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  1. Whatever class the Brilliance is, I really hope that they keep those. That was probably the best laid out ship we have been on. It is tied at the top of our list with 2 other ships for the best we have sailed!
  2. We got a sideways inside room, love these on other lines, for 134 per person per night after taxes and fees and this included the classic beverage, OBC, and the paid gratuities on a 10 night, couldn't pass it up. The only problem we will have is figuring out how to spend the OBC lol. The ports are some of our favorites plus a new one so that is a win too. Your deal is a great score with the balcony at that price, wow.
  3. I hope that they keep her in the fleet. We have a 2022 booked and we got one of the best deals we have ever gotten on a cruise after figuring in everything we got. This was booked before the pandemic when the revolution was set to take place. We have cruised on older ships before and don't mind aging carpet or a little rust here and there, but since we generally cruise on a budget that might change our outlook too. We just judge the cruise on the experiences and food we have, not the carpet condition or blemishes on the walls.
  4. My employer telling me I can't come back to work for 14 days after we get back will be the deal breaker for me. I am waiting for this to happen if someone flies or cruises and for a new travel/vacation policy to happen at work.
  5. Flame if you want but this could be a deal breaker for me. I like the buffets because you can try small amounts of new foods and not waste a lot if you don't like it. Why not just have staff serve like when they have a Noro outbreak? I guess I will just order more food and eat a bit of each and I guess have a lot of waste:( For me trying new foods is a fun part of cruising.
  6. I don't think it will, but it will be interesting to see what happens if we ever warm up, which at least here I am not convinced we will be able to put together a warm week lol.
  7. Its not ignoring science, Sars did just pretty much disappear. Is it likely this will as well, guess is not, but one could hope. In the mean time study the heck out of it and why in some places it isn't as bad and see if we can use that info to shape smarter policies moving forward for dealing with it until a vaccine is found.
  8. Not saying that it will dry up like Sars, but they really need to look at Florida and why it never go too out of control down there compared to other states. I could be wrong on this, but the impression I have is they were one of the least restrictive states and yet they were much better off than states like New York. They do get international travelers too for things like cruises and Disney, maybe not as many as New York though. Not sure if it is the climate or what, but they should try and figure it out. Hoping for a hot and humid summer here and will use the air conditioning sparingly this year.
  9. I hope it stays a Celebrity ship, and I hope we get to sail on her in late 2022 or 2023. The only downer is we hate the Miami/Port Everglades area. Hotels the last 3 years have gotten crazy compared to other ports we have sailed out of. Maybe they can go out of Port Canaveral for a change of pace. Cocoa Beach is a great place to stay.
  10. We always go to the promenade deck to watch this. The most interesting/sad thing we ever saw was a young lady on a call screaming at the top of her lungs at someone and watching the crew have to come over and try to get her to finish the call and get her to go on board. Not sure if she was a passenger or crew, but something heavy was going on in her life and felt bad for her and the crew trying to get her on board. We were late once due to a ship sponsored excursion and ran from the bus to the ship, but most just took there time that were with us. The only uncomfortable experience was on the Adventure where some people that I would guess had drunk one or ten adult drinks were really giving people a hard time as they were coming on. Language was fairly colorful. Most seemed to ignore it. Did they screw up sure, not sure it warranted the comments from those watching. We stayed away from that group and continued to watch. It is just always interesting to see the different ways late people come back. The true runners that know they screwed up and the entitled ones that seem proud that the ship waited for them as they slowly make their way back.
  11. This won't be the last lawsuit. Guessing the big box stores, grocery stores, etc will get their turn too. Sad part is that it sounds like Celebrity has gotten their act together pretty quickly. Seeing some of Captain Kate's posts they are taking it seriously, at least on the Edge. IMO nobody had a clue how to deal with this and mistakes were of course made, but without a crystal ball the mistakes were mostly unavoidable.
  12. While unfortunate that she hasn't sailed much yet we are really hoping our cruise on the APEX is a go and we can be early adopters again.. We upped our game from an inside room to a front facing oceanview which looks stunning. I know I am in the minority on the board but we loved the Edge even from and inside room. Only thing we missed was a true forward view, but we will have that on the APEX:)
  13. We are booked on the APEX in the first quarter of 2021 and am curious if like the Edge we will be some of the first paying passengers on the APEX? I think on the Edge we were the 6th normal cruise ignoring the pre cruises. Did the Apex sail with passengers or travel agents before the cruising world shutdown? Would be cool to be early passengers on both E class ships.
  14. I posted this on the less active thread as well. While our cruise wasn't canceled, we had asked for a refund of all monies but the deposit on our 2021 cruise on 4/8. When I called to pay the credit card today, the money had been refunded to us by Celebrity. Not sure of the exact date though. So within a month isn't bad. With them trying to deal with all the canceled cruises I expected this money to take a lot longer to be refunded. We will just have to decide now at the PIF date what to do. Not sure what 2021 will bring for X. APEX will be a new year old ship;)
  15. While our cruise wasn't canceled, we had asked for a refund of all monies but the deposit on our 2021 cruise on 4/8. When I called to pay the credit card today, the money had been refunded to us by Celebrity. Not sure of the exact date though. So within a month isn't bad.
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