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  1. I booked an Ocean Balcony Guarantee for my Allure cruise in a few weeks. I was assigned deck 11 very early on but no room number. When our luggage tags became available, they indicated mid ship starboard. At exactly 30 days out, I was assigned a cabin on deck 11 mid ship starboard side. :)
  2. I'm sailing on the Allure May 26th. I got my balcony cabin assignment exactly 30 days from my cruise. Deck 11 mid ship.
  3. Awesome! Has anyone else sailing on the Allure soon received any emails about itinerary adjustments? I haven't received anything or seen any other reports lately.
  4. I am 44 days away from sailing on the Allure in a balcony guarantee. I don't have my cabin number yet. I was assigned Deck 11 though right after I completed the online check in a while back.
  5. I think its March/April but I could be wrong
  6. Interesting. I was on the site earlier today and they were all still listed. My May 26 sailing has been mostly sold out except for some suites for a few weeks now I just went to check again and the site is not working for me
  7. Hopefully they announce something official soon
  8. I wonder how many sailings have received emails about the itinerary changes. I have not received anything for May 26. I'm worried they will have to cancel some upcoming sailings to fix the issue...
  9. I’m wondering this too as I’m on the May 26 sailing.
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