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  1. As anything else cruising related, my advice is that one should wait and see. I believe we will see lots of all inclusive promotions. at certain point they will need to free up some work from the crew, and do what they can to fill the ships... Hope all of this to go as quickly as possible... Have a nice day!...
  2. TBHH, while I would be appreciative of this restart... The current ongoing on Norway makes me think that perhaps it would to be better for them to reconsider... Good luck, MSC!... 🙂
  3. Maybe: The site was hacked by someone else... It wouldn't have been the first one in the world... It won't also to be last one to be, unfortunately...
  4. Yes, those are positive signs... But I'm awaiting at least those so promised fast tests to the Covid-19 to be plenty available in the market to see things largely improving. Then we will perhaps to see more companies doing this exact movement. Small 2 to 4 night cruises to nowhere just to fill the cruise gap... But, by the way this 2020 is by the most part done for the cruising industry... Unfortunately... Better days will come...
  5. Yes @eroller, that is true. They sometimes do that, especially when the current leasings are nearly at their end of life. Being 10 Years old, the Magnifica probably fits that criteria... Like in the airline industry, sometimes a cruise line will need to find a new lessor for their leased cruise ships... But the current times are not regular times... Time will tell. At certain point for MSC all the Lirica class vessels and possibly all the Musica class ones will be sent out of their fleet. that movement follows their competitors movements. It's no entire surprise... Have a nice day!
  6. Negotiation cruise ship prices are, largely, like negotiation plane prices: Subject to huge discounts among many other counterparts to the ship builder or owner... I believe they will only sell to someone that agrees to not do direct competition to them and possibly agrees to work together with them at various fronts, from renting back the ship for a few years to come to make a local very niche market cruise line with their supervision, audit and consultation... Hence the very high "general public" clean selling price...
  7. While on one hand I hope those to be fake news, because I suppose those businesses, if done, won't to be by the way of a public website publication, on the more realistic hand me thinks that all the Lirica and Musica class of ships are in serious risk of being sold out from the MSC's fleet, more or less like what it is happening with pretty much every other ships of same age and size on the other big groups. They are the 8 oldest ones in the fleet. I believe the Lirica class ones to be redeployed on the MSC group for their ferry, marine hospital or even cargo transportation businesses. The Musica class might to be extremely large ships for what they need at that front, or the modifications they would need for that extremely expensive... That said, it wouldn't surprise me too much to see the Magnifica as being the first of them all to be sold out. Once on board her 2 years ago, in an informal conversation with one of the engineering officers working there, he told me that while the inside and the decor of the ship was made as a Musica class of ships for marketing purposes, technically speaking, the ship is really a single one of her own class in just every aspect that can matter, meaning that it has little to no parts it shares with her other Musica class sisters... If that is true, and chances are that it is, technically speaking this ship might to be a little "nightmare" to maintain and thus the less profitable of them all... Future will tell; but it is not nice to see those images. I hope the cruise lines start to tell something about those sites, because if they are fake news sites... They should to be noted as that to the general public... Have a nice day!...
  8. Let us to be realistic... Cruising will only return the normal the day a vaccine or a cure is found to this virus. I believe things will resume mostly what they used to be with a few exceptions: 1. Check in process will become completely online. 2. Muster drill will become at least partially online. 3. The buffets will become by the most part like some shopping mall cafeteria places with employees serving you previously prepared plates. 4. Perhaps the inside rooms will be eliminated and to become public areas. ...And that might to be this covid-19 cruising legacy... Nothing more than this all...
  9. Nunagoras

    MSC Med Return

    Better days will come, Sidari... Meanwhile things are not pretty much solved at all even here in the Med. My own city of Lisbon has some nearly 300 infected individuals a day. The UK put Portugal outside their authorized travel lists... And so on. I don't count on regular cruising as we knew it till January to be well and alive before a vaccine or at least a solid therapeutic has been found to this pandemic... Meanwhile: Have a nice day, and maybe, we can hope for some "cruises to nowhere" from certain ports here and there as far as conditions permit on each country. No more than that...
  10. ...Maybe; they are just readjusting the product to the current situation. I believe they will make several changes, among other things to relieve some extra work on this front for the crew so that they concentrate more on the new health care rules?... Time will tell...
