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  1. I am our family’s cruise planner. I have booked cruises ranging from single cabins to ten cabins. I used a TA once. I had to call her every time there was a price drop, then she called the cruiseline. No discounts or perks from her. She gave exactly the price on the website and no extras. I have called other TAs with different trips, and always found I could get exactly what they offered directly from the cruisline. I even had one TA tell me I would have to pay them a fee to book for me. I wish someone would tell me where to find the TAs that give all the discounts and perks!
  2. Thank you all so much. We just made final payment for our Scenic cruise. This is our first river cruise, and we are very excited. Final payment is what always makes a cruise real for me. Thanks again! Marybeth
  3. Thank you. Exactly the information I was looking for.
  4. I do appreciate the actual dress code. I was unable to find it on their website, and followed your link back. There was additional information I was looking on FAQ, so thank you!!
  5. Hi. My husband, another couple and I are considering a a Scenic River Cruise. What is the dress code on these ship, and do most people follow it? Thanks.
  6. Hi. My 80 yr. old mother and I will be on a partial transit in Feb. My mother would like to go on this excursion, but she does have a concern about the canoes listed in the description. She did have a knee replacement about 2 years ago, and gets around quite well now. She is able to walk long distances, but goes slowly. I am not especially interested in going on this excursion. Her concerns are: How difficult was it to get into the canoes? And speed of the canoes? She has a concern about them being "fast". Thanks!
  7. Hi all. I am in process of booking a Canal cruise on Island Princess . I have read in a few place that the balconies on Promenade/Deck 7 are not accessible while transiting the Canal. Is this true? It so, are you barred from using them the entire transit, or just for a short period of time? Thanks for any info.
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