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  1. The sticking point for me is the phrase used by the OP " regardless of level of service". So you would still tip extra if you had experienced poor or mediocre service from your steward of DR server?
  2. Short answer: No. Provided you haven't tampered with the automatic gratuity, any additional tip is strictly personal preference. I believe most who give extra do so for what they consider above average to excellent service. Certainly not for sub par.
  3. I think you mean insect repellant, not insecticide. I don't want to fool around when trying to avoid mosquito borne illnesses. I pack a can of good old Deep Woods Off. It comes in wipes as well. This site may be informative:. https://www.epa.gov/insect-repellents
  4. You'd likely get more answers on the Celebrity forum, since that is the line you are sailing on. Having said that, eventually Venice will ban all large cruise ships, but they first have to get their act together, stop talking about it, and actually DO something. But that will inevitably be delayed multiple times due to bureaucracy, inertia, and construction delays at the mainland alternative. Certainly not happening in the next year. I wouldn't be in a big rush to book flights this far out.
  5. When we sailed Connie last winter, Select dining was on deck 4. Traditional was on deck 5. Note that the very tall windows are only visible in the back part of this very large restaurant, but there are also (normal size) windows along the side. I don't know what you mean about the best way of using SD. You have lots of options depending on your preferences. Reserve any or all of your dinners before boarding. Reserve any dinners after boarding. Or just show up when you are ready to dine.
  6. There was an early and late excursion on our port day. Both returned to the ship. We took the early one. We showered and changed on the ship them wandered around the port area, had a drink and snack, and used the bar's free wifi to catch up on email.
  7. I need to use a cane, so I generally take the elevator. If necessary I can go up a couple of flights, one step at a time, or down a few flights; but it's painful.
  8. I've had a life long problem with motion sickness, so I take preventive measures rather than waiting until it strikes. It look a few cruises, trying multiple methods, before finding what worked best for me. Which is Bonine, taken daily at bedtime, starting the night before embarkation. If one doesn't know whether or not they might have a problem with sea sickness, it makes sense to start with some of the non pharmaceutical measures first, progressing to medications if necessary. Trying any medication for the first time should always be preceded by a discussion with ones primary health provider or at the very least your pharmacist.
  9. I would put money on it being an error. I'm pretty sure US Immigration requires them to zero out the ship before any new passengers can embark, rendering an "extend your stay" problematic in US ports. If course, things may have changed.
  10. It sounds like traditional dining will not suit you, so you are better off opting for select dining. This way you can dine at whatever time works best for you each day. We always opt for Select, ask for a table for 2 and eat between 7:00 and 7:30. On some cruises, where we know what excursions we'll be doing each day, I reserve our dinners well before boarding. We usually have the same table each night. Other cruises, where we are more spontaneous with our port days, we just show up when we're ready to eat. If we have found a server that we particularly like, we ask to be seated in their section. We tend to order a full 3 courses and linger a bit over coffee and dessert, dinner lasts a good hour and a half. But we still make it to the late show in the theatre.
  11. Canuker: please provide a list of cruise lines that list hairdryers on their list of banned items. I've sailed on numerous lines, and while they ban appliances that generate heat like irons, steamers, kettles etc, they have all exempted hair appliances. I would be fascinated to see your list of lines that run counter to this.
  12. Rolling garment racks are nothing new. I've had one in our storage room for out of season outerwear for decades. However I fail to see what this has to do with cruising. Unless you mean as a method of organizing your clothes just before packing. I have never used it for that. I just hang everything together in one section of my closet.
  13. I had this happen after our first few cruises until my GP recommended continuing my Bonine for a few days after disembarking. That seemed to do the trick for me.
  14. You are taking your children on a cruise but want to leave them on the ship while you go on excursions? How old are your children?
  15. But those are only a single one for crew use only. I mean, can you imagine having to schlep fully loaded trays up and down stairs constantly for a full shift! I've seen a couple of videos showing this set up on ships. There are pax escalators on a few ships, from what I've read, but I haven't seen them personally.
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