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  1. I'd say go for it, you'll never know if you don't. We've sailed MSC in Europe including Magnifica last year from Southampton and really enjoyed it. It's a lovely traditional ship, I loved the indoor pool area (we did a Northern Europe cooler weather cruise) and to me it never felt too crowded. Not sure if the outdoor pool area may get crowded on a warm weather cruise. I'm assuming you are from the US so you need to be prepared to embrace lots of different nationalities and languages but if you do you should enjoy the differences.
  2. Whilst I love RCL, they are not a luxury cruise line, just a good mainstream one. I'm sure you'll have a great cruise anyway.
  3. They do have a few different brands sometimes when the ships are in Europe. On Indy this summer they had quite a few gins including some flavoured ones, I assume it was for us Brits so don't know if they have them in the Med too. DH is a cider drinker, Strongbow always seems to be available these days, occasionally Magners in Europe but never anything a bit more unusual.
  4. Lots of hotels in Southampton near the port, all of them are also within walking distance of West Quay with numerous shops and restaurants. Holiday Inn is literally at dock gate 8 just a short walk from the ship. Grand Harbour is just across the street. We usually go for Holiday Inn as they do a park and stay although that won't matter to you. It's a standard Holiday Inn and we've always been happy with it. Hotels are usually cheaper to book independently rather than through the cruise line. From Heathrow you can use National Express bus or a private transfer, lots of recommendations on the UK board.
  5. That's not so bad then, in fact the unlimited sounds like a good deal, it's currently £182.25 pp on our 9 night on Quantum and has been higher.
  6. Does the weather matter to you? It will be much warmer in Greece/Croatia than anywhere heading North from Southampton.
  7. Are these prices for 2 of you? They sound very high.
  8. The price limit for individual drinks with the deluxe beverage package is $14 on cruises from the UK.
  9. If you want Europe how about the Norwegian Fjords? They are usually 7 night itineraries. I've never been but after reading some of the reviews lately I really like the sound of the Canadian/New England cruises.
  10. We're on the same cruise, there are quite a few people on the roll call. Also lots of good info about the individual ports on the Asia board. We have booked one excursion through RCL, I booked in August when the prices suddenly went down on a lot of the excursions. Since then they have fluctuated regularly so worth keeping an eye on.
  11. I've never been on a Presidents cruise and have no real desire to do so but have enjoyed following the live threads. The thing that would most annoy me is the special events for Royal visa card holders. I would love a card but those of us outside of North America are not allowed to have one. I wonder if they will still have these events next year when the cruise is in Europe?
  12. If you do nothing and have not pre paid before you board the gratuities will be taken from your onboard account automatically each day. If for some reason you do not want this to happen you have to go to guest services to get it stopped.Just so you know if you give out envelopes with cash at the end of the cruise you will be missing some of the behind the scenes staff who would normally be included in the tip pool. If you leave the automatic tips in place you can still give extra tips in the envelopes to anyone you feel has gone above and beyond. Have a great cruise.
  13. We've done several cruises in the area on different cruise lines and there are never many Americans onboard. Two years ago we did the Suez repositioning and while there were some Canadians there were very few Americans. We did have an American couple as tablemates and they confirmed that many people they know thought they were crazy to hoilday in that area of the world.
  14. I believe she is still in dry dock, the first cruise is not until later in the month. Hoping someone will post further details then. It all sounds a bit vague at the moment though doesn't it? We are on in Feb so looking forward to hearing more too.
  15. It won't have any affect on you, despite the fact that so many people like to talk about it on here, most passengers onboard will not mention it. Generally being polite and friendly to the staff will get you much further than status and throwing money at them.😀
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