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  1. I’m planning on driving around the coast of Ireland 🇮🇪 once the hotels open up again next month.
  2. It was purchased from a prop house we favour based in Ireland ... glad someone appreciated it 😎
  3. The production we were working on in Ireland closed down on 13th March so it’s been a long and financially lean few weeks so far ... the joys of self-employment 😬. I spend a lot of my time running or walking on the beach and working out in my gym. I should be looking good in that swimsuit by the time they let us cruise again 😎 Our big plan this year was to turn our acre of land into an actual garden but finances no longer allow it so instead I’ve been sprucing up the patio and front gardens and I built a nice outdoor run for my house bunnies 🐰 to play in on sunny days. The weather here has been uncharacteristicly sunny and warm for so early in the season. I often forget what day it is and I feel like I’m living in a surreal limbo. I miss going out for coffee and I really want take-out food ( we live too far from civilisation to get delivery) but I haven’t really missed seeing other people, in fact I’d say I was thriving in my solitude. For someone who is uncomfortable with physical contact it’s tempting to keep some measure of social distancing in place afterwards 😂. Ive enjoyed seeing all the garden and house photos ... I’ll have to take some of mine, although I’m not the best gardener and I’ve already killed two shrubs this year 😕 stay safe x
  4. Prior to the pandemic I had already vowed never to cruise in an inside cabin again, after a particularly bad experience on my last cruise, that nearly resulted in my finding an early flight home. I probably couldn’t stretch to the cost of a balcony but I’d be happy with a window and just being on the outside of the ship. I’m hoping to be back onboard as soon as possible as I really need a holiday after all this lockdown malarkey over here 😔 . Who knew being forced to stay home could be so tiring ...
  5. Yes ...my last cruise in October 2019. To be honest I shouldn’t have booked it but my husband wanted to go on the particular ship as we had friends working onboard. I wanted a different cruise itinerary but I gave in and regretted it 😕 We sail in the cheap seats which has never really been an issue but the cabin we got this time was a big problem. I’m not good with noise and on entering the cabin the first day I noticed the roar of the aircon. I went to switch it off only to find we had one of the few cabins on the Nieuw Statendam that didn’t have the simple touch screen that meant you could turn it off. I wasn’t happy but I was assured if I set it to the middle it would stay off ... it didn’t 😡. Instead it would suddenly roar into life on and off all through the night, then on top,of that there was an air conditioning control room next to our cabin that rattled and banged through the night too. My husband can sleep through anything but even he was struggling. We complained and were told there was no cabins available to move to. I didn’t sleep for three nights and I took to wondering the ship on the early hours and sitting crying on empty decks. On the third night my husband phoned the front desk and told them we were getting off in the next port as we couldn’t take anymore ... miraculously the next day a cabin became available and we moved. The trip just wasn’t enjoyable after all that and I was exhausted and unusually for me I was happy to get off at the end of the cruise and head home. It was the first time we’d managed to get time off together (I’d been cruising alone) in 3 years and I still feel sad when I think about it.
  6. Thank you for the help, I’ll be looking into it first thing tomorrow. Hope all is well for you in the South. My Husband returned from Limerick this week as the production he was on shut up shop in haste. I envy your more decisive government while in the North we are stuck waiting for the mainland to give us permission for every move we make 🙄 take care
  7. Thank you for your help ... not sure why I couldn’t work that out myself tbh but as it currently feels like there is an elephant 🐘 sat on my chest I’ll blame him 😆 Now to pass the time learning the basics of buying shares online ...
  8. We treat it like an Olympic sport 🤩 Our record so far is 14 t-shirts, 3 jogging bottoms, 14 undies, 10 pairs of socks, 3 pairs of shorts, 2 bras, 2 men’s shirts, 2 swimsuits, 3 pairs of pyjamas and 2 hoodies ...
  9. I’m no doubt being a bit dense here or just over-tired in my sad enforced isolated world right now, but can anyone tell me what would be the purchase price of 100 shares at the current price in GBP ? Thought I Might as well do something positive with the situation but I’ve never bought shares before thanks
  10. I’ve found it to be fine for my hair which on our last cruise was a rainbow of colours (pink, blue, green and red). I do use tons of conditioner no matter what shampoo I use so not sure if that makes a difference 🤷‍♀️
  11. Just wondering if passengers are required to fly straight home or if they wished could they remain in Cambodia for a while to see the country . ?
  12. I’ve always found there to be a plentiful supply of alternative milk in the mornings but less options in the evenings for some reason. I like oat or cashew milk in my coffee so started squirrelling away a small jug of it that I stored in the mini bar for later
  13. I don’t do handshakes simply because I hate being touched by people in most situations. I stopped caring if people thought I was weird or rude. The worst thing is the last night of the cruise when people get all huggy 😳😱
  14. I can only find prices on an all inclusive basis which are ridiculously steep ... does anyone know how to find basic fares on the UK site ?
  15. Koningsdam ... the wonderful thermal suite, Dutch cafe, music walk and some treasured memories of sitting by the pool till the early hours chatting with friends
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