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  1. I loved the location of mine being someone who moves between gym, thermal suite, pool and crows nest mostly. However I wouldn’t have paid extra for it. I book the cheapest guarantees so I was happy with the few extras that came with it
  2. I enjoy the New York pizza and often have one instead of going to dinner ...it’s nice to sit and watch a movie by the pool and munch away
  3. Female ... I travel in my converse and also bring trainers for gym and walking around ports, my fit flops if it’s a warm itinerary, ballet pumps, and heels 👠 if I’m planning on doing gala nights.
  4. If only we could cruise from Belfast ... I can however get a ferry to the Isle of Mull or Islay from the tiny town I live near but it’s not quite as much fun 😁
  5. Maybe they mean half a million different guests? As in they only count each customer once no matter how many times they’ve cruised ?..
  6. I quite enjoy packing to go, it’s the packing to come back that I hate. I usually pack the night before if it’s an early flight or the same day for a late flight. I’m lucky enough to have a walk in dressing room/wardrobe and being a neat freak everything is in colour order and neatly organised so I just work my way around the room popping things into the case as I go. My hubby travels for work a lot but he never packs his own case ... apparently I’m much better at it 😇
  7. My favourite ship is the Koningsdam. I love the wider variety of eateries and all of the different places to sit and chill. I enjoy watching the movies on the big screen at night and her thermal suite is fabulous.
  8. Frites and peanut sauce ... best thing ever 😋
  9. What a great post ... I grew up very poor. The type of poor where I once didn’t go to school for two weeks because my shoes wore out and there was no money to replace them. I’ve been homeless and I’ve lived in a squalid squat with no electric or plumbing that worked. Maybe this is why sometimes I feel I can relate more to the crew than some of the passengers. I know I’m incredibly lucky to have had the opportunity to work my way out of poverty, and as a result I get to travel the world in comfort. I doubt I’ll ever be in a suite or flying business class, but I’m still on that ship living the dream that I was laughed at for as a child.
  10. On my last cruise my steward made me an elephant part way through the first week whom I kept by my bed for the entire cruise. I got other critters each night (some of undetermined species😂) but that elephant was my cabin mate and I grew quite attached to him 😆
  11. I recently sailed alone for the first time. I must admit I found dinner times the hardest and either ate in the Lido or grabbed a pizza with the movie most nights. Eventually on the last formal night I decided to throw on my sparkly converse and head to the dining room alone. I requested a table for one and sat alone. It was odd for me. I quite enjoyed watching the other people around me at first, and as a writer people watching can yield some excellent nspirstion, but as time went on I realised it was actually making me feel quite lonely 😔. Being on the autistic spectrum I’m not great at making small talk so I didn’t feel able to join others but at the same time I felt sad at having nobody to share with. The meal was like very nice and the staff were fantastic, other passengers smiled and said hello as I was seated in a way that meant I faced oncoming traffic but I confess I went and sat on the promenade afterwards and cried. Each of us will feel uniquely different about eating alone I guess.
  12. The reason I refuse to sail on a predominantly British cruise line is because they go in for all this patriotic bull that just stirs up the idiot factor . Add alcohol and the current bad feelings over brexit and off it goes ... I’ve seen it first hand and that’s why I stick with HAL. Although I did get into a disagreement with a guy from Texas just after the brexit vote 😆
  13. I stayed in one for my cruise last Monday month. I’d booked the cheapest guarantee as usual so I was pretty happy at the upgrade. I loved the location but wouldn’t have paid extra for the so called amenities.
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