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  1. Thanks everyone for sharing, needed the laugh. Was scheduled to leave on my cruise this Saturday and was glad to get my towel animal fix😁
  2. I received credit now for all prepurchased items. Now waiting for refund of cruise. They did say it could take 30 days I believe.
  3. Thanks for the info. I will update when I receive credit.
  4. I received two of the three purchases I cancelled on the cruise planner a few days ago. The third has not credited. Should I be worried.
  5. I received new charges immediately and credit next day when I booked and cancelled cyber Monday for better rate. That is why I was concerned.
  6. I cancelled my purchases right before cruise shutdown. I received confirmation email but so far no credit. Anyone else having this problem?
  7. So good to be laughing about something!!
  8. My TA confirmed that it was cancelled after I answered email for refund.
  9. I responded to email also and have not received a confirmation yet either.
  10. Has anyone responded to the email and requested full refund. I think it said I would be receiving a confirmation email but haven't yet. It sure made it easier on everyone not to have to wait on phones
  11. is it better to cancel my prepurchases through the cruise planner or wait until my TA cancels cruise.
  12. Royal is denying boarding us as grandson just got back from Singapore so I really thought it should be refund not future cruise credit but I was advised not so.
  13. What does Royal do. Refund or future cruise credit
  14. Apologies, geography isn't my strong point. Thought he was closer but you are right. Singapore, Thailand and Malaysia. Actually that makes me feel better.Lol
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