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  1. Always - Celebrity and RCCL and Disney (at a lower price point for Disney though) Never - Carnival Try - Cunard and NCL and Viking and Princess come to mind right now. The always is that we have had good luck on all three of these lines and have enjoyed the product. Disney however has ramped up prices way faster than the industry since 2016, so we won't be back there anytime soon, and their prices are likely similar to some of the luxury lines. As far as Carnival we are basing our decision on experiences from other family members and close friends to say that
  2. Well bummer for her, she will just have to get up early;) That is an awesome view though. We had a forward facing on the Brilliance and thought the little port hole was incredible, this will be really nice. Thanks for sharing the picture.
  3. Could be it was because we were on the Edge as well then. We sailed one of the insides that is in the hallway shared with a Sky suite, it was a great room even with the King size bed. Thanks for the replies, I will continue to hold out hope that we will still get to sail in the forward facing ocean view. We chose that over some of the balcony options because the porthole looks huge compared to other ocean view rooms, and looks like has a curtain we can sit behind so we won't wake up our college aged daughter while we look out in the morning.
  4. Earlier this week we got a survey about infinite verandas on the APEX/EDGE. In hindsight I wonder if it was sent to gauge our interest in upgrading from our oceanview in late 2021, because they will still be not allowing those rooms at that point? Did others get this survey? I hope that we will be allowed to keep our oceanview room, as we chose a forward facing oceanview room to get the forward facing view without paying the suite price. This was our biggest disappointment in the EDGE the lack of a forward view for regular passengers. Not sure if I would upgrade or not, depends on
  5. For us, I was just transitioning back to this board to follow the progress of the APEX that we were to sail on next and the Connie the year after that. We had done a Super Bowl 2020 weekend cruise out of Ft Lauderdale on the Adventure of the seas and had a great time. Funny/sad story though on how times have changed. On the flight down to that super bowl cruise, a lady had a mask on, and I think she may have had the only empty seat next to her because nobody wanted to sit next to her. Fast forward to now, the opposite would be true, where we wouldn't want to sit next to anyone with
  6. I have been away a while from the boards because honestly I never expected to get vaccinated in time for cruising. But now by the end of April when I am clear my wait on the second shot, my wife and I will be ready to go. Now we just have to hope our late 2021 booking on the Apex and early 2022 booking on the constellation stay intact and we can cruise again:) Really excited our jobs qualified us for early vaccination.
  7. I spend a fair amount of time on a DCL board, and while this person said those words, there is still frustration, because like all other lines they haven't cancelled that far out yet and are forcing people to decide to pay or not pay at final payment time. So he may have muttered the words but the cruise line itself is ignoring them lol. That said everyone over there expects DCL to be one of the last to go and I agree. They are very careful to protect their image, so I think they would wait and see how other lines do before they set sail.
  8. Here in WI it just seems odd and a bit unfair. My parents are down on the list a little because there Dr. isn't a direct link to one of the 2 big providers in their county. Wife's grandma in an assisted living situation still hasn't gotten it, but people are driving from other counties into that one that are above 65 but still 20+ years younger to get it. Not happy with how they are rolling it out, doesn't seem as if they have a plan, and if they do, there seems to be some loopholes in it. Seems like a bit of unfairness going on, but hopefully it will work out soon.
  9. They are overly strict imo with the lift and shift. We tried to get them to allow us some wiggle room with our APEX cruise because it would have overlapped with the Connie cruise in the lift and shift window. They were willing for us to cancel one of the cruises and not expand the window for us. We lucked out and got the same itinerary at an earlier date cheaper on the APEX and got perks for all 3 of us instead of just 2 like was originally set. In a scenario like ours they should have realized they could have lost money by not being flexible with the rules. Just glad it worked out in our favo
  10. 10 night southern Caribbean with 2 new ports to us. We have had a cruise for 90 a night per person on RCCL but there were no perks and that was before taxes and port fees.
  11. Sure we have really good prices on our two booked cruises one on the APEX and 1 on the constellation. If those are cancelled we will likely go back to RCCL based on what is happening with Celebrity prices. Our constellation cruise is 130 a night per person, that includes taxes and port fees, with 3 perks for an inside room. This may be one of the best deals we have ever gotten on a cruise!
  12. This won't be a permanent restriction, only as long as we are concerned about Covid. Once it is under control or if we get lucky and it eventually mutates to a weaker strain this can be lifted. This is a good thing to limit the spread, to be honest would be ok if this was applied to all flights.
