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  1. We have only used them twice so far, and in both cases we flew in a couple days early. I don't remember there being a deviation fee, but if there was it must have been fairly minimal since I don't recall it being an issue as to the price. Tom & Judy
  2. We stayed at the Amsterdam Marriott before a river cruise in 2018. We also plan to stay there prior to the Celebrity British Isles cruise out of Amsterdam on May 5, 2021. Nice hotel. Convenient location. We took an Uber to the cruise pier. Tom & Judy
  3. Choice Air handles air reservations for Celebrity, Royal Caribbean and Azamara. Each line has links that feed into the same website, and, I assume, the same call center. As to the other question, so long as you have a reservation, it does not matter if you booked directly with Celebrity or through a travel agent. Choice Air can still handle the air reservations. Tom & Judy
  4. My guess is capacity control. If they think that Asia cruises will go in fall to spring, but they don't know what occupancy restrictions will be in place, it would make sense to take cabins off the board until they figure that out. Tom & Judy
  5. We booked an S3 on Edge, so we have the same question. I'm sure you are aware that the S3s are between the rails of the Magic Carpet, but we are banking on that not being such a big deal. Tom & Judy
  6. I mentioned the fact that suites are sold out on one of our upcoming cruises to a non-cruiser friend of mine. He raised a question that I have not seen addressed. Is it possible, given the limited number of suites as compared to other classes, that Celebrity is holding some of them back to see if they are allowed to sell all cabins on cruises? This would be akin to the airlines blocking out middle seats. If Celebrity were doing this in other classes, there are enough cabins that you might not notice it. But in the case of suites, the result might be to show as sold out until they figure o
  7. We retired TO Nipomo (Trilogy). We love it here - the best move we have made. Jocko's is open but only for takeout as of now. Tom & Judy
  8. Nobody knows, but my hunch is that December cruises will go. I don't have any scheduled until April, but I would consider going if I had a December cruise, particularly if I only had to fly a few hours to get to the departure port. Tom & Judy
  9. Not to complicate matters, but it also applies to early 2021 cruises if you have any, and if the 2022 sailings for that region have been released (the last date eligible would be May 4, 2022). We had a February 2021 Asia cruise that we moved to essentially the same cruise in February 2022. In this case, the price was the same, so we did not need to use Lift and Shift. But if the 2022 cruise had been more expensive, my understanding is that we could have done so. Tom & Judy
  10. I am sorry to see some of the hostility displayed in some of the posts on this thread, and I am at a bit of a loss to understand why, other than maybe the fact that everyone's nerves are a little frayed with everything happening out there. There are (more or less) three possibilities for the future for companies in the travel industry. A given company either goes broke or out of business, or the company stays alive but at a reduced level of occupancy and profitability for the long term, or the company comes back to its former level of occupancy and profitability within the nearer
  11. As I recall, the promotion only applied to bookings within the last 90 (or some short period) days. So I got it applied to two of my three bookings, because they were actually a new booking (in one case) and could be rebooked at the same price (in the other case, so it was essentially a rebooking for the sake of applying the promotion). My third booking was older, and the class we were booked in was sold out, so the promotion could not be applied, since there was no possibility of rebooking it for purposes of the promotion. Tom & Judy
  12. The ability to take a reservation and move it to one year later (give or take four weeks). See here: https://www.celebritycruises.com/travel-alert/frequently-asked-questions Or search "Lift and Shift" in this forum. Tom & Judy
  13. The thing is, in a normal year, I don't think that Europe 2022 sailings would be released until the fall (usually November or December?). And the Lift and Shift program ends August 1. So this probably will not work out. Tom & Judy
  14. I am sure others will have had much more experience with Celebrity Air than I have. I am not aware of any downsides. But three tips I picked up on these boards before the first time we used Celebrity Air were: (1) do your own research anyway, so that you know the prevailing fares, and ideally have your first and second choice routings handy. This way, if Celebrity Air offers you something with a good fare but bad routing, you can at least ask them to check your preferred routings, too; (2) don't rely on their website - always call them when you are ready to book; and (3) sometimes it helps
  15. This post caused me to look up the Four Seasons Covid-19 policies, and it led me to this article: https://www.nbcnews.com/business/consumer/so-long-minibar-how-coronavirus-changing-your-hotel-stay-n1180226 It deals with the Four Seasons in New York City, which of course was the US epicenter of the disease. Maybe more importantly, the hotel was hosting medical professionals on the front lines of treatment for the disease. So the measures taken were extreme, and intentionally so. I can't see most of them being implemented elsewhere, other than in the very short run.
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