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  1. I've noticed that you have criticized other posters choices on more than one occasion on this thread. These are opinions, preferences, personal choices. You think Sri Lanka is the be all and end all. I think it's one of the last places I'd ever want to revisit. Personal opinion. Neither of us is wrong. Neither are those who choose Aruba. But disagreeing doesn't give one the right to criticize. Or does it?
  2. OP, your situation makes the use of a cruise specialist TA ideal. You can discuss your wants, needs, and budget with them in detail, and they will have the expertise to suggest the cruise most likely to satisfy you. We can make all kinds of recommendations off the top if our head, but without knowing you better, it's a craps shoot whether or not you would be happy with anything we might suggest.
  3. Sounds more like a yacht than a cruise ship. You just posted the exact same thing as I was typing. I'd think something that small would be more of a boat trip than a cruise.
  4. Why? If X wanted to do world cruises, they would have done so. If you want a world cruise, there are other lines that do them. While we enjoy our cruises, I don't see us doing a world cruise, ever.
  5. Simple. Cruises just won't be happening under those conditions. As long as those restrictions exist, ships just won't be able to dock there. Or even sail (from a US port) in the first place
  6. We've done land vacations on quite a few of the Caribbean Islands. Barbados is by far our favorite. We're considering another land vacation this winter in lieu of a cruise. Right now Cuba is top of our list (if it reopens to tourists), mainly because there are so few Americans. Sorry if that offends anyone, but your COVID stats make me want to keep as far away as possible
  7. You do realize that safety trials on humans are already well underway?
  8. It's a good point. But they didn't teleport to the dock. They also tested negative on arrival in Germany, but they had been in Germany for a time between leaving home and going to the ship. Do we know how long that interval was?
  9. Interesting. So you're a mathematician who sailed on a cruise ship 16 years ago. Not a virologist, epidemiologist, infectious disease specialist, marine engineer or architect, or with any other marine qualification. And have apparently no concrete evidence that the assembled panel isn't already considering how to handle the inevitable pax and crew who develop COVID 19 onboard. Pardon me if I prefer to listen to the concerns voiced by those who have actual knowledge of, and experience with the problem.
  10. I have absolutely no idea what you mean by a "quasi hospital" or a "sub hospital", nor do I really care. But what information has led you to conclude that no one (on the panel of experts that has been formed) has thought to develop plans and protocols for the safe handling of infectious pax on board? Seems like a rather big assumption on your part, unless you have a factual basis for this line of possible concern.
  11. Then I fail to see why you would be responding to this thread. We are all aware if AIDA and TUI starting up again with severely restricted criteria for boarding, including place of residence. That is immaterial to this thread. Doesn't matter if every cruise line on earth started sailing the 7 seas tomorrow- none would be out of the US, and no Americans would be allowed on board, since they wouldn't be allowed into the departure country. And the fact that there is a ship sailing from Germany, but only allowing German pax, isn't going to impress anyone except the Germans
  12. Hard to think with a mask on? What twaddle. Do you think all those doctors and nurses wearing masks for hours at a time suddenly develop mental impairment when they put them on? Then heaven help us all. Hard to breathe with a mask on? Sorry, but unless you have a respiratory impairment severe enough to require supplemental O2, then it's all in your head. I watched a news item last night where an Intensive Care doctor had his oxygen saturation levels monitored while wearing cotton, surgical, and N95 masks. None caused a drop in 02 levels compared to his baseline. When he wore all 3 types AT ONCE, his sats dropped from 100% to 99%. So that excuse doesn't wash. If you need supplemental 02 because of respiratory disease, then nasal prongs fit under any mask with no problem. Glasses fog up? Get a mask with a wire or metal strip at the nose. Problem solved. Are masks annoying or uncomfortable to wear? Yes, for some they are. Guess what? I find bras uncomfortable to wear; but I wear them out if courtesy to the people who have to be around me when I'm not at home. Lots of things can be uncomfortable, but grownups comply because it's the right thing to do.
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