  13. That is interesting that they would complete the Revolution, gives me more hope that our sailing will be intact and they are keeping her in the fleet. Just hoping that we get to do both cruises we have booked, later 2021 on the Apex and 2022 on the Constellation. Thanks for the info.
  14. Wonder if that is to prep the Constellation to leave the fleet or if it is a standard drydock? We have a cruise booked on her in 2022 at a really good price and were hoping to sail to see if we like a non E class ship. Honestly not upgraded would be nice to see the old Celebrity theming.
  15. Agreed, I think you missed it in my reply that both cruise lines and families lost income which is the wild card here. I think we started cruising in the great recession so we have seen cruise prices do nothing but climb since we started. Having done Disney the Celebrity prices aren't scaring us yet, but I can empathize with those that feel Celebrity is raising prices and lessening the experience because that is what we saw on Disney before we left and was why we left. It is going to be an interesting few years in cruising.
  16. Apparently during the great recession post 9/11 cruise lines lowered prices or offered a lot of promotions to get people sailing. The unfortunate difference here is both a lot of people and all the cruise lines have lost income and somehow need to make it back from the bottom. Will be interesting to see how it happens. I think the demand will drive the price to a point, but the cruise lines need to get out of debt which at least short term I am not holding out hope for prices dropping.
  17. That will I believe include some lines going under, or big corps like carnival folding some brands. Will be interesting to see what happens. Just happy we are locked in at good prices unless they sell Connie than not so much lol.
  18. I think the number of cases transmitted is low on the plane, because the tracing is so difficult to tell where someone got it. It is likely a lot higher than the 44 they are saying, but who knows. We will just have to agree to disagree on this one. The anti cruise ship message that is being put out there by the CDC leads me to believe that it will be a long time before prices go down, because many people won't trust that cruising is safe. It may even impact the number of casual cruisers that will find other types of vacations now instead for many years to come. Cruise l
  19. It is but it is a voluntary means of transportation that takes us to various islands. Similar to a plane on a voluntary vacation to some far off area. A ship takes you from point a to b, etc back to a.
  20. So do you fly because they tell you its safe despite a person with Covid dying on a flight over the weekend due to poor screening? I didn't say they should be cruising, I just said that cruising has been singled out by the CDC. I personally believe that flying should have been limited to only essential travel as well and still be limited to this day. People are packed on a plane way closer and all the filtration in the world can't fix getting stuck in the seat next to a person who is sick. Honestly there probably is a way to cruise safely now, but it wouldn't be very profitable unl
  21. I agree and when all is said and done, I hope they investigate the CDC. They have taken a hard line on cruising that they haven't with other forms of transportation. The difference with cruising of course is we are all together on the same ship for 3-14+ days. There is a positive to that however as containing an outbreak can be easier vs other modes of transportation and venues etc. You can't tell me a cruise ship is any worse than the videos and pictures I see large numbers of people gathering closely outside maskless to view holiday displays or a RC car race indoors where a major
  22. We have one on the books for late 2021 and one for early 2022. We hope to do both. The one thing I will say is the thought of paying off our house quicker than cruising more is starting to sound better and better. Luckily we got in a cruise this year, but this will be the first winter without a cruise and honestly I am not sad about it. I always enjoy the time and cruising is a cheap way to see new countries and get away from the cold, but we will see once it gets going again how excited we are about it.
  23. I am guessing you don't consider Disney a main cruise line, but wow the greed there is ridiculous, Disney = greed. They price there cruises like a luxury brand and give you an RCCL level experience. Coming over to Celebrity after numerous substantial price increases and lowering the onboard product on Disney, it was nice to have better service, fuller experience, and a lower price even on the Edge. So it could be a lot worse than it is. I do understand prices going up now, but I think that will be short term when lines find people won't pay it post pandemic for many reasons, like
  24. We are just patiently waiting to find out if our 2022 Connie cruise will be possible. Unfortunately for us the wait has been too long, because we moved our Jan 2021 APEX cruise to Late 2021 in the hopes we could do both. Now seeing that if the Connie goes bye bye moving the APEX cruise to early 2022 is a no go because the prices have gone up quite a lot since we last looked with the new promo. Just wish they would figure it out and be done with it.
  25. When we were on the Edge, we definitely had a stateroom host that had paid attention to the small details and was amazing. After he cleaned our room every day, there was a little water around this drain, which meant he took the extra step to keep the drain from smelling for his guests. Probably one of the best stateroom hosts we have ever had.
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