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  1. Canceled a June trip for full refund before final payment date. Originally told 7-10 days. Called to check today, they said up to 60 days.
  2. Not to butt in, but I'm still looking for advice on a pre-cruise stay the end of June. All of the suggested hotels are either not available or way out of our price range. Any advice on where to look for hotels in Amsterdam? We are arriving early and will have 2 nights to be tourists before the cruise. Thanks in advance.
  3. Unfortunately the Banks Mansion is not available for our dates. It does look very nice.
  4. Thanks for all of the replies. Looks like a lot of those are already full for my dates, yikes, or out of my price range. I still have a few more to look at.
  5. We are looking for recommendations for a pre-cruise stay in Amsterdam in June. Not sure of the areas we should be looking in. Near the cruise port? City Center? Any and all advice is welcome. This is our first cruise leaving from an international port and we would like to make the most of our time in Amsterdam.
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