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  1. There was a separate area in the MDR on Indy in May. Same menu as everyone else or you could use the buffet set up in the dining room. You could just walk in without waiting in line, lots of tables for 2 and the same wait staff every day.
  2. No APIS, just the ESTA required at check in. We've done it several times. I can't remember exactly but isn't the info for the APIS the same info that you will fill in when you do the online cruise check in. That's probably what RCL use for the US authorities.
  3. When we've done TAs that end in the US they always ask to see our ESTA at check in, sometimes they want a copy of it to keep. If you are from a country that needs a visa I imagine they will want to see that too. Apart from that you need no more than for any other cruise check in.
  4. Yes, you are correct, I was just trying to show that the crew do have access to this type of information. They probably also know when people remove the auto tips mid cruise.
  5. I've never examined them that closely but we did ask our waiter after we had seen it and he confirmed that they know who has pre paid or auto paid. As you say I suppose some people could wait until the last day to remove tips but from what I have observed many will remove them early on.
  6. I think many of them are genuinely happy though. Over the years we've talked to many cabin stewards, waiters, bar tenders etc who have worked for RCL for years and have nothing but praise for the company. Lots of them have family members also on the ships. Their jobs enable them to fund lifestyles back home that they could never afford otherwise and that's what they choose to do. I admire them greatly for doing it. I know it's a bit different as he's not in a tipped position, but the current thread by Chris the British guy who works in the casino shows how some people really enjoy ship life.
  7. To the OP, I have no idea if all of the money we prepay goes to the crew but I'd like to believe it does. What I do know is that many of them come back contract after contract so they must be happy with the way things work.
  8. Really? This was left in our cabin in May by our cabin steward .Presumably he didn't have a card for those who had removed auto tips so he must have known. Also like many others we've done the galley tours and seen the lists on their notice board about which passengers have tipped or not.
  9. Probably not as I believe the UK has already agreed to adopt all of these kind of protections into British law.
  10. First of all you need to find out from Easyjet the reason for cancellation. If it's the airlines fault (often technical reasons) you need to claim from Easyjet for the standard compensation. You do not need to go through RCL for this. An easy way to do it is through the Resolver website https://www.resolver.co.uk/ I used this last Nov when a BA flight we had booked through RCL was delayed more than 3 hours due to a fuel leak. The money will come directly from the airline to you, it's compensation for the problem so you do not need to pay it to RCL.. You will then need to find out whether RCL are obliged to cover your other expenses, which they may have to do as you booked a package holiday with them. This is what you will need Citizens Advice or Which for.
  11. It's good to know the charge was only $6, someone on our roll call was told it was $50! Do you happen to know if UK passengers were charged or not? UK nationals do not require a visa for Vietnam, but can't find out whether the ship charges anyway.
  12. We are also going to Vietnam on Quantum next Feb. There is quite a bit of info in this thread but I don't think anyone knows costs etc until Quantum starts her Singapore sailings Lots of discussion on our roll call about it but I think the general consensus is that those of us from the UK will probably not need anything and if we do the ship will get it and we will have to pay a few dollars.
  13. I've just googled 'The Package Travel and Linked Travel Arrangements Regulations 2018' and although it's not that clear I would think RCCL may be liable for the cost of the hotel in Stockholm too.
  14. Hopefully the OP will come back with more information. As a UK customer who sometimes books flights through RCCL I'd be interested in the outcome.
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