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  1. Surely you aren't saying the OPs post was BS. It's all over the news https://www.cnn.com/2020/04/02/politics/uss-roosevelt-commander-relieved/index.html The Captain knew very well what the consequences would be when he sent out the message outside the chain of command.
  2. Do you think any lingering viruses are going to leap at you from the nearest wall, door, or window if you get near to it? Unless you are licking them, or rubbing your hands all over them and then sticking your fingers in your mouth or up your nose, they are unlikely to lose a problem. Antiseptic wipes (not antibacterial) used on commonly touched surfaces like door knobs and TV remotes, as many have done for years, is likely all that is required. The world is not a sterile place. Expecting a cruise ship to be any different is an unrealistic expectation.
  3. My afternoon, post excursion indulgence: a mudslide with an extra squirt of chocolate syrup. Sooooo much better than lining up at the ice cream counter.
  4. - temp scanners at embarkation. Possible, but may depend on the willingness of the port facility or cruise line to pay to equip and staff for this -hand washing stations at buffet entrance. Already in place on some ships. However, enforcement would have the same problems as the Purell dispensers. -food served by staff in buffet- already in place on some ships. However this requires additional staff, therefore higher payroll costs, so some lines may remain primarily self serve. - hot tubs- I can't see any line hiring hot tub police -eliminate steam rooms- depends on their popularity. If they are heavily used I can't see them being eliminated. They aren't inherently unhealthy. Feel free to avoid them if you disagree. -more antiseptic wipes in the gym. I've personally not found them to be in short supply, but perhaps additional dispensers and signage regarding their use may be helpful. -ice cream dispensers- on this I agree. Get rid of them or put them behind a staffed counter.
  5. Why would anyone get defensive about cruising, or feel the need to defend it? Everyone is entitled to their opinions and to their preferred ways of vacationing. Just as I would not appreciate someone trying to convince me that travelling and living in a cramped RV and staying at campsites is the best vacation ever, I would not impose my preference for cruising on someone who is averse to it. Just don't plan to vacation together, and avoid the topic/ change the subject if it reads its head
  6. Why would this even be a question? There are no cruises operating out of Florida now, or for the foreseeable future. And there won't be until all of the travel restrictions/port closures are lifted. Just because the cruise lines haven't yet cancelled upcoming cruises, don't think for a minute that they will actually sail. As for the cruise cancellations - I see it as a way for the lines to flatten their own curve - instead of cancelling all of them for the next several months, they will do it on a rolling basis, a few weeks at a time.
  7. ^^^^ Exactly. By the time the cruises start sailing again there won't be a need for face masks, and sanitizer will be readily available
  8. No. But I think it's a lot more realistic than thinking everything will revert to normal in 2 of 3 weeks. Look at the countries that have already been hard hit. China still hasn't lifted it's restrictions (that I've heard) and they've been dealing with this for over 2 months now. North America is still in the very early stages of this pandemic. Think we will be significantly different in our infection rates? Don't delude yourself. The curve may be flatter, but that won't shorten the length of closures.
  9. Well, here's a start for you : https://boards.cruisecritic.com/topic/2741822-rccl-30-day-suspension-now-global/
  10. Trudeau announced this new advisory ( for international travel including to the US) this morning. Echoed by Canada's Chief Public Health Officer.
  11. Bad luck/luck if the draw? It's not Princess's fault that an asymptomatic passenger boarded and spread the disease to other pax/crew.
  12. Cruise lines don't care what size your luggage is, as long as it meets weight restrictions (I think it's 70 pounds each). If it will fit through an airport style security scanner, you can carry it onto the ship. If it won't fit, then check it in with the ship terminal luggage handlers for delivery to your cabin. And nobody but you cares what brand your luggage is. If you are flying to your embarkation port, then you are limited in your carry on size by that airline's carry on policy. If it's too big, then check it. Make a list of what you are likely to want to wear each day and each evening. Evening wear can usually be worn more than once, and nobody will notice or care if you've with it before. If it won't all fit into a carry on size bag, then get a bigger bag and pay to check it at the airport. Considering what a cruise costs, the extra baggage fee is a pittance.
  13. Like any other themed cruise, I would not be surprised to see this cruise deviate from the usual X demographic. It has been well publicized for some time now, so it may well be attracting a younger and more open minded group of passengers for this cruise. Even some of the older pax may be interested in attending some of the special events, if only to learn something new. Who knows, they may pass on what they have learned to their daughters or nieces. I know I would.
  14. Sentimental favorite is the QM2. Current favorite: Eclipse.
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