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  1. I just missed it. Taking in the decent weather before winter hits, and I don't want to leave my mom's warm condo.
  2. Some of my bucket list is Australia, New Zealand ( seeing where LoTR Trilogy was filmed) , South America with Antarctica, Europe, and Asia. I have been to Prince Edward Island and I saw the Anne of Green Gables sites. My list is actually more literary based
  3. On these boards (HAL) I mainly lurk, I really enjoyed your trips it has made my morning coffee before work enjoyable. You have done my bucket list cruises. I have one big rule when it comes to posting any response on any social media and these boards: I read my response out loud and if it sounds good then I post it. If it sounds awful, then I delete my response. I may like the comment or I move on.
  4. I recently remember there were two live blogs from the VOV, and I recall that they both enjoyed the trip. perception is key.
  5. It’s been great! Anything is better than freeze your face off cold.
  6. it's likely that the trolls moved on and forgotten about it.
  7. Here's a fun bit of news one of the mama dogs at Husky Homestead had two pups recently, the names are Holland and Princess.
  8. Perspective REALLY matters, it's really hard to judge on a video. The folks vilifying HAL aren't Navigators on the Bridge team or they don't have a clue or an understanding what happens on a Bridge on a daily basis. The Eurodam in the video had less of a wake than the Zaandam during the cruise in at Glacier Bay when we picked up the Pilot, the rangers, and someone else (the name of the tribe is escaping me)
  9. I've been to Haines on the Zaandam a few years ago, it is a tiny town. I did a kayaking excursion, and as we were suiting up on a platform two bears ambled past where the kayaks were docked. I did walk around town, before my excursion there's a place that sells cinnamon rolls that are HUGE. If one is up to it my kayaking adventure was fun and one that I would do again.
  10. Did you find the great napping chairs? I found them by accident after kayaking in Haines, Ak. Did you alert guest services about the awful fumes? I’m so sorry
  11. It’s a carnival treat traditionally doused in powder sugar or ice cream with some kind of sauce like strawberry or chocolate. The batter is slightly thinner than pancake and poured through a funnel
  12. It’s an iFail! Oh smart phones aren’t always smart.
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