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  1. When we were on a few weeks ago we would go to the show at 7, have a drink in the theatre and then go up to the lounge when the show ended (usually about 7.45) until dinner time. There were always seats in the lounge at that time. The only show that was longer was Grease but that is on at different times. Jaz33, thank you for the great review, I've enjoyed following along.
  2. Price, itinerary and ship (not necessarily RCL, could be one of several line that we like). Price does not mean the cheapest but what we consider the best value.
  3. I agree with you, we always pre pay and count them as part of the cost of the cruise. The problem is though that in the UK we don't have the same tipping culture and many don't want to pay extra. We were on Indy in May and the amount of people openly removing the tips was unbelievable, the staff must be losing a lot of money.
  4. Officially MSC don't encourage extra cash tips on top of the service charge, they actually print words to that effect in the daily planner (can't remember the actual wording). Some people do still discreetly give extra cash at the end of the cruise.
  5. http://www.travelweekly.co.uk/articles/335731/msc-cruises-to-include-service-charges-within-fare?fbclid=IwAR0AfEGhJ9Fbu22YVZoQP1XhcsyR26448dvzfnfVCBFE7V76aYF8_2Xu3hY As yet another cruise line is to include service charges in the basic fare, hopefully RCL will consider doing the same for UK bookings. I think most of us in the UK would prefer this even if it means prices increase to cover it.
  6. There is a Marks and Spencer with a foodhall in Westquay shopping centre opposite the Holiday Inn, only about a 5 minute walk and they will have a decent selection.
  7. The guy in the Windjammer said it should be one a day but they never swiped the card or anything so I don't see that they were enforcing it. The sign on the machine didn't mention a limit.
  8. When we were on Indy in May the coffee machine was out of action for the first couple of days. It had a notice on it that we could get coffee free of charge at Cafe Promenade and Windjammer just by showing our cards.
  9. We were on Indy in May and I never saw any parades (but I may have just missed them!).
  10. We were on the first cruise out of Southampton and we too noticed the lack of bar servers and the difficulty in finding a seat. They were our only complaints though so hopefully you are having a great cruise. Look forward to hearing more.
  11. Go for it, I've been to all those places at least once before and could easily find something different to do.
  12. With Izumi you get an allowance per person if you have the package, I think it's $35pp
  13. We never tip the porters at Southampton.
  14. Yes Stonehenge is not far from Southampton, it's kind of in the middle of nowhere though so you would need an organised excursion I would think.
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