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  1. Its really no perk at all..99% of the time..
  2. SO I guess it begs the question...what is the benefit of booking with them??...I mean, a reduced deposit is simply delaying what you owe them.....is there any financial incentive?...$75 OBC is nothing imho. I can get that from pretty much ANY TA or travel site to be honest....
  3. DO they offer OBC for your current cruise as well when you book, or just for the future cruise?
  4. Still looking for info on this and pricing......have heard its as cheap as $50 and others have saidf over $100 each way?!
  5. Every cruise ship I have been on has them overflowing with kids...quite annoying to say the least. cant imagine its any different now that its amped.
  6. Anyone with experience or insight using Uber/Lyft?
  7. I hate using shuttles...I always take an Uber/Lyft when going out of FLL or MIA..been awhile since I cruised out of Port Canaveral which I will be doing in Nov on Harmony. Wonder how easy it is for Lyft or Uber there.....as its quite a ways to MCO.....is it as easy to get one as any other port or dos the distance make it a less popular option?
  8. I am with you 100%..I LOVE some pub wings with beer and always missed that cruising with Royal. Had playmakers on Marnier..and loved it..wings are good. Not a bad price either from what I remember. Always a fairly good crowd in their too. As for Bamboo room..it was a real miss on our cruise. DEAD....boring..and while the drinks sounded good..no one in our party even drank half of them they were so.....not good. But the concept and look of the Bamboo room is cool..so hopefully it was a one off. I am disappointed that Harmony has neither as I have Harmony booked for Nov.
  9. No ship I have been on smells of smoke "everywhere:"....casino yes and for a few feet outside of that..the other 95% of the ship..no problem.
  10. No Playmakers on Harmony.. But on any other ship..its free to go in...you pay for food you want to order....
  11. interesting abut the cabins being nicer...I found the layout on Celebrity much better than previous Royal cruises so I cant wait to compare.
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