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  1. I am guessing that the answer is yes, but I have never noticed. Why on earth do you ask? Tom & Judy
  2. As much as I can understand how Uniworld (or any other travel company) would like to cancel cruises in the smallest chunks possible, and waiting until the last day possible, I really think this is abusive. I now have a Future Cruise Credit that I will have to be using on Uniworld, but this is leaving me with a bad taste in my mouth. Just by way of contrast, on the ocean cruise side, Celebrity on April 8 cancelled all cruises (other than newly announced St Maarten and Athens cruises) through June 30. And on the land tour side, Collette Travel commits on its website to notifying guests of can
  3. The situation you find yourselves in is exactly what we worried about when the 60 day mark before our May 17 cruise approached. Obviously they eventually cancelled that cruise but we didn't want to take the chance. Tom & Judy
  4. In my experiences in Luminae on M and S class ships, the answers would be: (1) no need to talk to the butler, just show up whenever you are ready; (2) no assigned tables per se, although they may have a tendency to seat you in the same area - but note that I have seen a few people who ALWAYS seemed to be at the same table - maybe by special request?; (3) we generally dined as a couple but on occasion if we happened to arrive at the same time as someone we had talked to previously (in Luminae, or on an excursion, or in Michael's Club), we would ask to be seated together. Tom & J
  5. Just for the heck of it, I looked at pricing on the very first sailing. S3 was $6299pp, S2 was $6399pp, S1 was already sold out, and Aqua Sky Suite was $7299pp. That is quite an upcharge to use the spa. Tom & Judy
  6. Ha! That is one way to put it. When the 60 day mark approached in March, the situation was that it was unclear exactly what sort of penalty Uniworld would apply to a cancellation within 60 days. Outside of 60 days, their revised cancellation plan gave a 100% FCC, which we decided to take. Plus, at that time in March, Europe was clearly closed to US tourists, so it wasn't even clear if we could really go on the cruise assuming we wanted to, and assuming that the cruise really happened. So, having cancelled that cruise and not having booked a new one yet, yes, I would like to understand bet
  7. I don't think this is quite right. On several recent Celebrity cruises where we had extra (Celebrity-granted) OBC, what we did is to take the OBC as special chips with which to play blackjack or other table games. You can play those chips but cannot cash them in. So you play those chips, and every time you win, you keep the "real" chips and keep playing the promo chips. So let's say you run through $300 of promo chips that way. You might end up with $250 of real cash, or $400 of real cash, or whatever. But that was a way to use OBC and salvage most of the cash value. I don't play slot
  8. There are what appear to me to be new developments on Uniworld restart date. Until a day or so ago, the first Douro River cruise was supposed to sail May 2. As of today, the first one sails May 16. As of a day or so ago, the first Delightful Danube & Prague cruise was supposed to be May 17. (We had been on that cruise but cancelled it at the 60 day window in March.) As of this morning, the first sailing for this cruise is June 9. I have not seen any announcements about this or other recent cancellations; it appears to me that Uniworld is doing this quietly, a
  9. For those following start up dates, we had a May 17, 2021 Uniworld Delightful Danube and Prague cruise. We cancelled it a few weeks ago and took a future cruise credit. Up until a few days ago, our May 17 cruise was the third scheduled sailing of that itinerary. (I think the prior dates were May 5 and May 12.) Those two sailings have now disappeared from the schedule, so it would appear that Uniworld has cancelled some more cruises in the first half of May. On the other hand, their Portugal cruises are still, apparently, going to start on May 2. Tom & Judy
  10. Although I always thought that the original notice about these cruises was ambiguous, the notice certainly did at least suggest that airfare would be included. And my TA told me that a Celebrity rep confirmed this to her. We decided not to book one of these cruises, so my curiosity is just a general one, but was there any explanation that anyone has heard about what happened to the airfare issue? Tom & Judy
  11. I am quite sure that Celebrity announced a few days ago that only verandah and higher cabins would be made available. So "sold out" in this context just means not available. Tom & Judy
  12. My TA, based on a meeting with the Celebrity rep, tells me it is airfare from wherever you are and it is included. I will believe it when I see it. And I assume "wherever you are" might in any event be limited to the US or maybe to North America. Tom & Judy
  13. On the other hand, hasn't it been reported somewhere here that there are insufficient commercial flights to St. Maarten, so the implication was that Celebrity must be chartering flights from somewhere to make this work? Not my issue, but I suppose this will be sorted out when the cruises get listed. Tom & Judy
  14. That is interesting. Our travel agent reported to me last night that airfare is included. Maybe she is making an assumption based on the printed materials, and maybe that assumption is wrong. I don't think we are going to book one of these cruises, so I have not been following it that closely. Tom & Judy
  15. The email from Celebrity includes this paragraph: Take advantage of special air and sea pricing offering exceptional savings on all Summer 2021 St. Maarten sailings starting at $1,999* per person for a veranda stateroom. The offer applies to new bookings and flights must be booked through Flights By Celebrity and prices include airfare taxes. No promotional code is needed. Does anybody have any insight as to whether this is supposed to mean that airfare is included with the cabin pricing? Or just that there is special airfare pricing available as an add-on and that the
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