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  1. In the summer months (when the temps in Dubai are very hot, 40 plus deg) the Jumeriah hotels and many others do a deal where you get free half board in any of their restaurants. The Jumeriah hotels offer most of their restaurants in all the hotels (not the Burj) and all the restaurants in the Madinat souk, it's a great deal. My birthday is in August (and I like hot weather) so it's something we've done a couple of times.
  2. Still reading and enjoying your review. It's nice to have another update to look forward to at the moment while we are stuck at home. So sorry that your time at Wild Wadi was cut so short, we love it there too. We've stayed at Jumeriah Beach hotel (the wave shaped one) a few times and it has unlimited access into the park from a gate by their pool area. It's a great perk of the hotel.
  3. Ryan certainly gets around! We had him on Jewel in Dubai at the end of Feb, we enjoyed the show too.
  4. We cruise a couple of times a year and will still do so hopefully. Interesting that this morning I received a survey from MSC asking the same kind of questions, the cruise lines are obviously worried about it.
  5. Completely agree with you, been saying the same thing for the last couple of weeks. I've just switched to cruise mode in my everyday life, shame there is no ship to enjoy it on 😀
  6. Really enjoying the review, your son so reminds me of mine when he was that age (he's 25 now). He had the same white blonde hair, he's dirty blonde with a ginger beard now! We've been to Dubai many times but never done the theme parks, maybe that's somewhere to visit next time.
  7. The regular GS are nice rooms but the balcony has a very big overhang which we hate as it feels very closed in and not much sun. The corner JS has a lovely open balcony. What's most important to you, room or balcony?
  8. We had 1600 on Jewel for the TA in 2018, easily my favourite cabin that I've ever had (haven't done the big suites on Oasis/Quantum class). Never heard any noise and loved the unique layout.
  9. Check out the latest video from Chris, the casino employee who posts on here. He is onboard and pans around to show all the ships nearby.
  10. Wow you did well to last so long. When we arrived to do the cruise a couple of weeks before you we flew overnight. We arrived at our hotel around 9am and crashed for a couple of hours and even then we were asleep by 9pm! Look forward to hearing more.
  11. Take care and keep reminding yourself that hopefully it won't be too long until we are all cruising again. We're hoping that we'll be able to go in the Autumn, nothing booked yet but hoping for November. Sorry to hijack the thread, look forward to hearing the summing up.
  12. Graham, I saw you mention on another thread that you had been unwell but didn't realise it was so serious, glad you are doing well now. Does it mean you are on the government's self isolating list?
  13. Don't think so, all cruises cancelled now until mid April.
  14. Yes, they are members of ABTA. see page 38/39 of the following link. I assume you would get refunded the same way people did with Thomas Cook. Also I would think you could get it back if you pay by credit card. https://www.royalcaribbean.com/content/dam/royal/countries/GBR/pdf/terms-and-conditions/UK-Book-TC-Feb-2019.pdf
  15. The people currently on Jewel docked with nowhere to go in Dubai have also had all money back as refundable OBC and their cruise has not even really been cancelled, just no ports to sail to.
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