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  1. Koningsdam ... the wonderful thermal suite, Dutch cafe, music walk and some treasured memories of sitting by the pool till the early hours chatting with friends
  2. I nearly became a victim of those riptides when I lived in Bondi. For this reason and an incident with a jellyfish in Antigua I no longer sea swim alone 😬
  3. I found on my cruise this month there was a lot less junk mail turning up ... a lot of the offers seem to be printed on the When and Where or whatever it’s called now ... I found that to be a positive step forwards
  4. Glad you got a positive response to your letter . Could I ask what email you wrote to please ? I had some problems on my recent cruise that escalated to the point where I considered leaving the ship early. So far UK customer services are giving me the run around so I’d like to take it higher. Thanks
  5. Wow you can’t book a cruise under 21 even though your an adult ?!?
  6. Do you still get the bonus mariner points for items that are pre purchased online such as spa pass etc ?
  7. I understand completely where you are coming from regarding guarantees but in this instance the only choice was guarantee inside or an ocean view at nearly £1,000 more which is a lot of money to me ...
  8. Is there a possibility that given the weather the OP was describing that other maintenance issues came to the fore that possibly were of more importance than the windows? It’s not unheard of for maintenance crews to be pulled off their regular jobs to assist in more pressing matters surely ... I live by the sea in a house that is regularly battered by storms from the Atlantic, I’m lucky if the windows stay clean for a day after the window cleaner has been 🙄
  9. Just a little positive post for a wet and rainy Sunday in Ireland. Some me of you may recall I sailed solo for the first time in June and was horrified when I received my guarantee cabin assignment on deck 1. Having an autism spectrum condition I struggle to make phone calls, but with your encouragement I did so and a lovely guy at customer services called from the UK to Seattle and got me a nice move up a few decks to a spa inside on deck 10. I was very happy with that. So fast forward to this month and I booked a last minute trip departing next week! Inside guarantee again as I’m not a particular flush with cash. Lo and behold I got the same deck 1 cabin assignment as last time 😂 ... same phone call (I’m getting better at those now) made and now I’m on deck 11 😎 TBH I know I’m damn lucky to even be able to cruise 🚢 even once a year, never mind twice so the cabin issue might seem trivial to some. But the way that HAL deals with the slight quirks of my autism is exceptionally good. It’s not an easy thing to explain on the phone because even I can’t fully explain my aversion to low decks but they deal with it so well.
  10. Yes you can text using Apple IMessage or even use WhatsApp if on WiFi ...
  11. My husband has allergic rhinitis. He sneezed once while passing a woman on the music walk area of Koningsdam and I kid you not she actually screamed 😲 ...talk about blowing things out of proportion 😂.
  12. I personally don’t go in for antibacterial wipes etc ( think of the environment please ) but I wash my hands regularly with soap and hot water and always before I eat. I do use the handrails if I need and press buttons etc ... what I don’t do is use the air con. Every time I’m in an air conditioned environment I start to get ill. I get outside in the fresh air a lot too. My other big tip for avoiding catching colds ... avoid kids and school teachers 😉
  13. They have switched to the ‘revitalise me’ range of products I noticed on my last sailing. Still Elemis just a different scent and unsurprisingly a cheaper ml for ml value. Previously the shower gel was sharp shower ( my favourite) and they had skin nourishing body lotion which is creamier and less scented. I use Elemis a lot so I’m pretty well versed in their products ...
  14. On my last cruise I was neither invited to the lunch or left a tile 😕. I queried this and a few other issues with HAL on my return but I’ve yet to receive a reply ...
  15. Yes they are still Elemis as I use Elemis products at home too so I’d notice . I don’t think HAL goes in for the ‘classist’ type of behaviour with cabins but others may know more ...
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