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  1. Thank you for all this great information, it has been most helpful. We are loyal Celebrity cruisers but are trying HA on 1/26. Can you tell me on this leg of your cruise which nights are the gala nights as I think it’s the same itinerary as our upcoming cruise.
  2. Very sad sudden news, Condolences to her family. May she Rest In Peace.
  3. Was on the Edge last week and no tote bag. I asked my cabin attendant about it and he said they discontinued giving them out sometime in June. He had no idea why and said only the flimsy grey ones were available. We were in Concierge IV .
  4. Avid cruiser, but new to HA. We are going on the Statendam in January and purchased the 5 night dining package, but am unfamiliar with how it works on Holland . Would appreciate and information and insider tips. TIA
  5. Can we please be courteous, last I checked reading this thread is not compulsory.
  6. Strangely enough, at the June 1st cruise cruise critics party, I brought to the up to the Hotel Director and Marketing and Sales person that the lack of foot stools in my opinion was going to create a fire storm , they were genuinely surprised by my comments. Someone commented that on the following week’s cruise the Hotel Director stated that they forgot to order them, that was not my impression.
  7. Same here, our mattress was new along with the pillows. If anyone has a pillow problem, the solution is rather simple, ask for new pillows. I am sure the cabin attendant will accommodate.
  8. We were in concierge class on the June 1st class and asked our cabin attendant about getting us foot stools. According to him, they were gone as they did not match the new furniture. We asked for 2 loungers instead which he provided. Luckily we had a hump balcony to accommodate the loungers as well as the existing chairs ( which do recline a bit) , the small cocktail table and the table from inside as well.
  9. On our June 1st Equinox Cruise, our cabin attendant asked us which night we would like to have the sparkling wine. We asked for the 6th night and it was waiting for us around 4:00P chilled with 2 champagne glasses.
  10. There are plenty of intimate spots at craft social . Couldn’t get some shots as people were enjoying ...
  11. There is more seating . I will go back down there later today and take more photos, no worries . Grill is still up and running in the Ocean View Cafe. For lunch yesterday I had a very nice piece of grilled skirt steak .
  12. Some observations: On The Equinox Le Petit Chef at Quisine is offering two presentations. One is the original Le Petit Chef and last night it was Le Petit Chef & Friends ( the same as on The Edge) . We dined at Tuscan last night and although our filet was very good and cooked perfectly, the restaurant feels tired, like it has lost its pizazz. Compared to Murano being packed the previous night, Tuscan was practically empty. Had a chuckle in the elevator last night, a gentleman had an annoyed look on his face and asked everyone in the elevator if we hated the “obnoxiously loud music that was playing in the grand foyer”. When no one answered him, he said “ well obviously not” and promptly got off at the next stop. We all then chuckled., it was actually a very talented female singer performing. On a final note, the pigs are popular as people are taking photos with them. I think the passport bar and surrounding area now has a very nice vibe, a good and comfortable improvement .
  13. No one seems to know why, but alluded to the thought that designers sometimes have conceptual ideas that don’t actually work. I looked briefly at the menu upon boarding, but will try to take some pics today.
  14. I heard a few complaints and it seemed like those who requested loungers received them. I noticed a nice stack of overflow loungers on deck 12, so I think the requests were certainly doable. I guess the old stools would not match the new chairs, but why do away with a perk of booking concierge class, was my question to the higher ups.
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