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  1. Sorry, do not know about RC, but Carnival does not recommend flight before 1:30 pm
  2. By any chance, wish to share the cost of transportation to and from the port? My wifes Aunt wants to fly into Hobby and is seeking transportation to and from Port and Hobby.
  3. Thank you guys. I usually fax it but with the copy I got from my Financial Company, I figured I would mail it also. Thanks again.
  4. Sorry for asking this for the umpteenth time, but I can not seem to find it anywhere. I promise I will write it down and bury it in a mayonaise jar in the back yard for the next time I need it. TIA.
  5. I don't believe that this is Carnival doing this, but some lazy room stewards trying to get out of doing more work. In 26 carnival cruises, I have only one time been told this (about when the rumors first started), and I simply stated that I wanted both, and the room steward complyed reluctantly. Just ask for both and you will get both. Keep in mind, the room stewards are overworked and are the most underpaid employee of the ship, so I also tip accordingly. I always leave the auto tips in place and still tip room steward team and extra $60 per week extra. I have never been disappointed in the service I receive.
  6. Yes, the deli has them. You can add onion or saurkraut, or both. Yum.
  7. Yes, actually my state has something very similar, as I posted in post #3. I just didn't know if the CCL insurance would cover the added cost of Airline fare and Hotels for no more premium added. I was suspecting they would not. But it is a mute point now. After the Pre-existing waiver NOT being part of CCL Vacation Protection, I just decided to go with Insuremytrip.com and have one policy that covers all costs together. Thanks for al the info to all posters.
  8. Yes, that all makes sence to me. Thank you.
  9. Yes, I did. Thats what I posted in post #5.
  10. Welll, here is my situation. I am more concered about me making the cruise. I have had cancer in the past few years and am fine now, but don't plan expensive trips that are far out in the future without coverage. I am talking about cruise cost of $2100, Airline cost of $2400 and hotels and excursions that may be non refundable at around $2500. So coverage of around $7,000 is what we are talking about. Now the pre exsisting condition may apply here, so that may answer my question about wheather to buy from CCL. But as stated above, I can't buy airine tickets or excursions and hotels yet, as they are not available while I have already put money (just deposit- $400) for the cruise. Best I just wait and go with a company (insuremytrip of berkshire) when I get finalizing plans later this year?
  11. We did Athens to Barcelona on the Vista in Mid-September 2016. Weather was great except for last day in Barcelona (rain). Temps were still mid 70's daytime to Mid 60's nighttime. Thing about the Mediterranean is you are not there for the beaches like in the Caribbean. More about city tours and the history.
  12. My problem I have right now, is the cruise I have put money down on is for September 2020. I can't even buy Airline tickets for almost 9 months from now. It being a Mediterrainean cruise, airline tickets could be a much as $1200 each, more than the cost of the cruise. But if the CCL Vacation Protection will cover the Airline cost in its policy, then it will be covered no matter what the cost is later if I should have to cancel for, most specifically reason #1 (illness or death).
  13. That's the easy part. It states the covered reasons fairly well. Carnival Cruise Cancellation Fee Waiver (For Specified Reasons) .................................................Cash Refund Up to Total Cruise Vacation Cost This Cancellation Fee Waiver Program is an addendum to your cruise Ticket Contract. Through the Cancellation Fee Waiver Program, Carnival Cruise Line will waive their standard cancellation provision and refund to you IN CASH the otherwise non-refundable value of your prepaid cruise vacation, should you or your traveling companion need to cancel your cruise vacation for any one of the following reasons (subject to the restrictions noted below**): 1. sickness, injury or death to yourself, a traveling companion, or members of either of your immediate families which is diagnosed and treated by a physician at the time your cruise vacation is terminated; 2. you are involuntarily terminated or laid off by your employer (of one continuous year or greater); 3. involvement in a traffic accident en route to departure that causes you to miss your cruise; 4. your home is made uninhabitable by a natural disaster such as flood, earthquake, hurricane, volcano, tornado, wildfires or blizzard; 5. being called to serve jury duty or subpoena; 6. you are called into active military service to provide aid or relief in response to a national disaster; 7. National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration issues a Severe Weather Warning or Watch en route to, or at, the port of embarkation within 48 hours of your scheduled departure; or 8. the airline, bus, train or cruise ship is delayed due to inclement weather which prevents you from reaching your port of embarkation and this delay causes you to miss more than 50% of your cruise vacation.
  14. Thanks. That explains the benefit. The question that this explanation brings up is this statement. Trip Cancellation for independently-booked airfare Reimbursement of airline tickets you (or your travel agent) may book to adjoin your cruise if you cancel your trip for a covered reason Cash refund up to total original airfare cost So, does that means it will cover the Airfare I buy to get to the cruise if I have to cancel before the cruise starts?
  15. Have a few questions about Carnival's Insurance, or how they put it, Vacation Protection, bought when you book a new cruise. First, exacty what is covered as far as medical, lost baggage or trip interuption when you are on the cruise. Second, what is covered if for some reson you can't make the trip in the first place? Also what do you get back? Al of your money or cruise credit for a future cruise? Of all the Carnival cruises I have been on, I have hardly used it because their was no need and didn't know what was covered anyway.
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