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  1. https://www.msccruises.co.uk/health-safety?utm_source=CRM&utm_campaign=H&S_PROTOCOL--20200805&utm_medium=email&utm_content=OS&mkt_tok=eyJpIjoiT1dWaE5XUTVZMk0xWkdWbCIsInQiOiJ0dlJocWsxazU5enQ4R25zU0h2UnhzR0NTNU5qNzA1MDlzQzFybW9XS2Z2WVhZR2JvSWJldzluR1dETTBoVHl5c01zZXRLa0VyZnFZRzlmbWZ5cDZwaGd1ZDRFYnA4Uk5cL01yRFNuSWhRZzBjSXZId3VFR1pQXC9sWFM2NUJQbkw2In0%3D This is the detail from MSC. Initially only guests from Schengen countries are allowed.
  2. I think this part of the world is just not very popular with Americans whereas us Europeans seem to love it. When we were on Jewel in Feb, Americans were only a small minority of the passengers, think that is the problem for RCL.
  3. I'd say you were wasting your time but who knows for certain. I don't think any cruises will sail this year and even if they do I wouldn't book until we know what they will look like ie. will there be shows, will we have to wear masks, what will the dining arrangements be ...?
  4. I doubt they will pull out of the UK market, they seem to charge high prices here but still fill the ships. As for us having better offers ('free' drinks and flights) I think we generally pay for those in the overall price. I know many people who don't like to fly so only cruise from Southampton (including my parents), personally I prefer to fly somewhere warmer to start my cruise and it usually still works out cheaper. As for their attitude to their UK customers, I think we've always been second class citizens.
  5. My highlights definitely need doing, I've actually started to worry about how difficult it's going to be to get an appointment once the hairdressers are allowed to open, I'm sure everyone will want one🙂.
  6. I'm not Graham but also from the UK. We mostly book in the UK because we get much more protection if anything goes wrong as bookings in UK are protected by ABTA. We were never more thankful for that when back in Feb we were due to fly to Singapore to cruise on Quantum. We had booked the whole package through a UK ta and were able to cancel less than a week before we were due to fly, we had a full refund just over a week later. RCL eventually cancelled the cruise just 4 days before it was due to sail but we would have already been in Singapore if we had waited for that. There are still some people in the US (and Australia) that are still waiting for the cruise refund and some that completely lost the money they paid for airfare. There are some advantages to UK bookings.
  7. Your link wouldn't open for me but from what I've read most people still have to stay at home and it's a long way from allowing anything like cruising.
  8. UK and France populations are similar, France currently has more deaths, how is the UK way more effected?
  9. I don't think there will be any cruises in Europe this summer. The governments in Europe seem to have much stricter lockdowns than you have in the US and I think they will only be lifted very, very gradually. Cruising and international travel generally will be one of the last things to come back and I get the impression that will take many months.
  10. Are you allowed out in the US? We're only allowed out for short daily exercise (walk, run or cycle) or for essential shopping. I know retirement would be different because daily life would be going on as normal but it's certainly made us think.
  11. I'm 54, DH is 55, until the current Coronavirus situation we were planning to retire from our business in the next couple of years but now with our business temporarily closed and us stuck at home bored out of out brains we're rethinking that😀. I think the official UK retirement age is currently 66 or 67 , it keeps rising so can't keep up, so no discounts over here for a long time yet.
  12. I love the feeling of community spirit that has come to the fore. So many people offering help to their neighbours, volunteering for the NHS, coming out on the doorstep to clap for the key workers every week. When we go out for our daily walk strangers moving aside to keep social distancing and calling out Hello from the other side of the street. In a world that has increasingly seemed like people are only out for themselves it has shown that the vast majority really do care about others.
  13. In the video he walks around the empty ship so they must be allowed out although everything looks closed. Some of the crew have posted on the Quantum FB page which is where I found the link.
  14. I love the song too, puts me in a happy cruising mood. I've been singing it regularly over the last few weeks.
  15. I don't think that's the feeling of the crew onboard if you watch the videos. No Chinese ports will even let them in for supplies let alone to get off the ship.
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