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  1. Noreen, if possible, please post the link to your next review on the Anthem. THANK YOU SO VERY MUCH FOR THIS!
  2. I eventually went. Was so happy! Picked up a dozen. While standing in line to pay, a very agitated man pushed up from behind me carrying on about how the bakery charged him double. He created such a ruckus - he had everyone scrambling behind the counter looking for the cash register receipt. He was extremely loud and agitated. In the resulting chaos, I did manage to pay, get my box and left the store .... only to find out that they never "sealed" the box and the box wasn't allowed on the ship because it was "open." So, I never tried the donuts. Wasted my money, as well. <sigh>
  3. I understand that - I see the pictures. But I feel I should have been told and given a choice. I booked this trip well over a year ago. My travel agent should have known.
  4. I'll be in 7588 on the Radiance this Sunday. I'm very disappointed. I saw this thread too late to change and both the TA and Royal claim the view is NOT obstructed. I'll know on Sunday.... 😒
  5. A google query says about 14 minutes (or was it 14 miles? I forget) - Is that correct? How much would it be for a taxi, does anyone know? Thanks in advance!
  6. I had the absolute pleasure of touring Havana with I Love Cuba Photo Tours. Rey and Yosel went above and beyond to make me feel comfortable (both by e-mail prior to the tour and during) as I was nervous traveling alone. Yosel promised me an “experience” better than what I could expect from a cruise-run tour, and he delivered! I had a fabulous time. Havana is wonderful at night – I wish I could have stayed longer. Thank you, Yosel and Rey! :D:D
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