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  1. We have never used that service but have had butlers offer several times in a PH on various Celebrity ships. But on our last cruise in a PH on Equinox last November the butler asked several times and almost seemed disappointed when we refused his help.
  2. For what it"s worth if anyone reading this is staying in one of the PH suites that still has the piano here is a tip. In addition to playing it yourself or using a disk, most of the pianos have music downloaded in their memory. I know the two on the Equinox have dozens of songs loaded. Everything from Christmas music to jazz. It could help if you wanted to use it because there used to be half a dozen discs in the piano seat but over the last couple of years has dwindled to one or two. Butlers used to be pretty versed in operating it and could show you how to access the stored music but again over the last couple of cruises I actually had to show them how to operate it.
  3. I guess I am the odd duck here but I have enjoyed the piano in the M and S class PH suites. I don’t play and don’t care about snobbery but I do love music. One of the things I enjoy about those suites is coming back from an excursion in the afternoon, making a drink, munching on the trays of canapés and listening to music on the disklavier piano. I have always tried to be considerate of surrounding cabins and on occasion have asked whether it could be heard. The answer was no. There is also a volume control which can bring it down to about the level of a tv. I think it’s a shame to remove the pianos if they are to be replaced with the ridiculous hair dryer looking chairs. I recently cruised on the Equinox after it was Kelleyized. The piano was still there but the outside furniture, sofa and chairs inside, two televisions and drapes were replaced. The chairs on the deck were very uncomfortable, the inside changes were not as comfortable as before but were OK. After seeing the pictures of the Summit PH I think I’ll avoid it in the future, I think I would rather sit on the baby grand piano than that chair.
  4. As for the robes, the butler asked us on next to last day if we wanted monogrammed robes. They were ours to keep at no charge. One thing to think of. Try them on before if you don't use it during the cruise and check your size. The default was large.
  5. Agree with you. At it's lowest volume I don't think neighbors on either side could hear it. I asked neighbors in the CS next door one afternoon when we were out on the deck if it bothered them and they said they couldn't hear it. Then they added they wished they could.
  6. The pianos are Yamaha Disklaviers. They play disks but they also have downloaded music stored in the memory. There are usually disks in the piano seat but you don't need them. We were in 1616 last February and that piano is loaded with plenty of music. Ask your butler to show you how to operate it. It is easy enough. You can even control the volume with a button on the far right of the control unit. Enjoy your cruise!
  7. Just returned from a week in PH 1611 on Equinox. The two chairs on the veranda are very uncomfortable because the seat is too long. You either sit with your legs hanging or you slump at an awkward angle. The few times we sat in them we brought the cushions from the inside sofa outside to support our backs. I asked the butler about it and he said no one has complained before. I asked another employee, a senior manager, to sit in those chairs and tell me what he thought. It was hilarious. He was about 6 feet tall and could not sit. He swore there had to be a back cushion and started looking for it. I doubt he'll ever tell anyone else though. I think it is the kiss of death for them to appear negative. In addition, the outside table in our room was different than the one shown in the pictures on this thread. Ours was flimsy and easily shook from side to side. It also tilts easily if you lean an arm on it. It would be very easy to end up with your meal in your lap if you eat out there. I showed that to him as well and he easily tipped the table over. The new sofa in the living room is comfortable, at least as comfortable as the old one. I do miss the comfortable chairs in the living room but that is no big deal. We have stayed in the PH on Equinox 5 times and the RS twice in the last three years. I enjoy the piano in the PH, we usually have it playing while we enjoy the afternoon canipes and have drinks prior to dinner. I understand the pianos are on the endangered list and will soon be gone. Too bad as I feel they contributed to the elegance of the suite. Michaels Club is now The Retreat and is much brighter and modernized. The seats are comfortable and the self service area at the end of the room is a good idea. The service in there was very good and the concierge was friendly and helpful. It didn't seem to be used as much as previous cruises but that apparently varies from week to week. We did use the new Retreat area on the top deck and it was very comfortable and nice. You do need to look for shade but it was a nice quiet area to relax. We were told there are more amenities coming up there too including a small pool and rest rooms.
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