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  1. I think he is talking about 9th, we are on 2nd and had the email Tuesday last week.
  2. I think you should have had it by now, try the live chat on the website, they are very quick.
  3. This thread will give you a better idea https://boards.cruisecritic.co.uk/topic/1724908-jewel-of-the-seas-cabin-8666 UK bookings are not allowed to switch if it was booked as a gty.
  4. Ours for 2nd Oct sailing came last Tuesday afternoon so probably anytime now.
  5. Yes, on UK sailings the price you see is the actual price you pay, tip is already included.
  6. Package limit on UK cruises is $14, drinks prices on UK cruises are dearer because they include the tip
  7. If you get a suite using Up you do not get the suite points unless you were already in a suite grade cabin.
  8. Thank you for the detailed review, going on 2nd Oct cruise so it's really helpful. We've never seen WWRY either on land or on the ship so looking forward to it.
  9. Our Anthem bid up refers to GS with large balcony which I think are the ones on the corner of the hump. Does Odyssey have similar? If so it could be these.
  10. I can understand your frustration but I think you really need to follow the British government advice about entering the country and listen to those who have already done it about requirements for the ship. Our government are changing the rules for travel on a regular basis, it's confusing for everyone so you can hardly blame Royal for not wanting to give you any info which could be wrong next week. Yes, they should be able to give you info about the ship but the US office probably has only a handful of passengers on Anthem where the rules are different from other ships so you can surely see the problem. Trust me, the problem is usually the other way around, us Brits normally have to get our info from US cruisers which is why this forum has been invaluable to me over the years. Just cover all your options, take a deep breath and remember it will all be worth it once you step onto the ship. Have a great cruise.
  11. I believe the OBC is $140 (equivalent to £100). We are going in 3 weeks time and may get our own.
  12. You don't, all they need to board is a negative PCR test taken within 72 hours. They can book those independently.
  13. On these cruises UK guests get sent a link to book the PCR test, I'm guessing the US office can't send this as it's not needed for US guests and the UK guests are on the same booking. The 2 offices have never been able to deal with each other, they once insisted to us onboard a ship that the UK office was a travel agent and they couldn't speak to them!
  14. Worst case scenario, the British guests can take their own test, 72 hours before, any government approved provider (Boots have lots of locations), RCL will reimburse them with $140 OBC. Not certain what US guests need but there was another thread about this earlier today and also someone on the Anthem thread who is actually onboard this week who is from outside UK and gave details of what they had to do.
  15. If I were you I would ask this question on the current Anthem thread. There is someone posting on there who is an international passenger on this weeks cruise and can probably help you.
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