. Baltimore to Chicago to Munich to Venice
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