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  1. Hi!! do you know if they are going to move the dates of the "Cruise with confidence" program?? right now this program protects cruises through July 31st. We are booked on the Apex at the end of August, using Am.Ex. Travel for the fist time and probably the last. I'm really hating the communication difficulties, still, we have to decide what we are going to do. Any feedback or information will be appreciated. Have a good day
  2. positive to Covid_19..https://twitter.com/DavidBegnaud/status/1238624682372468736?s=20
  3. We booked an S-1 on the Apex for our next cruise. This will be our first Edge class cruise and I’m enjoying the planning process! Thanks for your help!
  4. Hi! Any difference with the balcony furniture? Have seen some with loungers and read many complains about the Sky Suites’ furniture, don’t know if Celebrity plans to do some changes. Any information will be appreciated
  5. Hi. Just wanted to add some new information about the Move Up program. After a couple of emails with different members of the Move up team I was told that bookings made through TA in Puerto Rico don't qualify for the Move Up program. No idea why, we pay exactly the same that is shown on Celebrity's website, we are Elite Captain Club members (almost Elite plus) and we receive Celebrity's promotional emails every day, which is a requirement to be elegible for the program. 😡
  6. Still close enough to Old San Juan, and there will be plenty of taxis to take you there. Just plan to go back to the ship on time for the muster drill.
  7. This is a link to the restaurant we went to have lunch. https://www.frommers.com/destinations/st-maarten-st-martin/restaurants/tropicana
  8. We decided to go to the French Side last June and don't regret it. We had a wonderful lunch at the Tropicana, and managed to do some shopping. Many of my favorite stores on the French Side were open, though Max Mara was still closed. It was really sad to see all the damage done by Irma, but the best way to help them is going there and spend your money. Animosity between the French and Dutch side is well known, but since Irma, is getting worst. People on the Dutch side want to keep all the business for themselves and this is wrong. Don't know what you want to buy in Marigot. I like to go to the drug store to buy French products, my husband likes to buy wines, my daughter got new sandals, hand made jewelry and a new Longchamp bag. I also decided to buy my favorite perfume there, just to help them. We are taking the Freedom for NYE and we will go back to do the same, some shopping and great food and wines. Happy cruising P.S. you will find taxis both ways, don't remember how much we paid
  9. Hi. The Illumination cruise was one of the highlights from our cruise. Sailing out of Budapest was amazing. Try to do one of the night cruises tours offered by locals, though I think Avalon should do this for you. Still, if they won't do it, don't miss this experience. Hope you can make the best out of this, we were able to sail out of Budapest but couldn't make it to Nuremberg almost four weeks ago. Happy cruising
  10. We were on the AMA Certo Budapest to Nuremberg a couple of weeks ago. Day #`1, Saturday, Budapest with Illumination Cruise Day #2, Sunday, Bratislava Day #3, Monday, Vienna. Day #4: Tuesday, Dürnstein/ Melk Day #4: Wednesday: Linz/Passau- we went to Salzburg Day #5- Thursday: Wednesday night we were told that the ship was not going to make it to Regensburg. We stay that night in Passau and were given the option of going to Regensgurg (two hours bus ride each way) for a full day trip, or a half day trip to Schärding. Passengers that went to Regensburg were given 20 Euros per person for lunch in town. That night we left Passau and cruised to Vilshofen. Day #6- Friday: Passengers were given the option of going to Nuremberg on a bus (three hours each way); a half day morning tour to an organ concert in Vilshofen & Beer underworld tour or a bike tour to Aldersbach. We decided to make lemonade out of lemons and took a train to Munich to go to the Oktoberfest. Had a blast and fell in love with this city. Day #7: Saturday: Departure day. We booked our post cruise with AMA, bus drive to Prague with a stop in Pilsen for lunch. Our cruise director Bojan was amazing. Having a balcony, and paying for it, was a disappointment. Most of the time we had another ship docked close to ours. We were told by our TA that we were supposed to use and enjoy our balcony while cruising, but this only happened once between Dürnstein and Melk. BTW we were given a future cruise credit based on 30% of our cruise fare as a goodwill gesture from AMA. Hope this info can help someone.
  11. Great news!! Will be boarding the AmaCerto next week and I'm obsessed with the Danube's water levels. My business partner's sailing on the same cruise was modified a couple of weeks ago. They missed the Illumination cruise out of Budapest and couldn't make it all the way to Nuremberg. Looking forward to your reports. Have a great cruise!
  12. Following!! We will be boarding the AmaCerto in Budapest next Saturday. Have a great cruise.:)
  13. I just want to thank you for keeping us updated. We are scheduled on the AMA Certo from Budapest to Nuremberg, September 29th. Hoping for the best, but not too hopeful. Traveling with a group of good friends, we will make the best out of this situation. We had to cancel a trip to Spain after our Island was hit by Maria last year, and believe me, after living that nightmare, low water levels on the Danube are a walk in the park. :') Have a great day everyone!
  14. My business partner is on the AMA Certo right now. His cruise started in Komárom instead of Budapest and won't make it to Nuremberg where it was suppose to end this Saturday. Some guests will debark tomorrow in Vilshofen and stay overnight in Nuremberg, the rest will stay on the ship and sail to Passau. We are doing this itinerary at the end of September, hoping for minimal disruptions. Komarom daily 2 pdf.pdf daily cruiser komarom 1-pdf.pdf
  15. I'm including the Daily Cruiser for the first day on the Danube Discovery itinerary. daily cruiser komarom 1-pdf.pdf Komarom daily 2 pdf.pdf
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