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  1. I hope that the CDC is enforcing the same protocols for cruising to the Southern border...........if they are trying to keep infections from entering the US.
  2. Way back when I was still working (15 years ago) we had a planning process for all types of situations with people (teams) responsible for their areas of expertise. We were not at the time as large as RCCL but knew it was necessary to the continuation of the business. I have to admit that we didn't have a pandemic plan but did have a process in place that could be activated. I agree the RCCL has been working on several plans for start up.
  3. We are frugal buyers and go to Mega Store in downtown - we buy what the locals use. Think of a Super Walmart with food, clothing, pharmacy, grocery store, home furnishings on 2 floors. I have to remember to bring my own plastic bags as they don't supply any. http://www.ourcozumel.com/index.php?action=listingview&listingID=20
  4. It is a daunting task for sure. I suspect that the cruise lines have done a ton of planning for so many different scenarios - plan A, B , C............Z. Planning is one thing - implementing is another subject.
  5. So much is going on behind the scenes besides the crewing of ship and provisioning etc. Someone has to be planning on who will actually have a cabin - sorting through reservations - deciding who will be cancelled if current bookings exceed whatever capacity limitations will be mandated. Cruise lines are in an ominous position.
  6. I do a lot of that because of so many spam calls. Just today I have had a call about my car warranty and a shipment from Amazon for $1100 was being held by our credit card company.
  7. I agree - the L&S was the best deal for sure. The problem was some of the restrictions on open dates, same itinerary, same number of days etc.
  8. The new pricing doesn't cover near any 25% bonus................plus I am not sending any cruise line any money until cruising fully resumes.
  9. Perhaps my term was a bit strong...............but what term fits when a Company continues to sell a product or a service that they know that they can't fulfill and they permit their employees and agents to take sales orders? I didn't know that cruise planner items were a part of FCC's - I thought that it was only on the base cruise fare. Thanks for letting us know.
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