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  1. SULLY (his name) also visited the Capitol Rotunda today and will be reassigned to the Walter Reed hospital. It was a tear jerker on TV, and will continue to be forever. What a great dog.
  2. This thread is closed. Without facts the discussion is based on unestablished conjecture. The process for boarding any animals onto a cruise ship is complex and requires a significant amount of advance paperwork.
  3. Boy you tickled my jealous nerve. Congratulations and the best part is how much you enjoyed the upgrade and the cruise.
  4. From your lips to God's ear!!! We'd love a mate for the Surf but not having to shell out the money we'd love having a replacement for the Wind Song.
  5. The cruise lines establish a minimum age to avoid dealing with the immaturity of folks under 25, but anyone voluntarily exposing themselves to making the ultimate sacrifice for our country have already established their suitability to be cruise passengers.
  6. Back when we first caught the cruising bug (1980's forward) it has usually been the case on HAL and Princess that "open seating" was standard for the first day of sailing and for ports in Europe and the Caribbean with late scheduled departures. Sounds like that procedure has remained in place.
  7. Question was asked and answered. This thread is closed.
  8. Another great source for guides to many ports written from a cruisers perspective is here: https://www.tomsportguides.com/ No ads, no fees, just great info.
  9. We were on HAL cruises with priests and in one case he was assigned to our table. He had a great sense of humor and, although he said blessing before he ate, it was to himself and he made no effort to get us all to join him. He became a major part of our cruise two days before the end of the cruise when someone at our table passed away during the day and he handled the Last Rights privately. At dinner he led a prayer for the individual and handled the situation beautifully. Sad as it was he did a wonderful job dealing the situation.
  10. The cruise lines I've been on present a bill at the end of a meal in a specialty restaurant and leave room for a gratuity after the total charge (fee and any beverages), so the cruise line kinda makes the tip a customary item.
  11. First Time cruisers and even experienced cruisers can learn (or refresh their memories) by reading this Cruise Critic article: 12 Bad Decisions That Could Ruin Your Cruise
  12. Be careful. Michener's "Caribbean" is banned in many schools because it describes how some "Indian" tribes treated others For example the Carib "indians" were cannibals devouring the peaceful Arawaks on the basis that doing so permitted the Caribs to acquire the strength of the Arawaks. Many school boards have banned this book because it suggests that not all "indigenous" Americans were peace loving and welcoming.
  13. The answer to all your questions is yes. In docked ports the ship is really your hotel where you can come and go as you wish. You must be on board ahead of the deadline so you won't be left behind. At tender ports it's the same thing except you need to plan more carefully so you don't miss the last tender back to the ship.
  14. Here's one: https://www.cruisecritic.com/bargains/lastminute.cfm
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