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  1. I'm boarding tomorrow for a B2B. Im less worried about Covid19 than I am about Noro or seasonal flu. And I'm not particularly worried about them either.
  2. They were taken off the ship and sent to hospital when they tested positive - one on Feb 11, the other on the 12th.
  3. Money belts aren't just for money. My passport always go with me unless I'm just going to the beach, but I carry it securely.
  4. We gained a wealth of experience, many fond memories, a few new friends, and about 5,000 photos. But we didn't gain weight, even though we ate and drank whatever we wanted. Since neither of us enjoys eating or drinking to excess, and because we were more active than we usually are at home, I actually dropped a couple of pounds.
  5. Sandra, just to be clear, Tours by Locals and Shoretrips, like Viator, are not actually tour companies. They are international 3rd party aggregators or consolidators who, like Expedia for hotels, sell the services of the actual tour operators in the location you are focused on. Nothing wrong with using them, as long as you know that this is just one more later between you and the people you'll actually be dealing with on site, should anything go wrong. I usually prefer to deal directly with the operator, having first checked recommendations and reviews here, on Trip Advisor, and other tourism websites. But that's an individual choice.
  6. This is an absolutely horrible idea from a cross contamination view. No one with any type of food allergy or intolerance would be able to trust the safety of their food.
  7. That's a shame. Looks like we will have to stay on the ship. ☹️
  8. I use cruisetimetables.com or look at the individual ports website.
  9. If you are looking for information on the ports you will visit, check out the Ports of Call forum here:. https://boards.cruisecritic.com/forum/456-caribbean/ For information on your ship, check out the Carnival forum: https://boards.cruisecritic.com/forum/133-carnival-cruise-lines/
  10. Depending on when and where you are flying from, flying in on embarkation day always carries the risk of missing the ship if anything goes awry. The risk increases if your flight requires a connection. If you can't fly out the evening before, then try to catch the earliest flight possible, and have a plan B in case your flight is delayed or cancelled. According to Google maps it's about a 20 min drive to the cruise terminal , so if you arrive on time you'll be ok. Lyft or Uber would likely be the cheapest option.
  11. The OP may or may not be on AOTS. I've been on plenty of ships that didn't have outdoor movies during the day, which was why I said it was only a possibility.
  12. Agree with Shmoo. The reason you're having a problem is because none of the mainstream cruise lines have itineraries that depart from or end in Halifax.
  13. Possibly. If the ship has outdoor movies. Not all ships are equipped for this, and not all that are equipped show movies during the day.
  14. I'd start there, then move up to buffet hygiene enforcement and then on to dress code police.
  15. So you know people who got away with smuggling. And you actually think this is the right thing to do,even if you aren't caught?
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