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  1. Well that answers my questions about why this ship seems such an outlier compared to the rest of the world (ex Wuhan).
  2. Ok what is happening? Outside of Wuhan there has been no infection transmission like this? Either global governments are not testing/reporting correctly or this ship is a true Petri dish!
  3. Sounds like it according to Japantimes but can’t copy for some reason
  4. Has there been any other general changes to Silhouette that affect all passengers?
  5. On our last cruise our friends were in a suite and they regularly dined in the MDR with large groups of other suite guests. Apparently they preferred the vibe. I thought it strange but several of them told us they didn’t like Luminae.
  6. But at what point in time are they basing it on? As we know prices change so while I understand the concept that they don’t want to give cheap upgrades to upset those already in those categories the fact is not all those people have paid the same price anyway. That is the luck with cruise and airline pricing, some pay less than others. If you book early you guarantee your place and your preferred cabin, if you don’t you risk missing out but you also may be rewarded with cheaper pricing and upgrades. I think it seems strange to miss out on revenue and goodwill at a time when the ship is empty
  7. Further to what I stated, it appears this newspaper also contacted the Australian Federal Health Authorities who claim it is not their responsibility!?😳🙈😡😤🤯🤢😷 https://apple.news/ABb81VayNQN21_14ZKC3gwQ
  8. After reading the news report that Australians arrived home, I reported it on our federal health website but have had no reply
  9. Yes I found that strange too considering they have quarantined whole sections of their own country from travelling.
  10. I would trust the Malaysian authorities over the Cambodian (and HAL)
  11. Have you followed the thread on the Princess board? Very heated arguments on there whether the infected are the result of the quarantine, if you express your view on that thread be prepared for some heated debate
  12. Yes, absolutely an opinion. I was putting myself in their position, on a ship where the number infected is approaching 10%. Where more cases continue to be detected. Outside of China no such spread has been found. So I stand by my personal opinion that if I were not infected I would take an option to move to a new facility away from that ship. The quarantine is not for the benefit of those onboard, it is not trying to stop the infection around the ship, it is to stop the infection getting off the ship, so hence I would want off the ship. Absolutely no judgment on those who would prefer to stay.
  13. I have already expressed my shock at the refund policies of Crystal on this thread, however, I am not sure how you can give kudos to Hal and Princess. Crystal was the first line to identify the problems at docking in HK and avoided embarking guests their. Princess and HAL actually embarked guests mid cruise at that location despite airlines, Crystal and others identifying it as a risk. It has been reported that people on those ships were protesting that decision, and look how it resulted. Princess ended up in quarantine and HAL was rejected by 5 different countries before finding a disembarkation port. Hence they had to give extremely generous refunds. Hal in particular is known for their loyal following but go and read the feedback to their decision making during this crisis, not popular. Princess has one ship in quarantine, one returning to port with norovirus, and just cancelled their other ship in Asia with less than 24 hours notice, hardly commendable.
  14. This is really poor, I feel for all of you. Crystal cancelled (no matter the circumstances) not you, they cancelled their side of the contract so they must return your money! Hal, Princess, Celebrity etc have all given full refunds and fcc. There have been compensation for flights and hotels as well. Seabourn is giving you a 100% fcc even if you cancel. 50% even if you do. I can’t believe Crystal is carrying on with these Asian cruise itineraries let alone not refunding cancellations. As impressed as I was with the onboard Crystal product this kind of behaviour is negating that quickly.
  15. Thanks Janis, will look into it. Good job on uncovering
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