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  1. There is a national park site off the main street in Skagway that documents the history of women in Alaska's early days. Really enjoyed visiting.
  2. Had the offer 2 days ago, now it's disappeared. Is there any other link?
  3. I like small ships and I can not lie...
  4. No, I was ahead by $39 total.
  5. Gotta love those PCC's ! Called, missed the 3 day sale. Told I could save $39 total if I gave up gratuities. Thought, what the heck, $39 is $39. Told her to go ahead. After holding was told my total was even more reduced and my onboard credit was increased by $125 ! Yep, I'm dancing too.
  6. Had them at tea once; can't remember which ship.
  7. Compound ? Enclave? I don't go to a foreign port to be locked into a false reality. Sorry, been reading too much about detention centers.
  8. Thanks for the map. I was asking about enroute proximity.
  9. Flying into Miami and Ubering or taxi to port. Is there a Publix ont the way or near ? Would like to pick up a few things Thanks.
  10. Holland has changed ports on 10 day cruise. Following is old to new: Flam to Skjolden Geiranger to Molde Cancelled cruising Geirangerfjord Please give me your thoughts.
  11. Thanks. Now if I can just figure out what " layers" involves.
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