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  1. My daughters shipped from Singapore and she got hers in like 3 days to California. I ordered mine the day after hers and it shipped from Miami via Fedex and went to 11 others cities across the US before it finally got delivered yesterday in California. We sail on 2/1
  2. My daughter got hers yesterday for our 2/1 cruise. Hers came from Singapore and arrived in less than a week. Mine was ordered the very next day, it shipped the day after my daughters from Miami and it shows I won't get it until 1/27. It went from Miami, to Orlando and now it's in Tennessee on it's way to California. We fly down to LAX on 1/31 so I hope it doesn't take from today to the 27th to go from Tennessee to California. That's very slow progress.
  3. I just booked a cruise for myself and my daughter on the Royal. Can someone tell me please, is their sanctuary area the same as on the Regal princess? Thanks.
  4. I guess I didn't phrase it correctly but you answered my gibberish. Thank you!!!
  5. So the chances of it working on deck 14 aft cabins in mid December is pretty much "no chance?"
  6. My husband and I were having a disagreement on the beverage package. Can you purchase a bucket of beer with the package? You can't share/buy drinks for others we thought, but if you purchased the bucket of beer, you could in fact share them with your friends, no? How does that work then? Thanks in advance.
  7. When we were contacted last weekend we were given a list of cabins to pick from. But the B101 just didn't do it for me because of the balcony. The other choices were the aft wraps. But, I do regret that we couldn't get one lower than the Riviera deck simply because there won't be much of an overhang. But I'm sure we'll have a blast regardless. Soot and cigarette butts can be picked up.
  8. I got this same offer last weekend for our 12/16 cruise. We were in a mini-suite also. I took it because we may not be able to cruise again for a bit (usually we go every January). We took the aft wraparound offer. I looked up a future cruise and saw that those generally go for over $3000 per person, and with that upsell we didn't even pay half of that for 2 people. Maybe we shouldn't have, but I pulled the trigger. I always wanted to try one of those types of cabins so I guess we will see how it goes. (It was a choice of either the aft wraparound or the very first cabin, B101, that had a much smaller balcony width wise.
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