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    Tax refund mexico

    I purchased jewelry on Sept 4th.........after asking about my refund, I received the following from "info@moneyback dot mx" [FONT="Century Gothic"] Good afternoon, I apologize for the delay of my response, I understand you were told that the refund will go thru within 45 business days, but as of now this process is taking longer. The Mexican government has been making several changes to the program which is causing this longer delay. Since we depend from him, and since we’re established in Mexico; we have to wait till he deposits. However, your transaction is already in process of payments, so that you could receive your refund right after we receive the funds. Although, it may take about [COLOR="DarkRed"]five more weeks[/COLOR], but I’ll be on it and I will make sure you receive it as promised. Thank you[/FONT] I'm keeping my fingers crossed that I ever see that refund. :(