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  1. I feel the same way - I am ready to travel now wearing a mask and when this first started I thought no way on earth would I travel that way. I had to fly cross country 3 times this summer with my 5 year old grandson and we both wore our masks - avoided people and while it was not easy it was survivable. Honestly going forward I may wear a mask anytime I fly in the future. Part of my booking the suite for next year is in case, heaven forbid, we got quarantined there is a chance we’d survive it (our marriage that is). Quarantined in a standard AZ cabin would possibly cause one of us to jump overboard (me). I am glad this question has brought out some activity and memories of past cruises. The days seem long waiting to cruise again - we had to cancel the Nov 4 sailing on Quest this year. Here’s hoping life will soon start to return to something that resembles normal. Kathy
  2. For clarification - I am talking about clothes that are 100% cotton or more delicate. I have experienced things coming back in not quite the shape they went to the laundry in. Again I am glad to hear there is a clothesline it will be helpful since we will be traveling for a month in total.
  3. I know about the washer/dryers and will wash things in the machines but there are a few things I like to hang dry and it’s just a preference for me. I personally don’t run any of my clothes through the dryer at home. We will also send some laundry out but I don’t want a closet full of shrunken clothes (Their dryers are super hot on sent out laundry). I will have a tough enough time fitting into things eating too much on board.
  4. Thanks - I am trying to maintain some sense of sanity through it all. We are booked for next Sept and realize we may have to postpone but it just gave us hope to have something on the books for 2021. Kathy
  5. Is there a clothesline in a N1/N2 shower cabin?
  6. That would make a lot more sense
  7. AZ has had a cancellation fee for a few years. It initially was $50/pp but last year went up to $75/pp.
  8. 2022 itineraries are now posted on the AZ website.
  9. Right now deposits are reduced - i just booked a cruise for next Sept and it was a total deposit of $550. And surprisingly I also sent them my trade confirmation for RCL stock to get the OBC and I received an email back that day and the OBC was also on my booking. Sounds like they are staying on top of that accept.
  10. I am looking to book a Club Continent suite and wanted to know which ones were perhaps quieter. We don’t care about the shower/tub choice either will work. Thanks.
  11. Hold on Medtech2 - I sailed on Marti Gras in June 1976 - I was 17 years old and I was with my parents and another family. It was my second cruise - the first being on the Flavia the year before. We had a great time as it was myself and a girlfriend my age and we met 2 college guys and our parents let us go the the beach in Magen’s Bay via cab with them. It was the most beautiful beach I had ever seen. We went to St. Thomas, San Juan & Nassau. Cruising was a totally different experience back then. I was my only Carnival cruise and I have taken 25+ since those days. I enjoyed seeing the pictures - I still have some from that cruise.
  12. The menu looks great. Hopefully it will be on Quest in Nov.
  13. Totally agree about Spin Cafe - one of the first places I found when we moved here in 2013. Granny’s shakes are amazing and totally break a diet that’s for sure. It was insane to see what people were paying for a week in DV - insanity at it’s best and most had attitudes to support it.
  14. Thanks for sharing - looking forward to Lisbon in Nov 2020 on Quest!
  15. Slidergirl - we plan on staying at Sheraton at CDG as we have morning flight but will spend 2 nights in Paris - any suggestions for areas/hotels to stay In Paris - it will be a Fri & Sat night. This will be at the end of an almost 4 week trip. Kathy
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