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  1. The prizes on our Jewel cruise this week were 5 bingo t shirts. Never seen such poor prizes.
  2. Sadly it's the last morning and time to leave the ship. No big rush for us as our flight isn't until 4 this afternoon so we've got a later number. We'll have plenty of time at the airport so I'll update then. Last night's menu
  3. I think it was taken away when it went to China and not reinstated for the Singapore sailings (which we were supposed to have been on). It may be put back, depends where it ends up I suppose.
  4. Just got back and can recommend the area. The mall has quite an upmarket feel and there is a nice beach directly across the road (behind the Mandarin Oriental hotel). If you like French Patisserie I can recommend Paul's, the cakes were delicious.
  5. Currently on Jewel, they also have the same signs. We have carried a glass of wine out most nights through the Vortex which is the overflow and unmanned. DH has gotten a beer from the pool bar a couple of times and it has been opened, we didn't try to get it any different. DH has been ordering a beer with a brandy chaser in the lounge without a problem but last night one of the waiters told him only one drink per order. Our regular waiter saw him without the brandy and came over with one for him but don't know if this is a new rule they are starting to enforce. They do seem much less free with the pours in the lounge than they used to be.
  6. We've just got off the ship and are in the terminal. Fast free WiFi here. There are two different free shuttles, one to Dubai mall and one to Mercato mall. We've decided to try Mercato as we've never been and the guy in the terminal said the area around there is nice with a beach front and shopping. The schedules for the buses
  7. Back to the original question Quantum does not have a dedicated DL.
  8. Last night's menu After dinner we went to the Safari lounge and were just in time for the Great British quiz. We teamed up with another couple and ended up with 38 out of 45, the winners got 40 so we were quite pleased with ourselves! This was followed by Quest, they only had 4 teams which were the people sitting around the dance floor bit so if you want to participate make sure you are there. We were at the back so just watched. It was a bit different from usual, probably adapted for the British, lots of full team participation and not too risque. We ended up sitting chatting until 1 am, our latest night of the cruise. Not sure what we are doing today, probably take the shuttle to Dubai mall for a last look around for this trip.
  9. The cafe we went to did take cards but we had exchanged money at the port so paid in cash. I would think if you want to purchase anything in the souk cash may be better as they did barter in some of the shops.
  10. On Transatlantics they do not charge the tax as the whole cruise is not within the EU.
  11. Sorry I haven't said much about Abu Dhabi but as we've been before we haven't been doing much. There is a free shuttle to Abu Dhabi mall which we used yesterday morning. We just wandered around for a couple of hours and then came back to the ship. Today we're just going to stay on the ship and enjoy the sunshine. Today's Compass
  12. I think the powers that be may be reading this, just been up to play golf and it's lovely and clean up there now. Thanks RCL!
  13. Yes it's octopus, Mark had it and said it was delicious, I wouldn't even try it.😄
  14. Did you enjoy Quantum, we're still a bit gutted that we missed it but maybe next year if things have calmed down. It's funny, I know there are quite a few people on here who should have been on Quantum but we haven't actually met any of them. We've spoken to lots of people about it and they say 'oh yes we were talking to someone else who should have been on Quantum ' but we never bump into them.😀
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