  11. As an EU citizen, let me to explain the whole thing so that you and the others may understand. If all the ports of call for both your cruises are settled to be ports in the EU countries, and high chances are for them to be, both your cruises will be basically considered domestic cruises as if they were cruises calling just a single country. Basically is would to be the same as to start a cruise in New York and finish it in Miami with no other ports in the middle, so no visit to immigration then!... So now: If at least one of the cruises has a port of call outside the EU, then you'll need to exit ship and go trough immigration control at turnaround day. MSC might require you to exit ship just for paperwork confirmation and new cruise cards emission. Depending of your market you might to be able to purchase the 2 cruises as one single cruise and then no exit or they may have some sort of internal arrangement. Hope to have helped a little bit. Do note that due to the current Covid-19 situation things might vary in the mean time. Have a nice day!... 🙂
  12. So: We have the Fantasia with 1300+ passengers to repatriate here from Lisbon right now due to the COVID-19. Portugal has declared state of Emergency last week. No news of infected or even suspected cases in the ship as far as I know. See a summary from our local news agency: https://www.lusa.pt/lusanews/article/vecEQkpqm36FR6zXU3FwtDMSZM5iuSI1/portugal-authorities-to-repatriate-1-300-cruise-passengers-that-arrived-today Have a nice day!
  13. Let us to have a break here: Whomever, in good standing, would remove any DSC from their account? Remember that those individuals to whom they are intended to be (whether the cruise lines are 100% honest on the way they distribute it with their workers is another subject not for today) are the very ones with a hard life on board to serve us!... It must to be an above the limits situation to take everyone of good standing to remove a DSC from their account!... Were I on one of those situations anywhere? Yes, I was. Let me to keep the details for myself, but even at that one I didn't remove the DSC, because the problem was between me and the involved cruise line. Not between me and those poor workers. Have a nice day!...
  14. On one or another way yo'll pay it all, that is for sure. But at least on this one this is a HUGE golden buzzer for what Virgin is actually doing. When you visit their website, it is obvious that what you'll pay is really what you see as your total bill. Here in Portugal tips are only seen as a means of rounding to facilitate small hand money transactions. Imagine an EUR 9.85 bill: You're expected to drop EUR 10.00 EUR and that is it. No more, no less. Things here are priced with that in mind and it is up to the business to pay adequately their employees. Virgin is just doing that. So now let me to return to the cruise experience: Today I was comparing those Virgin cruises quotes with what I would pay for example on MSC similar Mediterranean itinerary for an October 2021 sailing. Certainly baseline price for an MSC Inside for 3 guests with comparable service level was EUR 419.00 per guest. But now: Add EUR 200.00 for the port taxes, plus the EUR 70.00 gratuity charge; plus around EUR 150 for the non alcoholic drinks package, plus some EUR 150 for their three specialty dining package and their Cirque du Soleil show... And things will come pretty much similar to the USD 1325.00 Virgin is showing me to be as being the final per guest price! Unfortunately Virgin site doesn't show prices in EUR, but one can quite compare anyway. Viking is perhaps pricing themselves at just a little bit above the mainstream lines, at say Celebrity prices... But all of that is so relative these days!... Of course there are other things in consideration, general ship environment coming at mind right now (and at that front Virgin for me is a strong no at least for now), but if it was apples to apples considering the baseline account transparency, I would with no doubt to give them a try. While certainly little bit higher than what I am used to pay elsewhere, they don't seem to be "that" overly more expensive than the norm considering the inclusions they added to the cart and that this or the other way you'll pay wherever else... Have a nice day!
  15. So: Let us to see it from another perspective: All cruise classes of ships that were handed out from around 2005 to date (for reference one can have RCI Freedom class and newer) are fortunately modular. If Virgin (or any other owner) wants to change something, just await the next 5 to 5 years mandatory dry dock for deep revision and they can "easily" to change almost whatever else they want. That said I notice that big white oval structure around the pool... Maybe they have done a real pool and just filled most of it with a block so they can use that area for other purposes, namely such an open air disco? All of that is possible!... They might have that area done like a Lego!... Oh: Really, at certain extent all the ship is!... But indeed: Count me among those to whom cruise ship pools don't matter so much. But they are part of the tradition and kids usually love them. Oh, yeah!... VV doesn't accept kids aboard except the kid you own are!... Oh, well!... This ship is quite not functional by design... But this is not her largest malfunction, to say the least. Cabins and most of the furniture are. and the way passages are built from area to area are as well. And that entrance to the night club is simply asking for problems to say the least, unless they have any emergency doors for the case. Have a nice day!...
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