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  1. Thank you Lindalou. I did see the fresh fruit and cheese plate listed. We pass on the silver spirits package. We will often bring a local bottle of wine or beer on board during our cruise. We may order a special wine or beer by the glass. Thanks again for all the useful info.
  2. Thank you Lindalou. Having complimentary laundry will reduce packing. I was disappointed to learn that a coffee brewer is not in the AA cabins. In Nov 2007 we took our first Viking River Cruise in China. Our boat was only 1/3 filled and VR allowed 1/3 of crew to go on excursions with us. It was a very special treat seeing the many sights in China with the crew members. Enjoy your Very Quite cruise.
  3. On our first day on board we check the mini-frig. We take out items we do not want. I will leave a note in the frig with a list of items we would like stocked. Also we will pick up extra bottles of water at the gangway and keep in the refrigerator. Talk to your cabin steward on filling the ice bucket in the cabin. I normally carry individual powdered lemonade to mix in a bottle of water. Remember you do have 24 hour room service. We may order a cheese plater (with fresh fruit) from room service. Carry "ziplock" type bags to store the extra cheese and fruit. On our last cruise we got back late afternoon from a long tour that included a large lunch. That night we ordered French onion soup and salad from room service. Room service has always been quick and very good food; hot items are hot and cold items are cold. On Viking you can also bring wine and spirits on board to consume with no problems or hassles. Enjoy your cruise.
  4. Thanks for the information. I know the next cruise I will be booking for 2024. I will book when we get back from our October 2021 river cruise. Will definitely look for the Cruise Certificates. Thank you again for all of the very good information.
  5. CCWineLoaver We are booked on the April 7, 2022 sailing also. We like the size of the PV over the DV cabins. PV has a much better location for the closet. Looking forward to seeing Madrid and other cities in Spain. We made 1 trip to Spain; July 1979 for the running of the Bulls in Pamploma, Spain and yes DH did run with the bulls.
  6. Thanks for all the replies . As DaveJS states about the waffles; maybe i should look at which cabins gets me closer to Mamsans and eat breakfast there. I do like the idea of a larger cabin for this long of a cruise. Our South America to Chilean Fjords will be April 2023. I just grabbed a PV3 that opened on our 2022 Trade Winds (now Sold Out) cruise. It is actually a PV3 GTY. Maybe we will be blessed by the upgrade goddess. When I booked 4 months ago, there was 1 DV2 cabin and 1 Explores Suite. We really like the extra space in the PV over the DV cabins. Thank you for all of the wonderful replies.
  7. When on a Viking River Cruise is there an agent that can help you book an Ocean Cruise? If so are there advantages to booking while on a river cruise to booking after returning home? Thanks for all the information.
  8. Is there really any advantage to being on the starboard (right side; odd numbered cabins) of the ship when cruising south from Buenos Aires to Santiago, Chile? At this time I have choose between the Cabin category I prefer on the port side or a lower category on the Starboard side. Thanks for any information on this cruise and cabin location.
  9. Talked with Viking VeriFly agent today. A: Viking DOES NOT put a QR code on your phone. You just get a green Check Mark on the app. B: If you DO NOT have a "smart" phone, call Viking directly for help with the "work-around" not using Verifly. Hope the answer I got can help others that posted questions. Good Cruising.
  10. In the description of the Viking Longship AA cabins (Veranda Suite) one of the perks is Complimentary Laundry. Is this daily laundry? A limited number of items (such as 10 items) during the trips. If you have used the laundry service on a Viking Longship please share your experience. Thank you for all the wonderful information on this board.
  11. Another Viking agent told me not to worry about the app. She said as long as I have my Passport, Vaccination card and PCR results the app is not really needed. I have my doubts about the CDC verifying my Vaccination card and that I got the Covid vaccinations.
  12. Thanks for all the replies. I talked with a woman at Viking in California. She told me the information is sent to the CDC to verify and then the app will have a QR code in the app that Viking will scan to get on the boat. I completed the form and now waiting for the QR code to show up. So now I am wondering how you can eliminate the app from your phone before you travel if you need to QR code to get on the boat?
  13. How is it verified? I got my vaccines at a drive through clinic. Received my Vaccination card with my name on the card and the date of vaccination. Do I just type in the dates of vaccination?
  14. Viking has requested that I put Verifly on my cell phone and fill out What??? What does this app do besides take up space on my cell phone? What happens if my cell phone does not work. Do I have to carry my cell phone at all times on this cruise? I will have my USA Passport that is ID, my Covid Vaccination Card, and a hard copy of my PCR test results. Delta Airlines will require me to show my passport to board the plane for Paris. Viking has sent an email stating I must show the results of the PCR test and I completed the online form about my Covid vacciations. How is this app used? Thanks for any information.
  15. On our last cruise (March 2020) the gift shop had a unique wooden jigsaw puzzle. Also there were some silver erring for $75 to $100.
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