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  1. We are doing the 2 night extension in Bangkok. I sent an email to Tellus @viking.com . I received a call back Lewis. We depart the ship on Friday. He told me that we will have a 1/2 day Included City Tour on Saturday morning. There will be a Viking rep at the hotel (usually limited hours) to help us book other tours or answer questions. That leaves Friday afternoon, evening free and Saturday afternoon and evening open for other tours, shopping, etc. We also have a 9 PM fight out on Sunday night, that gives us another "free" day in Bangkok. We can have the hotel Hold our luggage on Sunday. Any suggestions for things to do in Bangkok during our "free" time. We may just sleep in on Sunday moring to prepare for the fights home. Thanks for any info on Bangkok.
  2. We are booked on the Nov 15 Viking Orion cruise (Hong Kong to Bangkok). We are also on the 2 night extension in Bangkok. I am looking for information on the included tour vs the Tour we received from the ship to the hotel. Should we skip the included tour, is it "covered" on our tour the day we depart the ship for the hotel. Thanks for any information
  3. You really do want medical insurance coverage when you are traveling out of USA. Medicare has very limited out of country coverage with very strict rules (Canadian medical treatment much closer than being transported to USA hospital). If you need medical treatment out side of the USA, you will need to pay up front before you are allowed to leave the country. There are a very few insurance policies that will cover medical care while overseas (Federal Blue Cross/ Blue Shield and Tricare for Life. Even with these you may need to pay upfront and then file for reimbursement. If you are doing independent pre-stay and/or post-stays, you may want to check on line for companies offering medical coverage and evacuation for 1 - 3 years policy for a flat fee.
  4. MSEm

    2 questions

    We always asked for a share table. They seems to seat people at a table for 2 if you do not request a larger table.
  5. MSEm

    2 questions

    The tables for 6 to 8 were round Good Sailing
  6. MSEm

    2 questions

    There are lots of tables for 2. We would always request "Sharing" a table. Ususally within 10 minutes our table or 6 or 8 would be filled. We enjoy sharing and meeting other cruisers at the table.
  7. MSEm


    We completely a Cruise on the Viking Sun On May 25. The day before we got off the ship the cabin steward was changing out the in cabin coffee maker. The old one had a water reservoir; the new one did not and was . The coffee pods were also a different size. We had Decaf and 2 types of "regular" coffee pods.
  8. Thank you for all the input. We may have put down a deposit for a future cruise. I know that on 2 of the cruises we skipped ports; so maybe it is a refund of Port Charges. My husband and I each received a check for $100.00.
  9. Thank you for the information on Stinger Suits. Being very fair, (I always burn; never tan), I have the leggings and long sleeved top to protect from the sun. Much easier to avoid the sun with the leggings & top than trying to smear on sunscreen.
  10. Received what appears to be a check from Bottomline Technologies PaymodeX for Holland America Line N.V.. Has anyone received such a "check". If it is a real check? Why would HAL be sending me money? It has been 1 years since we sailed with HAL. Thanks for any information.
  11. I understand that a "stringer Suit" is for protection from Jellyfish Stingers, Would a lycra type sun/swim leggings with long sleeve sun/swim top offer the protections needed for snokeling in the Great Barrier Reef area? We will be there later part of March 2020. Thanks for information on "Stinger Suits" and Port Douglas trips.
  12. We lived in the Athens area many years ago. Summers were very warm and dusty. The water temperature was cool. I also swam/snorkeled with a long sleeved t-shirt. We like to wear Hiking pants when traveling in warm climates. Check out outdoor stores or clothing (LLBean, REI). Also like the light long sleeve shirts. Such clothing offers protection from the sun and dries very quickly if it gets wet. Make sure you carry water and drink it while touring. It is easy to get dehydrated. We always pack 2 or 3 empty 8 oz plastic water bottles. Easy to refill on ship and takes less space then the larger bottles Viking gives out on the ship.
  13. We are planning to do the Port Douglas and Great Barrier Reef post cruise offered by Viking Ocean in March 2020. I want to know more about the underwater viewing platform or observatory, if anyone has taken this tour or similar please tell me more about the tour and viewing platform. Also what is the water temperature at the reef the end of March. Thanks for the help.
  14. We really liked the location of cabin 5080. Very convenient to get the the many dining options. We did order breakfast room service on days with early tours. Everything was delivered hot, even the omelette. We found the carafe of coffee, muddy. We stopped ordering the coffee and just used the coffee maker in the cabin. Really liked the roomy bath with lots of storage and very nice shower. The DV cabin had plenty of room and storage for us. We really enjoyed the Churchill War Rooms and our trip to Bletchley Park. Learned about the Pigeons used for a secure line of communication during WWII. Enjoyed our trip and have 3 more VO cruises booked.
  15. We are booked on the Hong Kong to Bangkok Nov 15, 2019 cruise. I am looking for information on Hanoi Overnight vs A Day in Hanoi. This will be our first trip to these countries. Should we stay with just the Day Trip ? What is included in the Overnight that we would not see on the Day Trip? Thanks for any and all information on this cruise.
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