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  1. Many here are diehard cruisers who can’t wait to sail. Although I wonder if the volume on these boards is reduced since Covid. When cruising really starts up again, I believe many people who fall into the following groups may think twice. 1. People who had to wait so long for a refund. Especially those who really needed their money back due to Covid related hardships. 2. People who booked after March and had their cruises canceled and are waiting for refunds. These people may rightly or wrongly believe Princess expected to cancel and is effectively using them for a loan. 3. Anyone in a high risk group. 4. People who have spent the last few months exploring other vacation options such as road trips or visiting family who they will not have seen for a long time. 5. People who have committed to other options by buying an RV, boat, or a vacation home. 6. People who no longer trust the cruise industry or perhaps Princess in particular. 7. People who fear being quarantined either on a ship or near a port. 8. People who were financially hurt by the pandemic. 9. People who don’t want to be shepherded when ashore having no contact with anyone but their guide. Many excursions won’t even be possible under these conditions. For example, how would one tour the Sistine Chapel? 10. People who don’t believe the ships have adequate medical facilities. 11. People who don’t want uncertainty regarding which ports they will actually visit. Who wants to buy a pig in a poke? 12. People who don’t want to wear masks. 13. People who do want to wear masks, but wonder how (if) mask wearing will be enforced. 14. People who have never cruised before. They may not be able to get past the stories in the media. 15. Frequent cruisers who believe cruising has been going downhill and fear more cuts will be made as cruise lines struggle to become profitable again. 16. People who always believed there were pluses and minuses with cruising, but greatly appreciated the value it offered. This value may change if prices go up even if service doesn’t go down. 17. People who don’t believe social distancing is possible on a ship. I believe cruising will survive in some form, hopefully not too different than we remember. But I wonder how.
  2. I believe most of the recent trends in ship design and furnishing choices may encourage COVID spread. Small nearly unusable balconies and no real promenade deck. This was clearly done to encourage people to crowd inside the ship where they can spend money, rather than relaxing in privacy on their balconies or reading in the fresh air on the promenade deck. No midships elevator means more crowing of existing elevators. Social distancing wouldn’t be easy on the Royal class. But fleet wide furniture decisions may also encourage virus spread. let’s not forget the heartless decision to remove the chairs from the cabins. Anything to discourage people from enjoying time in their cabins. Even those with back pain could not be guaranteed a chair. Large tables were removed from the balcony discourage room service. Loungers were removed even from caribe deck balconies. Miserably uncomfortable balcony furniture replaced the comfortable furniture. Fees for room service were tried. Again, anything to drive people out of their cabins and off their balconies. Princess makes no money from people enjoying their private space. Then there was the erosion of benefits for the most loyal cruisers. Some even said the the cruise lines really don’t want these passengers and would prefer newer younger cruisers who spend more money. Celebrity seems even more blatant in their distain for older passengers...blasting loud prerecorded house music throughout the ship and using very low chairs that old knees don’t like. Well, the industry may get their wish. We are older and will not cruise without a vaccine. The risk/reward isn’t worth it. Many older people we know feel the same way. Maybe the future for Princess is a much smaller fleet for younger and more affluent cruisers. But will young people be willing to try their first cruise? Even young people are at some risk. I read that young affluent people are very interested in VanLife. sales of fancy camping vans are way up...many buyers are young, first time campers. So what demographic remains for the cruise industry? I just read on another board that passengers will not be able to go shore unless they are on a ship-organized excursion and they will have no interaction with locals except for their guide. That will not appeal to many. Most of the affluent younger people want to interact with locals and truly experience the cultures.
  3. Not before cruise industry executives are cruising aboard their own ships. And not cloistered in their suites with room service, but strolling the decks and eating in the MDR.
  4. And not cloistered in their suites with room service, but strolling the decks, riding the elevators, and eating in the MDR?
  5. Are you implying that the executives would stop working if their compensation was suspended for a few months? Why? Is money that important to them. But it is not important to their passengers?
  6. It would generate some much needed goodwill. These executives are in a much better position to personally get through the coronavirus than passengers who may need their money for rent or mortgage payments.
  7. If improving working and living arrangements for crew won’t prevent or reduce disease spread and if more social distancing of passengers won’t prevent or reduce disease spread then how can the cruise lines possibly come up with a safe plan for returning to operation without a vaccine or an effective treatment. Unless the virus just goes away on its own by mutating into a harmless form.
  8. There is professor at Purdue who is an expert in ventilation systems and disease. He says that the ventilation system on planes is better because it filters virus while the ventilation system on cruises does not. Hopefully this can be addressed. Nonetheless I don’t feel safe flying or on busses because, as you point out, social distancing is not possible. Social distancing may be somewhat possible on a ship, but since you are on the ship for days or weeks rather than hours I wonder if any mitigation efforts could be effective. So far the CDC thinks not. They also don’t think I should fly. One thing I do know is that I have caught URI (usually minor) on about 80% of my cruises (some of which I have driven to) but on few of the hundreds of flights I’ve taken for business travel.
  9. A few weeks ago I bought an Oculus Go so I could “travel”. I found a few VR movies of Princess ships on YouTube. One was made by Princess, others vary in quality based on the skill of the videographer and the resolution used. All of them brought back memories in a way that pictures and standard video can’t. I also used them to revisit ports and excursions and to visit places I had planned to cruise to but now cannot. Of course it isn’t the same as being there and I found it most effective when revisiting places I had already been. i just wanted to let you know there is an option for revisiting your memories of cruising. I wish I had known before because I would have taken one of these cameras with me on what may have been our final cruise.
  10. This is a real problem. Not even a primitive camping trip will be 100% safe, you still need to stop for gasoline. Still this is probably the lowest risk option along a continuum along which cruising is the highest risk option.
  11. Perhaps I was misinformed about 4 to cabin. I hope I was also misinformed about crew having to sleep in two 4 hour shifts...that is so unhealthy. I am concerned if crew felt in was necessary to work in food prep and delivery on the Diamond while they were sick with Covid. I believe tHat is what the investigators found. I think the leadership needs to clearly communicate that sick days are OK.
  12. We did a forced cross country road trip after our last cruise since it was no longer safe for us to fly, according to CDC. It was our longest road trip and it had been many years since we have made a road trip as a vacation. The drive wasn’t as bad as we thought it would be and we made in just over 4 days. In some ways the amount of freedom we had was exhilarating. We decided where and when to stop and for how long. And I knew I wouldn’t be locked in the car against my will for 2 weeks or forced to drive in endless circles. We have been talking ever since about doing a long road trip to visit the National Parks in the US and maybe Canada. One danger for the cruise industry is that people like us may revisit other forms of vacation and find we prefer them to cruising. Even if it just reduces cruise frequency, it will hurt the cruise industry.
  13. Yes, I think this is true in some cases. I hope someone who knows will chime in.
  14. I like that idea of mini private dining rooms. Maybe a nice entertainment system too so the showrooms could be avoided. On our last cruise a 28-day that left Feb 1, we decided to skip all the shows, in part because of news of the Diamond. We usually skip most of them anyway. Instead after dinner we often watched a movie. The new TV system was great and with lots of entertainment options. We didn’t miss the shows at all. Getting an inside room across from your balcony that is set up for dining and entertainment would be very nice. The refrigerator could be fully stocked.
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