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  1. Looking at doing this. But I'm not finding cost yet. I have started to contact operators. What kind of cost am I looking at?
  2. We were on the Jewel in December. We attended just about every show. There was a 70's band (Band on the run), 2 comedians, plus a Russian Arial team. The shows run at 7;15 and 9:15 each night. Most of them were full, so it is worth getting there about 15 minutes early to get a good seat. I was able to find dailies here on the message board that showed the shows, times, etc.
  3. We had about an hour to walk around. It just depends on if the people in your party are just doing cavetubing, or if some are doing extra like the zip line.
  4. One of the guys in our group did and he said they were comfortable.
  5. Don't wear cheap water shoes. Have good sandals or water shoes on. It is rocky and when you have to cross the river (3 times), you need to make sure you can walk.
  6. We got back to port an hour before the last boat. I think it would be cutting it close. Ours took a little longer since we had people in our group doing the zip lines.
  7. Here is another thread on it too: http://boards.cruisecritic.com/showthread.php?t=1990772
  8. There is not much in the port itself yet. You can tell it is a new port. It really depends on what you want to do. There are only a few operators besides the cruise line. We wanted a relaxing day; so we went to Tranquility Beach Resort. We decided to rent a cabana (small house) for the day. We have 2 kids; so we wanted some place to lay the little one in case he got tired. But it was also nice to have a secure place to store our stuff. Linda and Larry are the owners and are from Canada. They are very welcoming. You can rent a cabana for the day or buy a day pass. There are several things to do there - rent a stand up paddleboard. go snorkeling. Hang out at the beach. Ride a horse on the beach. http://tranquilitybayhonduras.com/ If you go into the NCL page and do a search on Trujillo or Banana coast, there are a few reviews on places others have went. I do know that the large park they have there, that is normally free to get into, is closed on days the cruiselines are there and the cruiselines charge money to get into the park. I have also heard the cabs are expensive on cruisedays. We ran into another family (of 7) who paid $200 roundtrip.
  9. I have had a delay in response from them - say 24 hours, but no, they had always gotten back to me quickly. Is this the e-mail address you are using tranquilitybay@gmail.com ? If you are not getting a response, maybe it is going into their spam filter. I would put a note up on their facebook page and let them know you are trying to e-mail them. You can also send them an e-mail through facebook.
  10. We picked NCL due to location and price. My kids (5 and 12) had a fabulous time in the kids club and throughout the ship. We sailed on the Jewel out of Houston.
  11. I think our person had to turn in final head count a month out.
  12. Our meet and mingle was on the first sea day at 11 am. Have you checked your roll call? I am not sure what night was the chef's table.
  13. We had 4 people in our group do the zip lining. Originally they were going to drop them off, then drop us off for cave tubing, but the place must have had too many people there. Instead, they did the cave tubing with us. We then dropped them off at zip lining. They dropped us off for lunch. The driver then went back to pick them up and they ate in the van on the way back to the place where you pay / eat. Then all of us went back to the cruise ship. I would contact them directly to see if this is possible.
  14. There was a lot of rocks in the water....yes, there is sand, but still a lot of rocks. It is a good swim. My 5 year old made it with some help.
  15. We were just in Belize and did cave tubing. We went to Trujillo instead of Roatan. Originally we were supposed to do Roatan. Our plan was the spend the day at Maya Key. You may want to read some of the reviews on the port of calls page to get some ideas on what you can do there.
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