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  1. Sorry for the delay everyone, finally getting caught up on some questions here today. Happy Sunday! To my knowledge my TA offers travel insurance but usually a full travel insurance policy which covers trip cancellation, etc. which we don't need. Plus the cost is so small there is really would be no benefit to my TA to book with her so we find it easier just to book it on our own. Using InsureMyTrip it takes less than a few minutes to get everything booked. We did book Carambola Beach Club in St. Kitts. It's not a typical all inclusive as you are just getting beach chair
  2. Hi Lorie - So yes, we have used Choice Air or now I guess called "Flights by Celebrity" before. Have we ever had any issues with our flights? Well, funny you should ask. We hadn't had any issues until recently. I'll explain the story and to Celebrity's credit they took care of the issue. Our flights for our April Hawaii cruise are booked through Choice Air. We booked our flight there on AA, non stop from ORD or HNL in Premium Economy. This was a non-refundable fair and had to be paid for right away but it was a steal at around $520pp in premium economy which on AA, premium economy
  3. The weather seemed maybe a little cooler than we were there on the Equinox, but besides that it was pretty much the same. The occasional quick passing shower but no issues. It was definitely a little humid, but each port there was a good breeze.
  4. We loved Hubbard Glacier. Thankfully the fog cleared in time to view it or else it would have not been visible. But it turned out to be great! The cruise the week after ours had perfect sunny weather. I did notice people dancing yes! There was not a lot of people dancing but in the evening we always noticed at least a few couple days dancing, sometimes more.
  5. Thanks for following along! I hope you enjoy the Edge. Here is the link to our live blog from the Edge
  6. We have 2 cards with Amex. Amex Platinum plus an Amex Gold card which is an authorized user card under the Amex Plat (hopefully that makes sense). BOTH cards even though they link to the same account, were targeted for the offer. Final payment for us is not until later next month but we called our TA and made 2 separate payments of $500. Both went through and we received two statement credits for $150, so a total of $300 back. The rest of the payment, when payment is due, will go on our Chase Reserve which is 3x pts on travel.
  7. My pleasure and please do! I'm very curious about that program and would love to see it in the works, especially if we could use it plus luggage valet.
  8. Well, lets dive right into the cruise recap. I’ll share with you some comments from other cruisers as well that will hopefully help provide you with a full well rounded review. Questions: There were a couple unanswered questions so let me get to them. Captain: Captain Pappas Are AirPod Pros sold on board: No, they are not selling them currently on board. Extended Stay Question: According to Lara in Michael’s Club she has not heard of them doing this on the ship. I told her that it appeared online but she said her understanding is that it is still
  9. While the $16 is not worth your aggravation, I do agree with the principal of the matter and also think that we need to hold any party responsible for their mistakes otherwise we can't complain when they make the same mistake again. In this case, I think it was just a clerical error and not intentional. Refunds of OBC or anything of the sort must be handled by the accounting department on the ship. What seems like happened here is Tuscan initially put in the $20 credit first and guest services then put in the other, some how one got over looked or when they made the refund for the $20 it close
  10. Umits drink at World Class Bar Last nights menu Christmas decorations fully up in the grand foyer
  11. The last day, is always the sad day but we were lucky with good weather (albeit a bit windy as the day went on). Our morning started with drinks at the sunset bar and then we went to do a little shopping. We had some on board credit to spend, in total we had $160 non refundable to go through plus an additional $250 of refundable that we could get back if we wanted to. Originally I wanted AirPods but they were sold out. They sold out the last cruise and hadn’t gotten any new ones in yet. FYI for those of you who are asking they do not carry the AirPod Pro, at least not on the Silhouette.
  12. Just a quick debate still update while we are on the way to the airport. We waited in Michaels Club until about 9:30 and had Lara escort us off the ship. It’s 10am now and we are in a cab. Not too bad of a process but earlier, around 8:50 or so they did stop debarkation due to over crowding. We gathered our luggage and a port agent saw we had the suite/zenith tags and escorted us to a priority line for immigration which was nice. The line moved fine. The wait for a taxi was only about 5 minutes or so. Some traffic leaving the port area today. Let’s see how busy the airport is today!
  13. Good Evening Everyone! Well, tonight is our last night. I have plenty to review and some questions to answer. But as I’m back now in our cabin I’d just like to take this time to reflect on a few thoughts and tomorrow while I’m sitting at the airport or on the plane I’ll cover all the other details. VTcruising (Marylin): It really felt like an honor to order her golden margarita. Which by the way the bartender knew straight away so no issues there. Even though Edward wasn’t feeling well he still had a sip for her. Personally the taste wasn’t my thing but as I continued to dr
  14. Well as we get ready for one last evening on the Silhouette I wanted to share the below photo with you all. We have gotten into the habit of bringing our own stationary and writing letters to the staff when we do our usual end of the cruise tipping. I just mention this because I think it’s such an easy thing for all of us to do that can be personal. I once had one bartender even mention he still had it and showed me a picture of it in his cabin. So for anyone on upcoming cruises I recommend it! Especially when they’re away from their families for so long or may
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